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  • VAP
  • Look up vap in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. VAP may refer to: Venous access port, a medical port Ventilator-associated pneumonia, sub-type of hospital-acquired

  • VAP (company)
  • VAP, Inc. (株式会社バップ, Kabushiki gaisha Bappu) (initials of Video & Audio Project) is a Japanese entertainment company, headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo.

  • List of Hajime no Ippo episodes
  • first 75-episode anime season, produced by Madhouse, Nippon Television and VAP and directed by Satoshi Nishimura, aired on Nippon TV between October 4,

  • Gò Vấp district
  • Vấp is a district of Ho Chi Minh City. Since the 80s, it has undergone significant urbanization. It is more populous than most of the other districts

  • VAP-61
  • VAP-61 was a Heavy Photographic Squadron of the U.S. Navy. Originally established as VP-61 on 20 January 1951, it was redesignated VJ-61 on 5 March 1952

  • Hajime no Ippo
  • website at VAP (in Japanese) Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger official website at VAP (in Japanese) Hajime no Ippo: Rising official website at VAP (in Japanese)

  • VapBC
  • VapBC (virulence associated proteins B and C) is the largest family of type II toxin-antitoxin system genetic loci in prokaryotes. VapBC operons consist

  • Ventilator-associated pneumonia
  • pneumonia (VAP) is a type of lung infection that occurs in people who are on mechanical ventilation breathing machines in hospitals. As such, VAP typically

  • Vaps Movement
  • The Vaps Movement (Estonian: Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Keskliit, later Eesti Vabadussõjalaste Liit, vabadussõjalased, or colloquially vapsid, a single member

  • Vapor–liquid equilibrium
  • liq = P vap {\displaystyle P^{\text{liq}}=P^{\text{vap}}\,} ; T liq = T vap {\displaystyle T^{\text{liq}}=T^{\text{vap}}} ; and G ~ liq = G ~ vap {\displaystyle

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  • Popular Types of Online P2P Marketplaces with Inspiring Examples
  • Online marketplaces offer a new take on how goods and services can be exchanged. Consumers no longer require an intermediary to connect to producers, as platforms do the matching.

    It’s always a good idea to have a big picture of solutions that are currently popular on the market. We’ve categorized these solutions to make it easier for you to see the big picture of this market.

    What is the P2P sharing economy?

    According to the Gen Z: Emerging Talent report by SNC-Lavalin, 66% of people say they’re willing to use or rent products or services from service providers in a shared community. Actually, the concept of sharing things existed long before P2P platforms appeared. However, the possibilities to share physical goods were quite limited. It was rather difficult to match supply and demand. What’s more, there was a lack of trust, hindering interactions between consumers and service providers. Digitalization has managed to bridge these gaps, giving a start to the sharing economy, or collaborative economy. Now, producers and consumers rely on online platforms to interact with each other. These interactions are based on trust and convenience.

    A few factors have led to the development of the sharing economy.

    • The growth of smartphones and applications;
    • Globalization;
    • Urbanization;
    • Global economic crisis;
    • Shift in people’s attitudes towards sharing services and goods with others.

    Let’s take a closer look at some startups that are rather disruptive and that represent the peer to peer e-commerce sector.

    Most valuable marketplaces today

    Airbnb is a US-based peer to peer marketplace platform that allows hosts to share their places with travelers. Airbnb is valued at $30 billion.

    Pinterest lets users discover information on almost anything on the internet. Pinterest’s valuation is $10.47 billion.

    The last startup on this list is, of course, Uber. With its $72 billion valuation, it’s considered the most successful marketplace software on the market for on-demand taxi services and one of the fastest-growing businesses in the world.

    Besides these, there are more marketplaces of various types. We can classify them based on items that can be exchanged, participants that interact with one another, and how the platform is managed.

    How can we categorize P2P marketplaces?

    Platforms usually let users exchange services, goods, or content. Currency such as money, reputation, attention, or influence is offered in return for these items.

    By items


    Traditionally, people contacted agents to rent apartments. But with services like Airbnb and HomeAway there’s no need for an agent. Travelers can visit a platform to find accommodation of their liking. Platform owners benefit since they don’t own any of the inventory they’re selling, so all expenses of running and maintaining lodgings fall on hosts. Platform owners, however, need to invest time and resources into insurance and user verification.



    Take Airbnb as an example. This P2P marketplace platform lets hosts create property listings with compelling images taken by professional photographers. Airbnb charges hosts a 3% transaction fee, whereas guests are charged 6% to 12% for every booking.


    Online platforms can host goods. Producers that want to sell their products online can create listings. They don’t need to own brick-and-mortar stores, pay for rent, or pay salaries to employees to be able to offer things for sale.

    eBay is free to use for buyers. Sellers, on the other hand, get a limited number of free listings. After that, all additional listings are paid. When an item is sold, sellers are also charged a percentage by the platform.

    Services and skills

    Services and skills can also be successfully exchanged. Let’s say that someone needs a plumber to fix their pipes or someone needs to move furniture. For either of these things there’s TaskRabbit, the best online marketplace for finding people to do small tasks.

    TaskRabbit is a two sided marketplace that allows TaskPosters to post tasks and find TaskRabbits who have the necessary skills to complete them. The platform runs a background check on all taskers and conducts interviews before allowing people on the platform. TaskRabbit offers reimbursement for property damage, theft, or bodily injury that occurs while tasks are being done. TaskRabbit earns money by taking a cut of every transaction.

    Car and ride sharing

    Hitchhiking has been replaced with ride sharing. We see that people are becoming more comfortable with sharing their cars to offset the cost of fuel.

    The BlaBlaCar marketplace platform lets people share the cost of a lengthy ride. People can find a driver who’s going in the same direction and request a ride, indicating whether they want to talk during the ride. Those who want to ride pay in advance via the application after the driver accepts the ride. This tactic allows the service to reduce cancellations and disappointed drivers by 3%. The platform takes a cut of the total cost from point A to point B.


    Creative minds look for money to bring projects to life. Others are willing to support creatives by funding their projects. Kickstarter was founded to help creative professionals receive funding from all over the world. Kickstarter users have backed more than 34,000 projects. To get money on Kickstarter, indicate the amount needed for your project and wait for backers to donate.

    Kickstarter earns money by taking 3% to 5% of the total amount gathered and a payment processing fee of 3% + $0.20 per pledge. Backers are promised a monetary reward, incentive, or free product by project creators.

    There are certain risks that Kickstarter backers bear. A campaign creator may need more money than they initially stated, ending up with an unfinished project. On the other hand, backers may have their money taken and spent on some other purposes. They aren’t guaranteed that they’ll get something in return.

    Indiegogo allows people to collect funds to support an idea, charity, or startup. Indiegogo earns money by taking 5% from the total raised. Depending on the location of the backer, the platform also charges a payment processing fee that ranges from 3% to 5%.


    To avoid traditional banks, users may turn to a peer to peer marketplace with lenders. It allows individuals to lend and borrow money from others. The platform facilitates the transactions. The Kiva platform is a good example of peer to peer lending. Kiva allows collaborative microlending at $25 or more per loan.





    Platforms like Kiva don’t bear the consequences of losses from loan default, so they can be leaner than traditional banks and fund a wide variety of causes.


    Online education is not a new concept. There are many platforms that offer educational content and give educators outlets to share their knowledge and earn at the same time.

    Skillshare is an online learning community and the best marketplace platform for learning design, business, technology, and more. Anyone can learn cutting-edge skills with Skillshare, which emphasizes videos. Skillshare helps educators get used to their video teaching format so that the Skillshare brand is consistent across all videos. Educators are motivated to be creative in how they deliver content to learners. What’s more, there are also project-based classes that walk learners through creating something so they can improve their skills and use creativity in learning.



    Skillshare has a subscription business model. Students pay a monthly or annual fee to become Premium members. With Premium membership, students get unlimited access to Premium classes and features such as viewing classes offline via the mobile app.

    By participants

    Different platforms have different participants. There are three types of platforms as distinguished by participants: customer-to-customer (C2C), business-to-customer (B2C), and business-to-business (B2B).


    With a C2C online platform, there’s no clear distinction between participants as they all are equal. Known as peer to peer websites, these platforms attract people with similar interests and incomes. These individuals are usually willing to share their assets with others. They see the online marketplace website as a way to:

    • Save money;
    • Form a community of like-minded people;
    • Swap roles: consumers can become sellers and sellers can become consumers.

    Role swapping is evident in BlaBlaCar. Users can be drivers one day and riders the next day. BlaBlaCar lets people share the cost of lengthy trips and save money on gas. That’s a true manifestation of the sharing economy. The service takes from 12% to 15% of the total amount paid for a ride.


