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Meaning of NACA

The acronym/abbreviation NACA means / stands for: National Advisory Committee On Aeronautics

Meaning of NAS

The acronym/abbreviation NAS means / stands for: Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation

Meaning of NASA

The acronym/abbreviation NASA means / stands for: National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Meaning of NASDA

The acronym/abbreviation NASDA means / stands for: NAtional Space Development Agency

Meaning of NASM

The acronym/abbreviation NASM means / stands for: National Air And Space Museum

Meaning of NASP

The acronym/abbreviation NASP means / stands for: National AeroSpace Plane

Meaning of NBS

The acronym/abbreviation NBS means / stands for: National Bureau Of Standards

Meaning of NDV

The acronym/abbreviation NDV means / stands for: NASP Derived Vehicle

Meaning of NERVA

The acronym/abbreviation NERVA means / stands for: Nuclear Engine For Rocket Vehicle Application

Meaning of NESDIS

The acronym/abbreviation NESDIS means / stands for: National Environmental Satellite Data And Information Service.

Acronyms meanings, abbreviations definition, acronym stands for, acronym means, abbreviation means

Meaning of 360ethiojobs

The acronym/abbreviation 360ethiojobs means / stands for:

Meaning of wtfis

The acronym/abbreviation wtfis means / stands for: The song Who the fuck is god by XXXTentacion, absentwill and Sully The Cheef God.

Meaning of idwdta

The acronym/abbreviation idwdta means / stands for: The song I Don`t wanna do this anymore by XXXTentacion

Meaning of Pezny

The acronym/abbreviation Pezny means / stands for: instagram.com/pezny

Meaning of Pezny Layne

The acronym/abbreviation Pezny Layne means / stands for: instagram.com/pezny

Meaning of Fubbb

The acronym/abbreviation Fubbb means / stands for: Fuck us both before brunch

Meaning of lsi keyword

The acronym/abbreviation lsi keyword means / stands for: LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is a well known factor in search engine ranking. Bloggers and webmasters often wonder if they should bother to use LSI keywords while writing post and web content. The answer is that it doesn't matter as long as you use your main keyword that is naturally related to the subject of your article. There are a few pointers that can be applied here.

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Meaning of @ZXACM

The acronym/abbreviation @ZXACM means / stands for: @[email protected]

Meaning of Ecochem

The acronym/abbreviation Ecochem means / stands for: Ecochem provide green chemical or bio-based products for cleaning or housekeeping. Also a production of Non-toxic & Environmentally-Safe cleaners for broad range of Commercial,Industrial as well as Home Hygiene Care applications.


Meaning of gfy

The acronym/abbreviation gfy means / stands for: good for you/go fuck yourself c:

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