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Meaning of FSBM

FSBM means: Fourier Series Based Model

Meaning of GDA

GDA means: Geocentric Datum of Australia

Meaning of ITAE

ITAE means: Integral of Absolute Error Multiplied by Time

Meaning of NRGB

NRGB means: Nuclear Research Group Bangladesh

Meaning of ROTHMC

ROTHMC means: Roll Of Thunder

Meaning of TRS

TRS means: Theorem Retrieval System

Meaning of YDN

YDN means: : Dauphin

Meaning of RILX

RILX means: : Garvey International Incorporated

Meaning of LKHD

LKHD means: : Hodkovice

Meaning of LFHB

LFHB means: : Moulins-Avermes

Meaning of DXDP

DXDP means: : Dapango

Meaning of CCN

CCN means: Chakhcharan

Meaning of WAO

WAO means: Wise Argent Orb

Meaning of VANQUISH

VANQUISH means: : vanquished

Meaning of UPCS

UPCS means: : Uniform Physical Condition Standards

Meaning of TAME

TAME means: Tertiary amyl methyl etheråÊ

Meaning of SECME

SECME means: Science Engineering Communications Mathematics And Enrichment

Meaning of PTEF

PTEF means: Portage Township Education Foundation

Meaning of OUTGUESS

OUTGUESS means: : outguessing

Meaning of MAOP

MAOP means: Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure

Meaning of LTI

LTI means: Learning Tools Interoperability

Meaning of IWIT

IWIT means: Irish Wolfhound Internet Trust

Meaning of HOT

HOT means: High Order Terms

Meaning of EOCP

EOCP means: Environmental Operators Certification Program

Meaning of CSSM

CSSM means: Center For Survey Statistics And Methodology

Meaning of ATIS

ATIS means: Air Travel Information System

Meaning of ADDM

ADDM means: Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Meaning of AACR

AACR means: Anglo American Cataloging Rules

Meaning of STI

STI means: Smoky Turbo Inevitable

Meaning of NCA

NCA means: National Carousel Association

Meaning of NAFTA

NAFTA means: No American Factories Taking Applications

Meaning of MATHS

MATHS means: Mental Attack To Human Senses

Meaning of GFS

GFS means: Garrison Forest School

Meaning of FOD

FOD means: Face Of Death

Meaning of EPCOT

EPCOT means: Every Person Comes Out Tired

Meaning of DFG

DFG means: disciple formation guide

Meaning of DES

DES means: Di Ethyl Stilboestrol

Meaning of PSD

PSD means: Pseduo Spectral Data

Meaning of CTO

CTO means: Color Tempurature Orange

Meaning of PS

PS means: Pedestal Sub

Meaning of BJ

BJ means: Bari Joan

Meaning of WRK

WRK means: : White Rook

Meaning of SDCA

SDCA means: San Diego Chinese Academy

Meaning of AMA

AMA means: : Accredited Master Appraiser

Meaning of SARI

SARI means: severe upper respiratory infection

Meaning of diff

diff means: Differential Blood Count

Meaning of mef

mef means: Medical Emergencies in Flight

Meaning of CPDM

CPDM means: : Chronic Proliferative Dermatitis Mutation

Meaning of WHHI

WHHI means: Womens Heart Health Initiative

Meaning of WCT

WCT means: Wilson Central Terminal

Meaning of VAD

VAD means: Ventricular Access Device

Meaning of TIGER

TIGER means: : Technology Industry And Government For E Revolution

Meaning of SBH

SBH means: Silver Bullet Hosting

Meaning of OTNS

OTNS means: : Other Than Normal Spacing

Meaning of WIMU

WIMU means: : Wyoming Idaho Montana Utah

Meaning of MBOS

MBOS means: : Member Benefits Online System (NJ)

Meaning of PPK

PPK means: : Police Pistol Kriminal

Meaning of PHM

PHM means: : Per Hundred Million

Meaning of SWG

SWG means: Software Working Group

Meaning of STC

STC means: Satellite Test Center

Meaning of NODIS

NODIS means: : No Distribution

Meaning of COG

COG means: Chain Over Gear

Meaning of FIRSt

FIRSt means: Fixed Interest Rate Savings Tax

Meaning of DB

DB means: DeadBand

Meaning of WCAD

WCAD means: : Waste Complex Automation Device

Meaning of APA

APA means: Advanced Processor Assembly

Meaning of ABGR

ABGR means: : Australian Building Greenhouse Rating

Meaning of AASF

AASF means: Advanced Air Striking Force

Meaning of MWT

MWT means: : MidWest Telnet, MidWest Telnet

Meaning of MQC

MQC means: : Multi-protocol QOS (Quality Of Service) Commands, Modular Qos Cli, Modular Quality-of-Service Command line interface, Multi-Quick Connector

Meaning of GLG

GLG means: : Go Leafs Go

Meaning of WWDE

WWDE means: : FM-1013

Meaning of PTPI

PTPI means: : People To People International

Meaning of EAST

EAST means: : Eastside Action Support Team

Meaning of WELT

WELT means: : When Everyone Learns The Truth

Meaning of RP

RP means: Rights Protected

Meaning of ROR

ROR means: Released on Own Recognizance

Meaning of IDEA

IDEA means: Indiana Distributed Energy Advocates

Meaning of AAML

AAML means: : American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Meaning of MAVK

MAVK means: : Maverick Tube Corporation

Meaning of IKO

IKO means: : iShares MSCI South Korea

Meaning of QIY

QIY means: Qualified Instructor Yeoman

Meaning of CUST

CUST means: : Costs U Some Thousands

Meaning of CJO

CJO means: : CJO

Meaning of AGO

AGO means: Assured Guaranty to Outperform

Meaning of AHConc

AHConc means: Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum

Meaning of MLF

MLF means: mesenteric lymphatic flow

Meaning of Mmm

Mmm means: medium mass molecule

Meaning of AQCD

AQCD means: Air Quality Criteria Document

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