    The B2C model is based on the interaction between businesses and customers. B2C marketplace platforms offer clients a wide variety of options on one website.

    For example, AliExpress is a big online platform. It offers goods from different Chinese manufacturers and distributors. Customers from Russia, the USA, the UK, France, and other countries can find anything from clothes and cars to household appliances and bikes. More than 500 million customers visit the platform monthly.

    AliExpress makes money from every transaction, taking 5% to 8% from each purchase. AliExpress also takes a $1500 fee and a store fee to start or change a store on the platform.

    At SteelKiwi, we’ve built the Snaapy platform. This marketplace is designed for small and mid-sized businesses that promote on-demand services. On Snaapy, customers can find anything from car rental agencies to pet services.



    The B2C sector has partially evolved from the C2C sector in the following way:

    1. People come to C2C platforms to purchase goods or services. Entrepreneurs want to target the audiences in these markets and acquire rights to post their offers. When more and more salespeople start posting their offerings, the platform halfway or completely turns into a B2C space.
    2. Individuals profit from deals they offer on a marketplace platform and then they decide to continue as entrepreneurs.

    For example, you can find many ads on Airbnb advertising accommodation. Some ads come from ordinary people, others come from companies. The same goes for Etsy. When it was first launched, it was solely a C2C online marketplace. Now some offerings come from companies/manufacturers.


    The B2B sector allows a business to buy from another business. In the B2B sector, participants can exchange goods or services.

    An example of a B2B product is NexDep, an on-demand court service that we’ve built for the US market. NexDep lets courts post hearings with detailed information. The platform then matches requests with available court staff via an algorithm. The advantage of this system is that our client no longer needs to contact each legal service provider in person. The application does it for them. Payments are also handled through the marketplace.


    By approach

    There are four generally accepted approaches to marketplace management: unmanaged, lightly managed, fully managed, and decentralized.

    Unmanaged marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, and Fiverr don’t invest in quality assurance, background investigations, or feedback analysis. Customers mainly count on product reviews. These marketplaces are mostly peer to peer.

    Craigslist, a US advertising website, is considered an unmanaged platform. Craigslist has sections devoted to jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, discussion forums, and more.

    Lightly managed marketplaces such as Uber, Grubhub, and Shutterstock do invest in quality control, however not that much. Airbnb, for example, puts money into address verification and client services to settle disputes. These marketplaces also guarantee the accuracy of content.

    Uber verifies drivers’ IDs. If a driver keeps getting ratings below three, they’re banned from using the service. That’s how the platform manages interactions between drivers and riders.

    Fully managed marketplaces such as Opendoor, Luxe, and thredUP monitor access to the market, supply, operations, and transactions. For instance, the real estate marketplace Opendoor can help you sell your property in just a few days. The company buys it, makes repairs if needed, and puts the house on the market. The only inspection you have to go through is the one from Opendoor to confirm or adjust your offer. This marketplace handles the whole process.

    Decentralized marketplaces invest heavily in infrastructure to build reliable solutions to orchestrate the exchange of goods and services. Usually, the owners of decentralized solutions turn to the blockchain. There’s no entity that owns or controls a blockchain. Basically, networks of participants can exist within a blockchain and no one has the right to access this network or break it. The most evident benefit of decentralized platforms is that they’re confidential for non-participants who have no right to interfere with interactions on the platform. No one can ban agreements made and no one can dictate who is welcome to use these platforms.

    Lendoit allows borrowers and lenders to interact without any third party. Participants use their e-wallets to perform transactions. The platform has a well-designed system of smart contracts and mimics some elements from the traditional lending world.

    OpenBazaar is an open source peer to peer marketplace that uses Bitcoin. Its main advantage is that there are no fees and no item restrictions. All users register as buyers unless they decide to create a store. Sellers don’t have to pay a percentage to a payment gateway.

    What made OpenBazaar famous is the anonymity it offers and its escrow system. Contracts require signatures from both interested parties. Once both parties have signed, the money is released to the seller.

    How will the blockchain create the next peer to peer ecommerce model?

    Users will soon want to have full control and ownership over their interactions. They can leverage the tools of decentralized platforms to build peer to peer organizations. Blockchain technology can create secure peer to peer environments and help participants achieve total control.

    Main highlights

    • A blockchain is a decentralized distributed database;
    • Each participant has a full record of the database;
    • Hackers can’t destroy anything since there’s no central server;
    • Since it’s a purely peer to peer network, buyers and sellers transact with each other without intermediaries;
    • Terms and conditions are coded in smart contracts that are self-executing;
    • Cryptocurrencies are used to pay for services or goods, eliminating the need for third-party payment providers;
    • All processes that happen within the blockchain are encrypted.

    The blockchain gives people freedom in how they own and use content and data. OpenBazaar, Daconomy, Origami, and other decentralized peer to peer organizations are paving the way to the future. Many predict that the development of decentralized marketplaces will lead the peer to peer economy. The rules of this economy will allow individuals to work and earn money.

    Create a marketplace website of your own

    Online marketplaces predetermined the rise of the sharing economy and enabled a variety of interactions. There are numerous platforms, but they can be sorted into categories by items, participants, and management approaches.

    The blockchain has great potential to attract app owners to build next-generation online platforms and can offer true peer to peer sharing spaces.

    At SteelKiwi, we’ve built online marketplaces and can offer practical advice and technical assistance. 

    If you want to know how to build an online marketplace or would like to partner with us, get in touch! We’ll build a marketplace solution for your target audience

  • Data Ownership: The Power Play
  • In today's digital age, data ownership has become a paramount issue with far-reaching implications. As data increasingly drives the global economy, questions surrounding its ownership, control, and distribution have come to the forefront. This blog explores the complex dynamics and power struggles surrounding data ownership.

    The value of data cannot be overstated, as it holds the potential to shape industries, influence decision-making, and impact individual lives. However, the concentration of data in the hands of a few powerful entities raises concerns about privacy, market dominance, and the erosion of individual rights.

    We will examine the evolving legal and regulatory landscapes, exploring initiatives that seek to empower individuals and ensure a fair distribution of data control. From multinational corporations to governments and individuals, the issue of data ownership impacts us all. By understanding its nuances, we can navigate toward a more equitable and transparent digital future. Join us on this exploration of the power dynamics inherent in data ownership, as we seek to unravel its complexities and envision a path forward.

    What is Data Ownership?

    Have you ever wondered who owns your personal data? With the rise of technology and social media, our personal information has become more valuable than ever. But who has the right to use it? This is where the concept of data ownership comes in.

    Data ownership refers to the legal rights and control that individuals or organizations have over their own data. It's important because it affects our privacy, security, and ability to control how our data is used. Without proper data ownership laws and regulations, our personal information could be used for purposes we don't agree with, or even sold to third parties without our knowledge.

    Who owns your data?

    When it comes to data ownership, it's not always clear who has the right to our personal information. Companies like Google and Facebook collect massive amounts of data on their users, but do we still own that data or have we given it away by agreeing to their terms of service? Governments also have access to our data through surveillance programs and data requests, but is that data really theirs to claim?

    On the other hand, individuals themselves may also claim ownership of their data. For example, if you create a piece of content like a blog post or a video, you are the owner of that data and can control how it is used and shared. However, this becomes more complicated when it comes to data generated by our online activity, such as search history or social media posts.

    Why is data ownership important for individuals?

    Data ownership is a critical issue for individuals because it directly impacts their privacy and security. When individuals share personal information with companies or other entities, they are essentially entrusting those organizations with their sensitive data. Without proper data ownership controls in place, this data can be misused or even stolen, putting individuals at risk of identity theft, cyber-attacks, and other forms of digital harm.

    Moreover, data ownership also affects an individual's ability to control how their data is used. For example, if a person shares their location data with a mobile app, they may not realize that the app is also collecting and selling that data to third-party advertisers. By asserting their data ownership rights, individuals can ensure that their personal information is being used ethically and transparently.

    Why is data ownership important for businesses?

    Data ownership is crucial for businesses as it can impact their reputation and legal and ethical responsibilities. For example, if a company mishandles customer data or experiences a data breach, it can damage its reputation and lead to loss of customers. Additionally, businesses have a responsibility to protect the privacy and security of their customer's data, and failure to do so can result in legal consequences.

    Furthermore, data ownership can also impact a company's ethical responsibilities. For instance, if a business uses customer data without their consent or knowledge, it can be seen as violating their privacy rights and trust. As such, businesses must ensure they have clear policies and procedures in place for handling and protecting data, and that they are transparent with their customers about how their data is being used.

