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Meaning of UAPITA

UAPITA means: you’re a pain in the ass

Meaning of CPMT

CPMT means: Combined Pre- Medical Test

Meaning of EFT

EFT means: Earliest Finished Technology

Meaning of PHD

PHD means: Philosophiae Doctor

Meaning of PLGA

PLGA means: poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid)

Meaning of TVL

TVL means: Theory of Visual Languages

Meaning of WFSM

WFSM means: Wake Forest School Of Medicine

Meaning of ZVN

ZVN means: : Dutch Rail Zone 03

Meaning of KCFD

KCFD means: Coulter Field Airport

Meaning of WOM

WOM means: Women On Mission

Meaning of QAF

QAF means: Queensland Academy of Fitness

Meaning of PURA

PURA means: : Presidents Undergraduate Research Awards

Meaning of PEAT

PEAT means: Psycho Energy Auro Technique

Meaning of NTS

NTS means: Nutritional Technical Support

Meaning of MLC

MLC means: : Maintenance And Logistics Command

Meaning of ICSL

ICSL means: International Christian School Of Lom̩

Meaning of FPSO

FPSO means: : Floating Production Storage Offloading

Meaning of ESE

ESE means: : East South East

Meaning of DPPM

DPPM means: Dynamic Power Path Mgmt

Meaning of DPIF

DPIF means: Digital Preservation Interoperability

Meaning of CCRS

CCRS means: Center For Corporate Responsibility And Sustainability

Meaning of BSCP

BSCP means: : Blues Society of Central PA

Meaning of BLPS

BLPS means: Ballistic And Laser Protective Spectacles

Meaning of SSV

SSV means: Speed Sensitive Valves

Meaning of HEC

HEC means: Hillside Electronics Corporation

Meaning of NPC

NPC means: Natal Portland Cement

Meaning of TAR

TAR means: Training And Administration Of Reserve

Meaning of SCA

SCA means: Society For Creative Anarchy

Meaning of SAC

SAC means: Software Audio Console

Meaning of PLO

PLO means: Pot Limit Omaha

Meaning of FSAM

FSAM means: : Farm Stewardship Association of Manitoba

Meaning of FIC

FIC means: : Federation of International Canines

Meaning of SSS

SSS means: Sera Senshi Sanjo

Meaning of HL

HL means: hard labour

Meaning of EA

EA means: Enan Albandir

Meaning of ETRR

ETRR means: : Elk Trails Rattery Rescue

Meaning of STEC

STEC means: Shiga toxin‰ÛÒproducing Escherichia coli

Meaning of ST

ST means: stable toxin

Meaning of PNI

PNI means: : Personal Names Index

Meaning of PEG

PEG means: : Pretty Excellent Guy

Meaning of NSAA

NSAA means: : National State Auditors Association

Meaning of SY

SY means: System

Meaning of FRE

FRE means: Freedom (political) Party

Meaning of WWSVCS

WWSVCS means: : WorldWide Secure Voice Conferencing System

Meaning of VC

VC means: Virginia City

Meaning of RKVDU

RKVDU means: : Remote Keyboard Visual Display Unit

Meaning of RAPIDE

RAPIDE means: : Re-locatable Army Processors for Intelligence Data-Europe

Meaning of OPQ

OPQ means: Occupational Personality Questionnaire

Meaning of LAPB

LAPB means: Link Access Protocol Balanced

Meaning of COMDTINST

COMDTINST means: : Commandant

Meaning of CDI

CDI means: : Cant Do It

Meaning of CBAA

CBAA means: : Cavalry (or Combat) Brigade Air Attack

Meaning of BAAE

BAAE means: : British Army Antarctic Expedition

Meaning of ADSID

ADSID means: : Air Deliverable Seismic Intrusion Detector

Meaning of AND

AND means: Automatic Digital Network

Meaning of OM

OM means: One Mind

Meaning of SOS

SOS means: Save Our Sailors

Meaning of PCTF

PCTF means: : Per-Call Test Failure

Meaning of NMIDB

NMIDB means: : Network Management Integration Data Bundle

Meaning of EFS

EFS means: : Encrypting File System, Flowchart (EasyFlow)

Meaning of WVLW

WVLW means: : Womens Veteran LightWeight

Meaning of JVMA

JVMA means: : Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena

Meaning of WBL

WBL means: World Bowling League

Meaning of MAPD

MAPD means: : Multi-cultural Arts Professional Development

Meaning of FRMC

FRMC means: Free Riders Motorcycle Club

Meaning of ANCQ

ANCQ means: : Association des NeuroChirurgiens du Quebec

Meaning of RMN

RMN means: Rocky Mountain News

Meaning of JAR

JAR means: : Jason Andrew Relva

Meaning of YEDPA

YEDPA means: : Youth Employment and Demonstration Projects Act

Meaning of GEC

GEC means: Georgia Electrification Council

Meaning of QPH

QPH means: Queens Park Harriers Athletic Club

Meaning of ABC

ABC means: Action For Better Cities

Meaning of GFIHQ

GFIHQ means: : Graham Field Health Products (in bankruptcy)

Meaning of BCRX

BCRX means: : Biocryst Pharmaceuticals

Meaning of AFTI

AFTI means: : AbsoluteFutureCom

Meaning of EFN

EFN means: : External Financing Needs

Meaning of WYR

WYR means: : Win Your Record

Meaning of MST P

MST P means: : MBNK Capital Trust I

Meaning of DAT

DAT means: Datang Intl H

Meaning of UATC

UATC means: : United Aircraft and Transport Corporation

Meaning of RHJ

RHJ means: Round Hole Jack

Meaning of FDD

FDD means: Federated Department Stores

Meaning of GPP

GPP means: Global Planetary Product

Meaning of IEM

IEM means: Innovative Emergency Management

Meaning of PAA

PAA means: Plains All-American Pipeline

Meaning of TP

TP means: Trading Post

Meaning of 8P2A

8P2A means: Eight Phase Two Amplitude

Meaning of MMC

MMC means: Master Medical Coder

Meaning of ADTPA

ADTPA means: Arkansas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

Meaning of AFDET

AFDET means: Association Française pour le Développement de l'Education Thérapeutique

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