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Meaning of FFP

FFP means: Field-Free Point

Meaning of GDOG

GDOG means: Generalized Double Optical Gating

Meaning of HLCT

HLCT means: High-Latitude Climate Transects

Meaning of KG

KG means: Known Geometry

Meaning of MWI

MWI means: Many-Worlds Interpretation

Meaning of SH

SH means: Study Hard

Meaning of WIAJ

WIAJ means: : Semplak-Atang Senjaya

Meaning of TISX

TISX means: : Christiansted

Meaning of SEVI

SEVI means: : Villano

Meaning of CFKZ

CFKZ means: : XTRA Intermodal

Meaning of YIELD

YIELD means: : yielding

Meaning of WOIP

WOIP means: : War On Illegal Pornography

Meaning of TCIF

TCIF means: •?«•?£•?©•??

Meaning of SNQ

SNQ means: Songwriters Network Qld

Meaning of RGBA

RGBA means: Red Green Blue Amber

Meaning of REDA

REDA means: Research Evaluation Development and Analysis

Meaning of LCCM

LCCM means: Life Cycle Cost Management

Meaning of FVS

FVS means: Frequently Visited Sites

Meaning of FOTP

FOTP means: Florissant Old Town Partners

Meaning of FIS

FIS means: Federation International De Ski

Meaning of CIT

CIT means: Conference of Interpreter Trainers

Meaning of ASVP

ASVP means: : Absentee and Special Voters Precinct

Meaning of AMIE

AMIE means: : Artificial Management And Intelligence Entity

Meaning of DSR

DSR means: Doubly Special Relativity

Meaning of OGL

OGL means: Our Glorious Leader

Meaning of TK

TK means: Tony Karisma

Meaning of RTI

RTI means: Record Technology Inc

Meaning of WCIC

WCIC means: : Wisconsin Cheese Industry Conference

Meaning of EFIC

EFIC means: Episcopic Fluorescence Image Capture

Meaning of IW

IW means: Im Wack

Meaning of OES

OES means: Old English Sheepdog

Meaning of AS

AS means: Aggregate Supply

Meaning of PBU

PBU means: : Pressure Biofeedback Unit

Meaning of MESA

MESA means: Microscopic Epididymal Sperm Aspiration

Meaning of RM

RM means: radon monitor

Meaning of NHB

NHB means: : NASA Handbook

Meaning of YF-23

YF-23 means: : Northrop YF-23 prototype fighter aircraft

Meaning of TRG

TRG means: : Technical Requirements Group

Meaning of SPU

SPU means: Special Planning Unit

Meaning of SB

SB means: San Bruno

Meaning of JOB

JOB means: : Japanese Ocean Bomb

Meaning of DSAR

DSAR means: : Defense Supply Agency Regulation

Meaning of ACSES

ACSES means: : Aircraft Compatibility Scientific And Engineering Services

Meaning of PAMS

PAMS means: Predictive Aircraft Maintenance System

Meaning of CRWG

CRWG means: Computer Resources Working Group

Meaning of MP

MP means: Multi Purpose

Meaning of FRC

FRC means: : Federal Records Centers

Meaning of ITTO

ITTO means: : International Tropical Timber Organization

Meaning of XHL

XHL means: : Extensible Hyper Linkage

Meaning of VNT

VNT means: : Virtual Network Terminal, Very Nice Telephone

Meaning of TXZ

TXZ means: : Morfwarp AU File, Slackware Linux package with xz compression

Meaning of CCTL

CCTL means: : Common Criteria Testing Laboratory

Meaning of AIX

AIX means: : Advanced Interactive eXecutive, HP NewWave Cardfile Application Datafile, Alternate IndeX

Meaning of WGHL

WGHL means: : Wild Goose Hockey League

Meaning of WNWS

WNWS means: : FM-1015

Meaning of CAIC

CAIC means: : Colorado Avalanche Information Center

Meaning of TWM

TWM means: Ted Winston Medley

Meaning of TJJ

TJJ means: The Jerusalem Journey

Meaning of EW

EW means: Extreme Wrestling

Meaning of PPIC

PPIC means: : Pulp and Paper Industry Conference

Meaning of YLL

YLL means: Youth Leadership Lincoln

Meaning of TP

TP means: Traverse Point

Meaning of PLAY

PLAY means: Peace

Meaning of NWH

NWH means: Northwest Heights School District

Meaning of ANA

ANA means: Angels And Airvaves (rock group)

Meaning of JVMB

JVMB means: : Javelin Metal Ballpoint pen

Meaning of LDPH

LDPH means: : Lead Director of Public Health

Meaning of LUMM

LUMM means: : Lumenon Innovative Lightwave Technologies

Meaning of COAF

COAF means: : Coal Technology Corporation

Meaning of BMET

BMET means: : Biomet

Meaning of ICFP

ICFP means: : Institute for Certified Financial Planners

Meaning of XJOLOP


Meaning of QBEKOD

QBEKOD means: : Qbe Insurance Group Limited

Meaning of LTT

LTT means: Libyan Telecommunications and Technology (now part of General Post and Telecommunication Company)

Meaning of TQS

TQS means: Total Quality System

Meaning of WTE

WTE means: Westmount Engy

Meaning of ABMA

ABMA means: American Brush Manufacturers Association

Meaning of IAS

IAS means: Internationally Accepted Standard

Meaning of ACKMA

ACKMA means: Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association, Inc.

Meaning of AGTTP

AGTTP means: Afghan-German Technical Training Programme

Meaning of AIRINTREP

AIRINTREP means: Air Intelligence Report

Meaning of ALRVF

ALRVF means: Aorta-Left Renal Vein Fistula

Meaning of MLEA

MLEA means: Moon Lake Electric Association

Meaning of AMTSL

AMTSL means: Active Management of the Third Stage of Labor

Meaning of AOCAP

AOCAP means: Agent Orange Class Assistance Program

Meaning of AOLT

AOLT means: Auxiliary Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Meaning of Mmm

Mmm means: Mixed Min and Max

Meaning of APROFH

APROFH means: Association des Professeurs de Français d'Haïti

Meaning of ASARS-2

ASARS-2 means: Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System-2

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