    Challenges and solutions

    One of the biggest challenges associated with data ownership is the risk of data breaches. Hackers and other malicious actors can gain access to sensitive information, such as credit card numbers and social security numbers, which can then be used for identity theft or other fraudulent activities. In order to address this issue, companies must invest in robust cybersecurity measures, such as encryption and multi-factor authentication, to protect their customers' data.

    Another challenge is legal disputes over data ownership. For example, if a company collects data on its customers, who owns that data? The company or the customer? These types of disputes can be difficult to resolve, but one potential solution is to establish clear guidelines and regulations around data ownership and privacy. This could include laws that require companies to obtain explicit consent from customers before collecting their data, as well as regulations that give individuals more control over how their data is used.


    In conclusion, data ownership is a complex and multifaceted issue that affects both individuals and businesses. It impacts our privacy, security, and ability to control how our data is used. As we've seen, there are various entities that may claim ownership of our data, including companies, governments, and even ourselves. It's important for us to be aware of these issues and take steps to protect our data.

    For businesses, data ownership can impact their reputation, legal responsibilities, and ethical obligations. They must ensure they are collecting and using data in a responsible and transparent manner. Additionally, they should explore solutions such as decentralized data storage and data privacy regulations to mitigate the risks associated with data ownership.

    Ultimately, the conversation around data ownership is ongoing and evolving. It's up to all of us to stay informed, advocate for our rights, and work toward a more equitable and secure digital future.

  • Maintaining your Business at the Top
  • In business there are good and bad times but how you react to every situation in your business determines the faith of the business. Because of the competitive nature among businesses, in order for you to make profit you must adopt different strategies to compete and to be on the winning side.  When a business is faced with high level of competition, most businesses adopt the ‘price war strategy’. In this strategy the competitors are fighting for market share. That is, business owners try to win customers by cutting down of prices for products and services. However, this strategy can also be dangerous to the business since the profit margin of the business will reduce and if care is not taken the business might fail. Therefore, this strategy is highly recommended when you have a low cost of production.

    In as much you might be tempted to reduce the prices of your products/services when faced with competition, it is not the best solution but you can battle this by adding an extra value to your products/services. Below are some of the things you can do to increase the value of your products/services:

    Retargeting your Market

    There are three levels delineating the market of today. These include; the lower, middle and the upper class levels. Trying to compete with your competitors by cutting down the prices of products/services indirectly forces you to the lower level of the market, thereby making you to lose the middle and the upper class. That is, the more you reduce the prices of products/services, the more the lower level of the market becomes interested and the lesser the middle and the upper class. Although the lower class forms the greater majority of the today market, it is not very advisable to reduce the prices of the products/services unless you are targeting them. This is because most people are of the opinion that the lower the prices, the lower the quality of the products/services. Therefore, retargeting your market is one of the best options if you can’t find a way to produce your products at a lower cost, in order to lower your price and to increase your profit. Retargeting your market is all about positioning products/services to please a particular market class. This is because, whenever you decide to produce something with a high quality, only the middle and the upper class market are interested in it. However, consumer commodity appeals to all the three classes, easy to use, consume every day and are fast selling.

    Create a difference with your Branding

    Making a different in your branding is what determines your retargeted market. Your brand is what makes the different in your products/services. You must be able to create a special feeling about your products/services in the hearts and minds of your customers. While your competitors are concentrating on selling a particular product or service, you must not just focus on that also but you must focus in making your offer unique in terms of quality from that of your competitors. Show your customers how unique and useful your product is right from product packaging to your customer services. When carrying out an effective branding, it makes the customer to buy your products/services in such a way that you are going to make profit and they also will be very satisfied and happy. Your branding should tell a compelling story and should mean something important to your target market.


    Your business should be results oriented. That is, you should be able to design products/services that will target the need of the customers. Helping your customers have the result they are looking for will attract them the more to your business and they will not even border about the price. People want product/services that will meet their need and most often they don’t really care about the price but they want the benefit from your products/services.

    Therefore, when doing marketing, your message should be centered on the real result that will help meet the need of your customer. This will eliminate the issue of price and will focus the attention of the customers to the direct benefit of the products/services. When you do this your products/services becomes a commodity instead of a brand.

    Try to win more customers

    Instead of concentrating on the price you should instead concentrate on how to win your customer. You can do this by giving some of your products/services to top and trusted customers for them to use and pay later. By so doing, you create an impression in them that you are very bold and sure of your product/services, thereby giving you some advantages over your competitors. Another strategy that you can also use to win customer is to give them free trial for your products and services. This will give the customers the opportunity to taste the products and services in order to find out if it meet a need or solve a disturbing problem that they have been going through. Should in case the products/services meet the need of the customer, he or she is now focus on the benefit of it and the price will no longer be an issue

     To be able to compete and still make profit, without being at the bottom, then your thinking and your doing should be different from that of the competitors in order to position your products/services at the fore front of the market



  • Get Some Unique Stage Decoration Ideas For The Events
  • A wedding is not just a day. It is a lifetime moment for you. Everyone dreams to have a perfect wedding day. No day is perfect and so on with the wedding day. So it’s good to be ready with a detailed plan. Every event comes up with some pros and cons. Nowadays, most brides love to arrange a pre-party before their marriage event. Arranging a cocktail party before getting married is always a good idea. People would mingle with each other with no bounds and enjoy the evening with full-hearted. People would get emotional at this party as it would be the end of their bachelor life. Cocktail Party Decorations are designed with disco lights and high sounds, some may call this a combination of modern sangeet ceremony.

    Stage Decoration:Décor the stage with glamorous lights and retro themes. Get a luxurious experience with wooden floors and some cocktail drinks. This event is full of enjoyment. People dance the whole night with no worries. Then, comes the most awaited wedding day. Reception Stage Decoration would be simple yet royal. You can decorate the stage with black or white stripes and some LED lights. Use some colorful flower vases on both sides to enhance the glow. You can add some shimmery designs on the ceilings and backdrops.

    Theme Wedding:When it comes to making a theme wedding party, people get attracted by holiday themes like valentine's themes or Halloween themes. Some brides are fascinated to have a romantic night with delicate lighting and some pink flowers. Theme Wedding decorations are available in a variety of styles and creativity as well. Many themes like vintage, rustic, bohemian are there. Choose your desirable theme and enjoy the party.

    Backdrop Design:You may have various styles, designs, and color combinations for decorating the backdrop of the stage. The materials like muslin and canvas look best in curtains and ribbons. Most people like to have a golden and white curtain in the Wedding Backdrop Decoration. The white color would go with any color combination and give a soft look.

        Other than that, you can use magical lights, craft papers, rainbow ribbons, paper plates, or other materials for decorating any party events like Naming Ceremony Decoration or birthday events, etc.

    Stage Decoration: In any event, stage decoration is the most important part. It would attract the audiences. For the show events like singing or dancing, the floor mostly build-up with wooden materials and painted with a shimmery color to catch the light. Use golden combination material and some blue tiny lights to soften the effect. People would surely enjoy this. Laser-cut ceilings would add on charms to the nights. Some people prefer to use casino themes in their sangeet party. Mostly the huge LED screen, raw metals, and dice are installed in the show events.

    We specialize in decorations for parties as well, be it outdoor parties, office parties, Cocktail Party Decorations , pool parties or barbeque parties. Our Party Decorations are created keeping in mind the theme, the guests and the desired ambiance. We assure all our clients of a beautiful and distinctive décor solution for their parties.

    However, fix up your mind before choosing the event. Go through a detailed description of each decoration and choose your desired one.

    We specialize in decorations for parties as well, be it outdoor parties, office parties,

     Cocktail Party Decorations 

    , pool parties or barbeque parties.


     Party Decorations 

    are created keeping in mind the theme, the guests and the desired ambiance. We assure all our clients of a beautiful and distinctive décor solution for their parties.

  • How to Defeat Timidity and Shyness
  • There are so many ways that shyness or the inability to openly relate with people can keep you from great opportunities in life. Being shy is usually related to anxiety, especially when the person is around people. Anyone with a timid personality will find it difficult relating to people and situations that matter. So many situations present themselves in which we have to relate with people. Communication is a vital part of our social connection to each other and when a person finds it difficult communicating for one reason or the other, their relationship with people at all levels will seriously be hampered. It could be the reason why you loose a job or disconnect from true friends and people who should have made positive impact in your life.

    People experience shyness for several reasons. For some of them, it is simply some trait they were born with. For as long as they can remember, these people will tell you that they have always been the type who holds back and even avoids situations where he or she has to relate with people. Others pick it up as they grow up as a result of their experiences with family or society. The good thing is, it doesn’t matter how or for what reason you are shy, it can actually be dealt with by knowing and applying the tips discussed here. Overcoming shyness and social anxiety is an absolute possibility, especially for those who are willing to put in the effort. But i think it will be easier if you first figure out why you are shy. That way, you know exactly what will work for you as far as defeating fear is concerned. Overcoming shyness and social anxiety could seem like a mystery to some people if they do not first understand the reasons why they are shy.

