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Meaning of BRMP

BRMP means: Biological Response Modifier Program

Meaning of INFIS

INFIS means: Indonesian Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System

Meaning of KNMI

KNMI means: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute

Meaning of NMPPO

NMPPO means: National Marine Pollution Program Office

Meaning of NSEC

NSEC means: Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Meaning of NUS

NUS means: Nuclear Safety Standard

Meaning of NWCP

NWCP means: Net Worth Certificate Program

Meaning of S-K

S-K means: Saltonstall- Kennedy Promote and Develop American Fisheries Bill

Meaning of YAY

YAY means: : St Anthony

Meaning of SPLD

SPLD means: : Celendin

Meaning of SCDA

SCDA means: : Iquique Diego Aracena

Meaning of PPW

PPW means: : Papa Westray

Meaning of PBL

PBL means: : Puerto Cabello

Meaning of LRU

LRU means: : Las Cruces

Meaning of LCSX

LCSX means: : Laclede Steel Company

Meaning of WACAMO

WACAMO means: WA ‰ÛÒ Camo

Meaning of VACIS

VACIS means: : Vehicle And Cargo Inspection Systems

Meaning of TBCR

TBCR means: Tucson British Car Register

Meaning of SSRC

SSRC means: Social Science Research Commons

Meaning of SECA

SECA means: Self Employment Contribution Act

Meaning of RFE

RFE means: Request for Enhancements

Meaning of PPU

PPU means: Pixels Per Unit

Meaning of GCL

GCL means: Greater Catholic League

Meaning of FFTB


Meaning of ESATA

ESATA means: : Enterprise Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

Meaning of EKZ

EKZ means: ElektrizitÌ?tswerke des Kantons ZÌ?rich

Meaning of DTS

DTS means: Department of Technology Services

Meaning of BRR

BRR means: Building Resilient Regions

Meaning of BOFE

BOFE means: Business Opportunities and Franchise Expo

Meaning of TNZR

TNZR means: : Tennessee Zombie Response Unit

Meaning of WEST

WEST means: : Wood Epoxy Saturation Technique

Meaning of LnL

LnL means: Lyle N Long

Meaning of TRB

TRB means: Tommy R Black

Meaning of BAA

BAA means: British Animation Awards

Meaning of SNS

SNS means: Strategic National Stockpile

Meaning of PDC

PDC means: A Parametric Down Converter

Meaning of AotG

AotG means: : Action on the Ground

Meaning of GB

GB means: Gig Bag

Meaning of IQ

IQ means: Information Queue

Meaning of BPN

BPN means: Beta Phi Nu

Meaning of MG

MG means: Mass Graves

Meaning of C&Rpt

C&Rpt means: : Certified & Registered Pharmacy Technician

Meaning of PDH

PDH means: Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment

Meaning of IG

IG means: Immune globulin

Meaning of DCW

DCW means: : Data Collection Worksheet

Meaning of FSM

FSM means: : Foolishly Spent Money

Meaning of WCNF

WCNF means: : Wasatch- Cache National Forest

Meaning of VFO

VFO means: : Visual Flight Operations

Meaning of RMB

RMB means: : Requirements Management Board

Meaning of QMR

QMR means: Quarterly Management Report

Meaning of NACSI

NACSI means: : National Communications Security (COMSEC) Instruction

Meaning of HRO

HRO means: : Human Resources Office

Meaning of FPIF

FPIF means: Fixed-Price Incentive Fee

Meaning of CMST

CMST means: : Consequence Management Support Team

Meaning of PAD

PAD means: Program Approval Document

Meaning of MRP

MRP means: Mississippi Republican Party

Meaning of SOS

SOS means: Save Our Souls

Meaning of IOC

IOC means: Infantry Officer Course

Meaning of VGB

VGB means: : Video Graphics Board, Video Game Bible, Virtual GameBoy

Meaning of SSAP

SSAP means: : Source Service Access Protocol, Source Service Access Point

Meaning of RIDE

RIDE means: : Recycled Information Display Extension

Meaning of OPK

OPK means: : Oem Preinstall Kit, Open Product Key

Meaning of HLFX

HLFX means: : Half-Life FX

Meaning of ELM

ELM means: : Externally Loaded Media, ELectronic Mail, Equipment Lifecycle Management, Eagles/Lexicon/Morphosyntax

Meaning of ACSR

ACSR means: : Algebra of Communicating Shared Resources, Automated Compound Storage Retrieval

Meaning of WGLP

WGLP means: : Wide Grip Lat Pull

Meaning of SVE

SVE means: : Sams Valley Elementary School

Meaning of WVCD

WVCD means: : FM-979

Meaning of MGLP

MGLP means: : Martha Graham Legacy Project

Meaning of GBK

GBK means: : George B Kaiser

Meaning of WCV

WCV means: West Coast Viper Club of America

Meaning of WCPA

WCPA means: : Walton Citizens for Political Action

Meaning of ICAN

ICAN means: : Innovative Community Action Network

Meaning of JW

JW means: : Jade Wrapper

Meaning of DCBI

DCBI means: : Delphos Citizens Bancorp

Meaning of WCTT

WCTT means: : West Coast Thumpertalk Ride

Meaning of IART

IART means: : Integra Lifesciences Corporation

Meaning of MDE

MDE means: Multimedia Delivery Europe

Meaning of WIS

WIS means: Wistron Gdr

Meaning of TCMS

TCMS means: TransCoastal Marine Services

Meaning of FOD

FOD means: Facilitator Of The Day

Meaning of IDEAS

IDEAS means: Innovative Discoveries for Efficiency and Savings

Meaning of OCP

OCP means: On a Career Path

Meaning of SAE

SAE means: The Society of Motor Engineers

Meaning of PIP

PIP means: Periodic Investment Plan

Meaning of ABSAT

ABSAT means: American Broadcasting Satellite

Meaning of AEMCLRP

AEMCLRP means: Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program

Meaning of CAMA

CAMA means: Chinese American Musicians Association

Meaning of CASE

CASE means: Center for Advanced Software Engineering

Meaning of AREREC

AREREC means: Alabama Real Estate Research and Education Center

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