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Meaning of BG

BG means: big grin

Meaning of AD

AD means: Artist Designer

Meaning of ASFIS

ASFIS means: Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System

Meaning of BT

BT means: Beginning of Time

Meaning of FAD

FAD means: Fish Attracting Device

Meaning of FSC

FSC means: Florida Solarenergy Center

Meaning of ISO

ISO means: International Standards Organization

Meaning of NAPA

NAPA means: National Academy of Political Awareness

Meaning of NRF

NRF means: Non Run Flat Tyres

Meaning of RTAFA

RTAFA means: Royal Thai Air Force Academy

Meaning of STAR

STAR means: Smart Technology for Academic Rewards

Meaning of VHF

VHF means: Vertical Horizontal Filter

Meaning of WCKT

WCKT means: Wire Circuit

Meaning of ZM

ZM means: Zebra Mussel

Meaning of SSEA

SSEA means: : SociÌ©tÌ© Suisse des Ìätudes Africaines

Meaning of LTBZ

LTBZ means: : Manisa

Meaning of JAIX

JAIX means: : JAIX Leasing Corporation

Meaning of FTX

FTX means: : Owando

Meaning of FAPN

FAPN means: : Pilanesberg/Sun City

Meaning of YVM

YVM means: Youth Voice Magazine

Meaning of UWT

UWT means: United World Telecom

Meaning of TSO

TSO means: Technical Standard Orders

Meaning of TNMC

TNMC means: The New Mormon Challenge

Meaning of TLTR

TLTR means: too long to read

Meaning of SOUL

SOUL means: Save Our Urban Lands

Meaning of SFFN

SFFN means: Service des for̻ts de la faune et de la nature

Meaning of PSAS

PSAS means: Pueblo School For Arts and Sciences

Meaning of NCRA

NCRA means: National Consumer Reporting Association

Meaning of MIPRD

MIPRD means: Mod̬le int̩gratif Pr̩vention et R̬glement des Diff̩rends

Meaning of KLF

KLF means: : Kings Of Low Frequency

Meaning of EGWP

EGWP means: : Employer Group Waiver Plan

Meaning of BNT

BNT means: But Now This

Meaning of BLIS

BLIS means: Berkeley Laboratory Information Systems

Meaning of ASIP

ASIP means: Academic Skills Instructional Program

Meaning of LPC

LPC means: LHC Physics Center

Meaning of ASL

ASL means: Age

Meaning of ROA

ROA means: Rise of Artificial

Meaning of GCP

GCP means: Great Complicated Paperwork

Meaning of DVD

DVD means: Dual View Display

Meaning of ED

ED means: Edgar

Meaning of JAS

JAS means: Journal of Animal Science

Meaning of SH

SH means: Satoshi Hatakeyama

Meaning of PAC

PAC means: Professional Activities Committee

Meaning of MCI

MCI means: Minimalist Contrast Indicator

Meaning of VSV

VSV means: : vesicular stomatitis virus

Meaning of DPSI

DPSI means: : dynamic postural stability index

Meaning of GC

GC means: : Get Crazy

Meaning of HWY

HWY means: : Highway

Meaning of RIBC

RIBC means: Rigid Intermediate Bulk Container

Meaning of INI

INI means: : Integrated Neighbourhood Improvement

Meaning of POPU

POPU means: : Push Over Pull Up

Meaning of QER

QER means: Quarterly Effectivness Report

Meaning of IFP

IFP means: : Integrated Force Package

Meaning of ICDC

ICDC means: : Intelligence Community Deputies Committee

Meaning of IBS

IBS means: Integrated Booking System

Meaning of GF

GF means: Guardian Forces

Meaning of GSC

GSC means: Geological Survey of Canada

Meaning of SXV

SXV means: : Self-eXpanding Virus

Meaning of MXDW

MXDW means: : Microsoft Xps Document Writer

Meaning of AFHB

AFHB means: : Align Fullword on Halfword Boundary

Meaning of IIFAR

IIFAR means: : Incurably Ill For Animal Research

Meaning of TCN

TCN means: : Trials Competition Newspaper

Meaning of YPC

YPC means: Young Peoples Chorus

Meaning of WW

WW means: Wayne White

Meaning of WRSH

WRSH means: : Wales Rural Stress Helpline

Meaning of WQG

WQG means: When Quilters Gather

Meaning of UWS

UWS means: United Way Services

Meaning of SFWS

SFWS means: South Fraser Women's Services Society

Meaning of HERO

HERO means: Health Empowerment

Meaning of CAT

CAT means: Culture

Meaning of bapt

bapt means: : baptized

Meaning of ACAS

ACAS means: : Asian Community Aids Services

Meaning of FIOJ

FIOJ means: : Fellow of the Institute Of Jamaica

Meaning of DPV2

DPV2 means: : Downing Plan

Meaning of DDNA

DDNA means: : Developmental Disabilities Nurses Association

Meaning of WBLP

WBLP means: : Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park

Meaning of AIRC

AIRC means: American Information Resource Center

Meaning of ECD

ECD means: Exporter Counseling Division

Meaning of WPT

WPT means: Westport Innovations Inc

Meaning of DCP

DCP means: Deferred Compensation Plan

Meaning of SMA

SMA means: SMART Technologies Inc

Meaning of SL

SL means: Securities Lending

Meaning of SAFE

SAFE means: Society of Aviation and Flight Educators

Meaning of AAEU

AAEU means: Aquatic Animal Experiment Unit

Meaning of ACJIC

ACJIC means: Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center

Meaning of CaAP

CaAP means: Computer Assisted Audit Programme

Meaning of MLS

MLS means: Military Locator System

Meaning of APS-4

APS-4 means: Army Prepositioned Stock 4

Meaning of CAPC

CAPC means: Child Abuse Protocol Committee

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