    Causes or reasons

    Poor self image. Most people rate or value themselves too low. It could be as a result of failures in the past or because they are usually surrounded by people who are better off in one aspect of life or the other. As a matter of fact, most people who are shy have a poor perception of themselves in one area of life or the other.

    Too concerned about impressing others. A poor self image usually leads to a desire to please others or meet up to the perceived expectations of others. Then because your image of yourself is poor, it becomes difficult for you actually impress people.

    People say you are shy. You may be shy and not care much about it until people begin to say it to you and other people or even call you a shy person. This gives you the feeling of being part of an abnormal class of people and affects the way you feel about yourself and your attitude towards relating with people.

    Never claim it or recite the problem to yourself

    The fact that you feel shy is enough problem to handle already. Saying it to yourself or giving in to self pity will only make you feel worse and compel you recoil further into your shell. One other things you should keep in mind is the fact that being shy is more of a state of your own mind and perception of yourself than an actual character trait. This simply means that it is not actually one of those things you can or should consider as an actual part of your personality.

    You should also note that refusing to accept the attribute of being shy as a personal problem is not the same thing as denial. You know that it is something you have to deal with but at the same time, you are aware of the fact that there is a difference between having a feeling of uneasiness around people and probably hating the idea of being around people.

    Don’t make being like others your aim

    If you are looking forward to overcoming timidity and breaking away from a timid personality, you cannot afford to compare with people. We are all unique in our ways of dealing with people. Some people are extreme extroverts. They cannot get into a place and be quite for a few minutes. Others are extreme introverts and no matter what is going on around them, they usually seem oblivious and unconcerned. Still there are people who are kind of in the middle. These people simply know when to talk and engage in discussions or when to be quite in the midst of people. As far as being introverted and extroverted is concerned, people have different tendencies. The point is, don’t look at some other person and wish to be like him or her. Doing that will make overcoming shyness and social anxiety seem even more mysterious to you. That is more of an unrealistic dream that may never come to pass. Just learn to work on yourself and make use of the other tips herein to be more open to relating with people.

    Be well informed on general issues or trending subjects

    For some reason, knowledge at various degrees give you certain levels of confidence and boldness that has the power to actually swallow up your shyness bit by bit until you finally conquer it completely. This is so because shy people are basically scared of the unknown. All their inner issues that lead to a physical withdrawal from people and social interactions are the result of fear of one unknown factor or the other. It could be an uncertainty with regards to the way people are going to react when you get into discussions or the uncertainty of your own value and how much of it people are going to appreciate. But all these have an even deeper root. Lack of knowledge.

    If you know how people think and are versed with the things they talk about most of the time, you will be more open to any reaction you could get from them in the course of a discussion or interaction with such people. The issue of knowledge mostly relates to people who are predominantly shy when in office or corporate settings. There are two main reasons why one could be shy under such situations. The first is because he or she knows little about the real issues that are discussed around the office or the person knows a lot but is afraid of how people are going to receive his suggestions and contributions during meetings and working hours. Whatever the case, you simply have to make sure you are well informed and when that is done, make a practice of putting forward your ideas regardless of the opinions or perceptions of others about it. Being well informed in these domains is vital to overcoming shyness and social anxiety or overcoming timidity.

    Make up your mind to get over it and be in control

    Knowing that you have a problem is one thing but making up your mind to face the issue and deal with it is another thing altogether. It does not really matter what you know, without the decision to break your own limitations and face the issue of timidity, it will be really difficult for you to apply the tips that are given here. Understand that until you have completely overcome shyness, every time you have to relate with people may seem like a challenge and you may sometimes just want to run back into your shell or comfort zone. Before leaving the house everyday, make up your mind to be in control. That way, you will find it easier overcoming shyness and social anxiety or overcoming timidity. If it helps you, stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you are going to stand up to the occasions that come. It is important to prepare your mind in this way because if you keep allowing situations to come up before deciding how you are going to react, it will be difficult for you to deal with them. When your mind is fully prepared to handle a situation, it is easier for you to follow through with actions. But if things always take you by surprise, you can hardly be able to defeat them because what willprevail will often be the default reaction which is what you are trying to defeat, shyness.

    Deciding how you are going to react

    There is a difference between deciding that you are going to face a situation head on and actually deciding beforehand what you are going to do or how you are going to react around people. Fear and anxiety trigger withdrawal subconsciously and automatically and these in turn are responsible for developing a timid personality. Deciding on how you are going to handle these attributes is part of overcoming timidity. That means when you face situations that trigger shyness without haven made up your mind concerning the kind of action or reaction you are going to take, it will be difficult for you to really deal with situations. In the face of situations that trigger shyness, you can either silently observe, participate in one way or the other or simply withdraw from the scene all together. If you have to be around people and you are not feel comfortable, don’t just tell yourself that you are going to do something about. Decide exactly what you are going to do.

    Note that just deciding to go to a place where other people are going to be present is one step of defeating shyness. But if you go without first figuring out exactly what you are going to do in probable situations, it may cause more harm at the end of the day. That is because every episode of shyness and withdrawal you face could weaken your resolve and desire to face and conquer the next challenge that comes up.

    On a daily bases, we all face different situations in life and depending on how much you are shy, some activities could be easy for you to engage in while other may seem like the most difficult thing you have had to do in a long while. Those who work with companies or on jobs that demand a lot of interaction or presentations have to be prepared for each activity that entails interacting with people. If you are going to have a presentation tomorrow, take out time to prepare for it. Don’t let the issue of being shy limit you to a corner and keep you from putting in your best at work or other events. Even if you are just going to be in the midst of people without actually making presentations, you can make some preparations that help you use that event as an opportunity to deal with your shyness. For example, if there is going to be a meeting for the workers at your company, you can prepare a question or two which you are going to ask during the meeting or decide to make one or two contributions. Since you will normally have the agenda of the meeting before time, this can be very possible. If you can discipline yourself to follow through on decisions like this, it will not be long before you become very comfortable talking to people and interacting openly and freely with others.

    Mind you, when you first begin to practice this, many people who have known you as a shy and reserved person will be surprised. Depending on how reserved or shy you use to be, their reactions could range from appreciation to overwhelming perplexity. But no matter what initial reaction you get when you decide to deal with shyness in this way, don’t be discouraged. When people have a particular idea about you based on their interactions with you in the past, you cannot expect them to ignore it when you change. No matter what happens or how they react, you must be prepared to keep your resolve to go on until you have fully overcome shyness.

    Be careful who you bring into your inner circle

    The closest people to you are the ones who can influence you the most. This also implies that it could either be very easy or difficult to deal with shyness depending on the type of people who are around you. Lets say you have close friends who either always challenge or tease you about being shy. They may mean well, but that is not going to help unless you have a strong attitude to withstand the pressure. However, if you have even just a friend who understands your situation and is willing to help you deal with it, it is going to seem very easy and natural to let go of shyness. He or she may seem to push you beyond your limits but one thing will make all the difference; the fact that the person does so with love. It is going to be more of encouraging you to come out of your shell and be the best you can than challenging you to be like other people.

    If you can help it, avoid people who tease

    In the same light, avoid people who take advantage of your challenge with shyness and make you feel bad about yourself by teasing. People can be mean and sometimes they will not mind how you feel as long as making you look awkward seem like fun to them. Life is not fair, get over it and be tough on the inside. Make the effort to avoid such people if you can and face them if you cannot. Many of them will be shocked if you can just make up your mind, muster the courage to suppress shyness under such circumstances and stand strong.

    Don’t take individual episodes too seriously

    Every experience you have while dealing with shyness must be regarded as an individual episode and left to the past. This is because one will find it hard to move on if he or she keeps looking back at what happened in the past. When you first decide to deal with shyness, there are going to be times when you fail in your attempts. These could give you reasons to either be more determined or discouraged. The best thing you can do to help yourself is to take each episode as an individual opportunity and handle it independent of what has happened in the past. I am not in any way suggesting that this is going to be easy. Most things that are worth while in life are not easy. That is why very few people push beyond their limits and become better versions of themselves. There is a target or expectation of the kind of person you want to be, that is one who is open and ready to interact with people, no matter the situation. Forget what may have happened before, look to that goal alone and reach towards it with determination.

    Get involved in social media group chats

    Despite the addictive tendencies of social media usage, this is one advantage it holds, at least for those who have issues with shyness and look forward to overcoming timidity. From our daily interactions on social media, it is clear that many people say things in social media groups and platforms which they could never say in person. Now if this is done with the consciousness and intention of defeating shyness, one can actually overcome it. You will bear with me that even those who are shy in person would usually engage in social media discussions, especially on things or subjects that concern them. Since most of the people you will be chatting with in such a setting are people you know or are familiar with, it already builds their minds and prepares them to see a different version of you in reality.

    Usually, when I get to a new place, like a school or neighborhood, people will think I am shy and reserved. But that is not the case. It just takes time for me to get use to some people and be open with them sometimes. When I got into the university for a Bachelors program, some of my classmates knew me to be the shy type until a WhatsApp group was created and I engaged in discussions with them. Some of them even confessed that they never imagined I could express myself so openly. It made me think “oh, wow, that means its time for me to open up”. I would like to say that singular episode not only encouraged me to be more open with my classmates but it also helped me to talk with them more freely in person. I believe the same thing can work for you too if you would only put it to work. You can get rid of a timid personality by making a conscious and purposeful commitment to social media group chats.

    Be committed to the practice of meeting and talking to people

    Commitment is a big word and those who want to defeat shyness must learn the importance of being committed to something. Being committed to meeting people means you will have to make up your mind to do so even when you don’t feel like it. This will help anyone deal with a timid personality. If you are invited for a party and you don’t feel like going because you are not sure how well you are going to connect with the people there, you still have to go and practice relating with people because of the commitment you have to it.

    It makes a lot of difference when one who used to be shy and withdrawn from people and social settings becomes free from the limiting traits of shyness. There are many more opportunities you can grasp and take advantage of when you deal with timidity and become a man or women who is bold and confident when dealing with people.

  • Loan Application Check: 5 Major Reasons Why You Are Rejected
  • Rejection is something that we don’t want to experience. It can be experienced on a large scale or in small ways in everyday life. Some of us have been through this awful encounter more than once from one's family of origin, a friend, or a romantic partner, desired job opportunities, and of course, loan applications. After being in such a terrible situation, you’d be eager to know why you were rejected - what you have done wrong. Of course, you’d wish to know what you could do to make it better on your next attempt, right? Life gets a lot sweeter when there’s no rejection.


    In connection with this, after the failure of not getting your loan application approved, you’d want to try again. You need the money for a reason and it’s euphoric to accomplish it. So, it’s paramount that you understand the mistakes that you’ve committed when you submitted your application. To shed a light on this matter, here are the five major reasons why your loan application was rejected. 


    Incomplete or Incorrect Information

    Prior to submitting your application, did you make sure that all the information was complete and correct? Lenders rely heavily on the information you provide them with - it’s like your resume. As such, a single missing data or incorrect one can create a negative impact on your application. Some of the errors can include out-of-date personal information or duplicate debt listing. Thus, it’s crucial that you always double-check the information before you submit it. 


    Keep in mind that that accurate file information is a critical factor in getting approved for a loan. You can obtain a copy of a credit report prior to your application, check the information and make amends if there are any errors or incorrect data. Byu doing so, you can increase the chances of getting your loan approved. 


    Insufficient Proof of Genuine Savings

    Lenders are going to take a risk when they’re going to approve your loan application. Hence, it’s important that you provide them with sufficient proof of income or savings to help them determine your capabilities as a payer. Basically, if you can’t prove to them that you can knuckle down and save for a loan, then, don’t get your hopes up regarding the approval of your application. You see, it’s essential that you show them regular deposits into a savings account over 6 months. 


    A Large Amount Of Debt

    One of the reasons why people take out a loan is to consolidate their debts. However, if you have a large amount of debt, the chances of getting your loan application approved is reduced. Lenders will look at the percentage of your income that goes towards paying your existing debt and assess whether you can cope up with the payments. If the debt-to-income ratio doesn’t seem to fit, then, rejection comes after. Given this, it’s better to reduce your debts first before applying for a loan to help set you up for success.


    Employment Situation

    Employment is the common source of income for most people and lenders are keen when checking your employment situation. For them, it’s essential that you are able to pay for the loan repayments every month, thus, having stable employment is a must. On the other hand, If you’ve been changing your job every few months and unable to prove that you have a regular income, your loan application may be declined.


    Poor Credit History

    Your credit history is the first thing that the lenders check when you submit your loan application. It displays existing issues such as a poor repayment history on your current debts or overdue payments of 60 days or more. So, you would appear as a loanee who is not accountable enough to make timely repayments. With this, most lenders will decline your loan application since the risk is too high for them to take. Remember, making timely payments and paying your balances in full are two of the most important factors that can boost your credit score. So, better work on improving it first prior to taking out a loan.


    To Sum It Up

    When applying for a loan, we’re always hoping for the best. It feels good to get fast loan application approval but in order to achieve it, you need to work on your credit score and be sure to avoid the common mistakes stated above. Having a good understanding of the reasons why your loan application is declined will help you make an action plan. As a loanee, it is your responsibility to present yourself as a responsible payer and that lenders can take a risk on you. 


  • The Game Of An OTP Is An Assurance Of Security And Secure Services Over The Internet
  • “A person was bankrupted by some random calls and again it is a big question over the security of internet users”; every day we hear or read such kind of news which makes us feel are we safe using internet. Yes, we are if are properly aware of each segment of online banking or using any e-commerce business websites.

    Hackers and phishers are always keeping an eagle eye to crack a mistake and nab hard earned money. Technology is just like a boon to make our work easier and choose smart in using and accessing the technology.

    Analytix Mantra brings a solution of VFY OTP (2 FA)

    OTP is a secure identity in the world of technology evolved and assures secure logging and benefiting services over the internet. One-time-password is a generated short id with a digital number just like the cherry on the cake helping customers to secure browsing of e-commerce business or net banking.

    Every customer registers their mobile number as personal data information over the e-commerce websites and banking portals. OTP alert is always sent to the registered mobile number for permission to access of accessing the account either to open the online shopping portal or banking portal.

    Analytix Mantra brings VFY OTP (2 FA) for secure access and two- way verification. Once the OTP will be sent if a customer wants to enter the online shopping portal or any website, the second OTP will be sent again if a person is opening the payment portal and unless the exact numbers are provided, the access will not be granted to enter the page.

    Step- to- step verification is a secure process

    Internet business is a trust game for customers. The more and more secure platform a business module will serve the customers will be genuinely satisfying. Analytix Mantra helps businesses get step- to- step verification with OTP to gain top security assurance by the customers and encourage online businesses.

    Make your business secure with OTP services

    The promising factor today in every online business and e-commerce business website is security. ‘Analytix Mantra’ acts like a mentor for providing services to companies for making their online business successful and secure for the users. Promising services by Analytix Mantra’, is for developing and promoting e-commerce business and online businesses to another level of the secure business portal for the customers.

  • Dealing With Wrong Fuel In The Car
  • By any chance, did you fill up the wrong fuel in the fuel tank? Did you put diesel instead of petrol? If yes, don’t worry as this isn’t a new thing. Many people are always in a hurry and they always put wrong fuel in the car by mistake. But now, there is no need to worry about damage caused to your engine with wrong fuel. Well, there is a dedicated team, who will help you in harmlessly recovering the fuel.

    What’s the requirement?

    The 1st question in your mind is what effect it would have on the engine if diesel is filled in a petrol car. The injectors that are there in the engine would receive new fuel and would be injected in the cylinders of the engine. Even the petrol’s compression ratio is low as compared to that of diesel engine. With this, the diesel would not be evaporated and the necessary kick start would be provided to the engine. In such cases, the spark plugs will not fire; apart from this, don’t expect anything bad to happen. In fact, there is so much difference in the ratio of compression that the engine will not start either.

    Draining the fuel and recovering it

    In such cases, the engine shouldn’t be started. If the engine is started, damage may be caused to the spark plugs and tank. When diesel is accidentally filled in the petrol car, the wrong fuel must be drained out of the tank and once this is done, it can be filled once again with petrol. Even though diesel is drained out of the engine, a small amount would still be there in the tank. For this, keep the engine runing, till the diesel is out of fuel lines or injectors.

    Always keep in mind that diesel works well only in the diesel operated car, since the fuel system lubrication as well as injectors is different for petrol and diesel engines. If wrong fuel is injected, the diesel will not ignite as it is only combustible under extreme compression.

    If you aren’t confident of removing the wrong fuel from the tank, a recovery company must be chosen. There are a variety of companies that have a thorough understanding of the trauma when the wrong fuel is filled.

    They arrive very soon and help in safely recovering the fuel without any reason to remove your tank or any moving parts. You can save hundreds of pounds against your insurance excess costs as the cost is usually half of what you would need to pay if your insurance company handled it (around £150).

    So instead of being worried and instead of more damage being caused to the engine with wrong fuel, you must drain it out very early without starting the engine of the car.

    For More Info:- Fuel Fixer

  • His rating in NBA is likely to increase due to his outstanding performance in the playoff performances
  • On the other hand when the Celtics were able to restrain Butler and the Heat to 2K23 MT a single player, nobody else was able to lead the team to score and, as a result, throughout the first half, the Heat played their worst playoff performance of the year.Although Butler played a relatively impressive performance in the 3rd quarter, the Heat's players failed to keep up with Butler's footsteps. They rely on Butler to score by himself and never managed to beat the Celtics. The heart of the Heat defensive player Tucker went down with an injury in the third quarter, making the Heat's defensive lines being completely exposed to the Celtics as the game enter garbage time earlier than schedule.Throughout every minute of game, the Heat did not have a strong response to the return from Horford or Smart. There was only one score.

    Butler scored on the offensive end, and the Celtics were crushed to death on the defensive end. Find the appropriate solution ASAP, and the Celtics will be quickly eliminated.For further NBA information as well as NBA 2K MT, please keep an eye on

    In the recently concluded Eastern Conference semifinals, the Heat beat the Celtics in a score of 118:107. In addition to Butler the biggest participant in this game is Tucker.Tucker's part on the field the game, Tucker's story starts with Tatum. Although he only rested for 48 hours while he was away however, the Celtics were in the lead in scoring for the duration of. Tatum performed extremely well in the first half, and his teammates kept creating opportunities for him to confront small guards suffering from dislocations.

    The Heat's defense was weak in front of Tatum which allowed him run to the rim and score whenever he wanted which allowed the Celtics scoring 42 inside goals in halftime, two shy of the league's top record. Points; Tucker was injured and was taken off the court at the end of the second half. The Heat's play on the court seemed to be embarrassing. Tatum began to score frantically. After Tucker returned in the third quarter, the Celtics had a huge lead that suddenly vanished.

    Tatum tried to attack Tucker and fell, failing to get the basket in front of Tucker Buy NBA 2K23 MT. Even though it caused Tucker's foul, compared with the rate at which he hit all shots in the first quarter, Tatum's performance during the second half can only be described as sleeping. It is due to physical fitness , and the consequence of the defensive pressure imposed by Tucker.

  • Hiring the Services or the Best and Certified Tax Advisors of the Region
  • Whether people are in business or service regularly managing accounts and other tax related matters has become the most vital aspect. Apart from using their personal skills people need to hire the services of the best and most professionally certified accounting agents and professionals. Whether it be individual tax return planning, business tax returns or non-profit tax related regions a professional guidance in very important. So everyone needs to plan their quarterly or annual returns well in advance in order to avoid any hassles in the future regarding their tax matters. While hiring the services of an accountant people need to study the areas of his or her specialization plus the years of experience they carry under their belts. An individual who has complete knowledge regarding all tax related aspects, all audit related matters with practical plus theoretical experience is the best for any individual or business house. So selecting the best and knowledgeable Tax Accountant in Atlanta is very crucial for anyone in order to avoid future tax penalties and fines. An advice for all individual, servicemen and businessmen would be to keep a note of every daily expense and purchase. This data becomes very helpful for their hired chartered accountants to manage and associate all expenses in proper balance sheets in a well specified time frame.

    Most of the professional tax advisors work in the most professional manner and assist clients in managing their everyday services related to say banking, judiciary, investments and other insurance related matters. People, whether they are in the business or service need to consult their fellow being for info on the best available tax consultants and advisors in their respective work area. Hire only professionals at Tax Services in John’s Creek who have earned a high reputation in the tax, accountancy field over the years through their tireless efforts in securing client interests. People must be sure in hiring the best tax advisor as it will save them most of the hassles once their income levels come in the taxable limits and are up for scrutiny by the government taxation department. Once people get associated with the best tax accountants they can leave every tax related and market service provider related matters to these professionals. The time spared can be used in the planning, promotion and market research for further growth of their respective work fields. So researches before you finalize the deal with your tax service provider.

    Authors Bio:
    The author is a professional and has written numerous articles for various Tax Accountants Atlanta and Tax Services John’s Creek related journals and articles. He has a huge fan following and people consult him for all sorts of advices.

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  • Intermediate/Senior BAS Accountant Tauranga
  • Business Services & Corporate Advisory (Accounting)
    An opportunity has become available for a Intermediate/Senior accountant to join a superb Tauranga based company with an excellent brand name in a great location.
    This role is situated in a modern and bright office with an excellent company culture.
    They are looking for someone who has gained strong NZ experience at an intermediate/senior level.
    The successful candidate will be someone who is hardworking and social, able to fit in with the team and establish themselves long-term at the firm.
    The business has gone through many positive changes and looking to further improve by adding a top calibre candidate to the team.
    The ideal candidate will have strong communication skills and possess a strong attention to detail.
    You must have minimum 2 years accounting experience, in the process of completing your CA, or having completed this is advantageous.
    Having experience with Xero and other software would be an advantage as well.
    Being... personable, possessing a strong attention to detail and having excellent communication skills are all things the employer is looking for in applicants for the role.
    Competitive remuneration
    Ample chance for career advancement
    Modern and vibrant company culture
    Hands on experience in working with a broad client base
    Supportive partners and a collaborative team environment
    If this sounds like an opportunity you are interested in, apply using the link, or give me a call or email.

    Aidan Barbour-Ryan
    Consultant - Fluid Recruitment
    [email protected]
    Report this job advert Don’t provide your bank or credit card details when applying for jobs
    Tauranga New Zealand

  • Civil Engineer St. Louis
  • Our People & Places Solutions business – reinforces our drive to improve the lives of people everywhere and epitomizes the "why" of what we do – the tremendous positive impact and value our solutions bring to our communities and society as a whole. From facilities delivering life-saving therapies and ensuring clean water to enabling the connection of people through all modes of transportation and... providing access to technology – we're integrating a multitude of these solution elements to build the smart environments of tomorrow.

    Start your Jacobs career with a company that inspires and empowers you to deliver your best work so you can evolve, grow and succeed – today and into tomorrow.

    Your Impact

    Thriving communities. Healthy cities. A brighter future. What we do is more than building roads and ports, we work every day to make the world better for everyone. Join a company invested in you, your success, and the global community. We are looking for a driven and curious Civil Engineer to support our Built Environment team.  


    As a key member of our team, you’ll join our collaborative process providing our clients with award-winning planning, engineering, architectural design, construction management, and design-build project delivery. You’ll be performing civil design calculations and, preparing site and utility layouts while conforming to design standards for a variety of Federal projects. You’ll have the opportunity to coordinate project assignments with other engineers and technicians in and out of your discipline group to review and recommend required changes to drawings supplied by contractors, clients, and other engineers. You will attend multi-discipline design meetings, interact with clients, and lead a team of EITs.

    Join us and we will assist in continuing the development of your skills and exploring all that you can do across our global company, with opportunities to share your knowledge along the way. 

    Responsibilities include
    • Perform non-routine and complex assignments from verbal instructions
    • Work closely with design originator and Project Managers
    • Inform Project Manager(s) of progress on assigned projects and request work or additional resources when needed
    • Recommend design changes requiring sound judgment and discretion
    • Flexible in work assignments and team assignments
    • Research and implement regulatory requirements and design standards
    • Review drawings for completeness
    • Analyze sketches, notes and other input material to determine and plan the best approach to develop designs with minimal supervision
    • Some travel may be required, including international

    At Jacobs, we’re partnering across the globe to create the best project outcomes by maximizing the design, digital technology, and support capabilities of our Global Integrated Delivery (GID) teammates. By joining Jacobs, you’ll commit to supporting and engaging with these teams, as we work to build a company like no other.


    Here’s What You’ll Need
    • Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
    • At Least 5 years of experience on site development projects including project design
    • PE Registration in at least one US state
    • United States Citizenship
    • Strong background in plan production and project execution
    • AutoCAD, Civil 3d design experience  
    • Experience with Bluebeam software

    Ideally, you’ll also have 
    • Experience with Federal clients and projects
    Jacobs is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or medical conditions related to pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding), age, medical condition, marital or domestic partner status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression and transgender status, mental disability or physical disability, genetic information, military or veteran status, citizenship, low-income status or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable law. Learn more about your rights under Federal EEO laws and supplemental language.

    At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. With $15 billion in revenue and a talent force of more than 60,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector.

    Job Reference ID BIF0000L5
    St. Louis MO USA

  • Vinirma Consulting Private Limited Hiring For IT Project Manager... Qatar
  • We, Nair Systems, are a QFC based, boutique leading edge technology consulting and professional services firm focusing on Digital Banking, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency and Robotic Process Automation.
    Nair Systems is currently looking for IT Project Manager for our Qatar operations with the following terms & conditions.

    The IT Project Manager shall correspond to the summary criteria below.
    1. Computer Science/ Information system education (BsC or more)
    2. Experience as a developer (even short)
    3. Application development project Management experience
    4. Excellent requirement gathering & documentation skills (word, ppt, visioetc)
    5. Ability to manage multiple IT projects End to End
    6. Certification in Prince, Agile, Scrum, PMP preferred


    MsC / BsC Degree with minimum 5 years of IT Project Management experience.
    Knowledge of Agile / Lean delivery.
    Hands-on experience in areas of Project... management, Systems Development/Design and Implementation
    Specialized technical experience, ideally within a project-based IT environment
    Good understanding of Software Development Life Cycle
    Strong Vendor Management specially contracts and procurement processing required
    Industry certification on Project management will be preferred (PMP, ITIL,etc)
    Familiar with Microsoft Azure environment & applications
    Ability to work independently and manage self towards goals, while being a genuine team player
    Willingness to undertake tasks at all levels when necessary
    Excellent communication skills (both interpersonal and written)
    Effective facilitation skills
    Continuous improvement mindset
    Ability to balance multiple projects and teams and prioritize effectively
    Ability to work in a fast paced, sometimes ambiguous, environment

    Key responsibilities
    1.Perform business requirements analysis to analyze user requirements and define solutions meeting those requirements and document system specifications
    2.Ensure Project plans are maintained and projects are properly resourced, and delivered within given timeframe and cost.
    3.Ensure that the technology Solutions meet agreed requirements and business expectations, are
    maintainable and meet documented and agreed criteria. This requires that all solutions are adequatelytested (functional, non-functional, performance and integration tested) before User Acceptance Testing.
    4. Manage transition and go-live of the application, ensure adequate resourcing for post-go-live support
    5.Risks are assessed and mitigation plans are documented, agreed with the stakeholders, monitored andclosed in a timely manner
    6.Manage the application support processes and adherence. Prepare and review system faults, assess severity levels, recommend solutions, ensure timely corrective and preventive actions
    7.Manage delivery teams, procurement of 3rd party systems, vendor negotiations & SLAs, contracting processes communications and escalations.
    8 .Regular reporting to Management: Write and edit reports and publications for internal and external use

    Terms and conditions
    Joining time frame: 2 weeks (maximum 1 month)

    Should yoube interested in this opportunity, please send your latest resume in MS Word format at the earliest at (Confidential Information

  • Senior Mechanical Engineer Svedala
  • Are you intrigued by the idea of working in a leading, global development center for stone crushers? Sandvik Rock Processing Solutions is currently looking foratech savvy Senior Mechanical Engineer to work at R&D.

    We offer you the freedom and responsibility needed to lead innovation welcome to a team with high potential and an encouraging group dynamic!

    Your mission

    Acting as the link between the design team and the Technical Product Owner, you contribute to both the overall organization as well as department with experience and knowledge on an operational level by using suitable methods, tools, processes and sharing skills as well as best practices internally.

    You drive activities within product development for appointed crusher products, together with identifying and suggesting new ideas to develop in a way that adds value to the business.

    By utilizing your knowledge, you stay updated on competitor’s technical solutions.This role will eventually develop into a Lead Engineer... position over time,where you take on an even bigger responsibility for three product categories.

    Other responsibilities include :

    Designing of crushers and other technical solutions

    Reviewing and improving on methods, tools and processes

    Contributing to technical roadmap, in line with the product roadmap for respective offering

    Driving and supporting relevant RTD projects

    Leading implementation of upgrades and improvements on existing products based on decision from change management

    Suggesting and driving improvements regarding cost, quality and risk

    Continuously developing your own knowledge and expertise

    Working with requirements for existing and future development

    You’re based at our division in Svedala, and some international travel is a natural part of your job.

    Your character

    We’re looking for someone with a degree in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, product development or a similar field.

    Having gained knowledge of some 3D CAD software and the PDM system Teamcenter is highly beneficial. You also have a prominent technical proficiency, a general financial understanding and are able to manage stakeholders as well as enable cross-cultural collaborations.

    Acting in an international setting, you need great skills in English, both verbally and in writing, while skills in Swedish is advantageous.

    We put a lot of emphasis on your leadership capabilitiesand general technical interests!You’re a proactive professional with a driven mindset where you always strive to progress and develop in the business that you conduct.

    You’re analytical and know how to multitask methodically and when to allocate the right resources for the right tasks. You’re curious and are more than competent when it comes to documenting and communicating efficiently
    Svedala Sweden

  • uganda regional commercial manager Kampala
  • Job Summary : The Regional Commercial Manager will be responsible for driving revenue growth in the entire region as per the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.

    He will be responsible for growing and managing a healthy customer portfolio in their region, enforcing good customer relationship management and hitting loan recovery targets.

    This crucial position has many important operational responsibilities, including : motivating and monitoring the performance of your Sales Team and Field Training Team;

    directly managing and coaching team leaders and Field Training Managers; investigating any issues affecting the repayment rates in your region e.

    g. fraud; managing stakeholder relationships within your region; and bridging the information gap between the field and HQ, with the overall aim to deliver commercial excellence and overall business growth.

    The role will report to the Uganda Commercial Performance Manager, and they will work closely with our field development... marketing and customer finance teams.

    The Regional Commercial Manager will also share best practices with teams in other regions as we work to improve commercial operations across Uganda.

    Key Duties and Responsibilities : Business Optimization : Manage overall business performance of allocated region, define and implement strategies to grow business and recover declining performance.

    Credit Risk Management : Ensure your region maintains a healthy portfolio, with most customers trending towards completion and quickly investigate on the ground and react with a change in strategy when customer repayment falls below acceptable levels.

    Coordinate the implementation of the marketing initiatives while ensuring we get maximum return on investment for all the costs we incur in areas of marketing.

    Propose new polices to iterate business strategy, as per the context of different regions New Point of Sale expansion and Brand footprint : Lead in the regional expansion by ensuring the retail network in your region grows with the help of an Area Retail Coordinator hired under each Team leader.

    Keep an eye on competition within your region and ensure you take adequate measures to protect and grow our business from competitive pressures.

    Pro-actively inform your leadership team and take measures to ensure My Sol remains a paramount brand name in solar products for your area.

    Design working strategies for getting >

    80% of Point of Sales delivering >

    150 sales per month.Prospects and Map potential sales locations, neighborhoods and towns to boost footprint and baseline structures Train, and Mentor regional teams : Recruit and Train Sales field team (Team leaders and My sol champions) (in existing and new areas) about Sales strategy and processes, ensuring High quality cohorts.

    Use multiple avenues for finding the right talent to sell our products with the help of village influencers such as the village heads, teachers, religious heads, doctors, farmers and others, as applicable.

    Provide complete clarity to the regional team related to their day-to-day tasks, sales & collections plans, routes and targets.

    Manage performance and Coach low performing sales field team (including Agents. (adsbygoogle window.adsbygoogle ).push( );

    Qualifications, Skills and Experience : The applicant must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration, Economics or related area.

    At least five years of sales experience within a progressive sale and / or financial services environment or rural environment, with at least 3 years in management role, leading large teamsExperience in Data-Driven Decision making processStrong communication skillsExperience working in rural areasExperience managing a commission-based sales teamProficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel & Google AppAbility to work both in teams and independentlyHigh level of emotional intelligenceCritical thinking skills (ability to think outside the box)Good problem-solving skills (solutions oriented)Good influencing and negotiation skillsFlexibility with ability to work under pressure to meet deadlinesWillingness and desire to learn new ideas.

    Language(s) : English fluency (writing, speaking and reading)Fluency in at least one local language will be an advantage.

    High Proficiency in Excel, Tableau and other data analysis tools. We believe that great managers : Deliver ambitious results : As a high-performing and accountable leader, you create an enabling environment for effective action and bold decision which contribute to successful delivery of results.

    Act with integrity : As an ethical leader you are honest, respectful, objective, and transparent. You create and build upon a foundation of trust and openness.

    Inspire and mentor the team : As an inspirational leader you walk the talk. You empower and coach your team with trust and humility.

    Are accessible : as an accessible leader, you develop and maintain deep connections with stakeholders through approachability and active listening.

    Ensure diversity and inclusion : as an inclusive leader, you ensure diversity and foster a sense of belonging. NB : We thank all applicants for their interest, however due to the large volume of applications we receive, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
    Kampala Uganda

  • Assistant Management Accountant United Arab Emirates
  • Job title: Assistant Management Accountant

    Company: TalkTalk

    Job description : ASSISTANT MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT Why is this role key to our business? Core Finance is the heartbeat of financial record preparation through the processing of financial transactions, application of accounting standards and preparation of…

    Expected salary :

    Location : Salford – Manchester

    Job date : Tue, 15 Aug 2023 05:55:42 GMT

    Apply for the job now!

    #Assistant #Management #Accountant

    Management Accountant

    Job title: Management Accountant Company: Hollis Global Job description: : Supporting the Finance team in the delivery of Management Accounts and monthly analysis of Gross Profit, Debtors days... and calculations. Preparation of balance sheet reconciliations for review by the Financial Controller. Respond to queries in relation... Expected salary: Location: London…
    March 14, 2023

    In "United Kingdom"
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    United Arab Emirates

  • Health Expert, HFIP Evaluation Activity Addis Ababa
  • Management Systems International (MSI), a Tetra Tech Company, is a Washington, D.C. metro area management consultancy with a 40-year history of delivering results for our clients. Our expertise is in the fields of monitoring and evaluation; democracy and governance; peace and stability; rule of law and accountability; education; gender and inclusion; strategic communications; and leadership and organizational development. MSI has implemented projects in 90 countries around the world such as Colombia, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Syria and Ukraine, and works domestically. We support clients ranging from the U.S. Government (e.g., the U.S. Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Departments of State and Labor, and the Millennium Challenge Corporation) to large bilateral and multilateral donors (e.g., the World Bank and the United Nations Development Program). We also work with national and local governments, nongovernmental... organizations (NGOs), think tanks, foundations and universities. For more information, please visit our website at

    Project Summary:

    The USAID Health Financing Improvement Program (HFIP) is a five-year program aimed at strengthening and institutionalizing healthcare financing in Ethiopia to support universal health coverage. As the program nears its end in September 2023, USAID is interested in conducting a final evaluation to assess performance and gather lessons for future health financing reforms. MSI, through the USAID/Ethiopia Learning Analytics Activity (LAA), has been tasked to conduct this evaluation. The USAID/Ethiopia LAA will provide advanced, cutting-edge CLA support for USAID/Ethiopia's Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) and its development objectives. The contract will support the Mission in planning, designing, conducting, disseminating, and learning from evidence on its development activities. It will focus on deliberate learning, with the intention of driving program results faster than traditional MEL activities. The contract will also enhance the institutional capacity of host country and local partners to improve CLA capacity, their accountability, and their use of evidence for programming, learning and adapting. This contract is a five-year project, ending in April 2028.
    • *Please note: Only Ethiopiancitizens are eligible for this position**

    Position Summary:

    The Health Experts will support the evaluation of the USAID's Health Financing Improvement Program by bringing a deep understanding of Ethiopia's health sector. The Health Experts will play a vital role in providing local expertise and insights into Ethiopian health sector reform, including health finance reform. The period of performance of this activity is aimed to be June-December 2023. The anticipated level of effort for this role is around 60 to 75 days per Expert.

    • Conduct a robust secondary evaluation of various databases and records under the Team Leader's guidance.
    • Contribute to the evaluation design by identifying relevant respondents, sources of data, and by reviewing and modifying the instruments and evaluation methodology.
    • Participate in and sometimes spearhead field research activities, including conducting interviews.
    • Participate in the data capture process, including note taking, document review, and conducting direct observations.
    • Participate in data analysis and report writing.
    • Contribute to any debriefing sessions.
    • Undertake any other tasks as required to complete the evaluation successfully under the Team Leader's direction.

    • Master's degree in health, public health, or related field required.
    • Minimum five years of work experience in monitoring and evaluation of health sector development, with a focus on Ethiopian health finance reform required.
    • Strong understanding of the Ethiopian health sector landscape, including key challenges and reform priorities required.
    • Expertise in health economics or related health-related areas with a focus on health financing and community-based health insurance required.
    • Familiarity with evaluation protocols, standards, and best practices required.
    • Strong analytical skills and the ability to collect, analyze, and interpret complex data required.
    • Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders required.
    • Strong attention to detail, with a commitment to producing high-quality deliverables required.
    • Proficiency in English and Amharic, both written and verbal required.

    MSI is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion. We strive to develop and maintain a culture that honors the perspectives and identities of our employees, our communities and those impacted by our work.

    We do not discriminate on the basis of any protected attribute, including race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital or veteran status, pregnancy or disability, or any other basis protected under applicable law. In accordance with applicable law, we make reasonable accommodations for applicants' and employees' religious practices and beliefs, as well as any mental health or physical disability needs.

    MSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Affirmative Action/Americans with Disabilities/Veterans Employer.

    Reasonable Accommodations:

    MSI is dedicated to hiring an inclusive workforce. If you would like to request reasonable accommodations during the application process, please visit Tetra Tech's Disability Assistance Page. Our recruitment team looks forward to engaging in an interactive process to provide reasonable accommodations for candidates.

    Only candidates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls, please.
    Additional Information
    • Organization: 216 MSI
    Addis Ababa Ethiopia

  • Duty Manager East Java
  • Job Description For Duty Manager(HOZ78914) in Jawa Timur,Indonesia. Hotel NameJob Description Prepares and checks for VIPs arrival and escorts guests to rooms.Co-ordinates with all departments concerned in order to maintain Front Office functions properly.Operates the front office computer system in order to assist front office attendantsWork Experience Strong leadership, interpersonal and negotiation skillsExcellent communication and customer contact skillsResults and service oriented with an eye for detailsAbility to multi-task, work well in stressful & high-pressure situationsWell-presented and professionally groomed at all timesMinimum 2 years of relevant experience in hospitality industryBenefits Be a part of Global Community of Hospital IndustryOpportunity to joint Accor Development ProgramsOptimal Employee experience and healthy working atmosphere
    East Java Indonesia

  • Social Media Coordinator (Intern) Mississauga
  • HYBRID 4-month NON-PAID Internship ( Opportunity for full time after 4 months )

    Start Date: Sept-December

    About Us

    At Pixel8 we are a team of young innovators and go-getters. We offer business solutions to help take brands to the next level. We aren’t interested in just finishing the game, we want to win it. Being the one-stop-shop for all marketing needs is the goal at Pixel8, making every step of the way easier for our clients. They deal with their day-to-day tasks while we become the trusted marketing department. We fully manage all aspects of marketing from social media, PPC, branding, and even content creation. There are a lot of fun new projects and adventures with the team, being a startup the work culture is exciting, full of team-building exercises, events, dinners, and even hybrid work, the flexibility is what makes us a strong team.



    This role requires an understanding of the online marketplace in order to apply this knowledge and create... digital marketing solutions, including strategy, development, launch, measurement, and optimization. In addition, the Social Media Coordinator will drive brand and product awareness, increase purchase intent through lead generation, and drive loyalty. This position is a fast-paced role with a lot of new daily tasks, where you will work alongside the team as well as manage tasks on your own. We can teach you new skills and strategies but you need to be proactive and have to take initiative.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    (80%) SOCIAL MEDIA

    Manage Accounts

    Create monthly content

    Schedule postings

    Community engagement

    Quality Control

    Monthly Reporting


    Blog topic generation

    Create weekly blog posts

    Proofread website content


    Organization + schedule of events for internal and external

    Management of client emails and calls

    Scheduling meetings


    Prospective engagement

    Client emails and calls

    Scheduling meetings


    Be a part of internal content ( Videos + Pics )

    Opportunities to be on set outside of the office.

    Opportunities to travel.

    Experience utilizing social media platforms.

    Excellent writing, grammar, and proofreading skills.

    Strong analytical capabilities and multi-tasking skills.

    Strong communication skills

    Demonstrated ability to work independently and as part of a multi-function team.

    ASSETS but not mandatory

    Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, PowerPoint

    Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite is considered an asset. ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier)

    Tools such as creator studios, asana, Figma, Hubspot, dropbox

    Experience with Apple products
    Mississauga ON

  • Public Relations Intern Mumbai
  • A learning experience for students/aspiring professionals who wish to pursue a career in the sustainability/communications field. Currently, there’s a requirement for an intern in our public relations team.

    Duration - 2 to 3 months

    (A performance evaluation letter will be given at the end of the internship)

    Day-to-day responsibilities include:
    • Perform research activities
    • Build and update media lists and databases
    • Create content for blog post/social media
    • Assist in administrative duties
    • Provide assistance in coordinating of events
    • Draft emails/proposals

    Only those candidates can apply who:
    • are available for full-time internship
    • can start the internship as soon as exams are done
    • are available for a duration of 2-3 months
    • have interests and relevant skills (written & verbal communication)

    Send your CV to: [email protected]
    Mumbai Maharashtra India

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