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Meaning of STHD

STHD means: Stored Heading

Meaning of AAAT

AAAT means: American Alumni Association of Tanzania

Meaning of DIVRC


Meaning of AMT

AMT means: Advanced Midi Transmission

Meaning of FRCPS

FRCPS means: Frankfurt Research Center for Postcolonial Studies (Goethe-Universit??t Frankfurt am Main)

Meaning of HD

HD means: Hardware Design

Meaning of NSSA

NSSA means: Nevada State Student Alliance

Meaning of OG

OG means: Organicly Grown

Meaning of UWAL

UWAL means: University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory

Meaning of WTO

WTO means: : Wotho Island

Meaning of TMTU

TMTU means: : P and O Tank Masters

Meaning of LFLG

LFLG means: : Grenoble-Le Versoud

Meaning of FIV

FIV means: : Five Finger

Meaning of EIBT

EIBT means: : Belmullet Airport

Meaning of DAJ

DAJ means: : Dauan Island

Meaning of KPPH

KPPH means: : Kilo Pounds Per Hour

Meaning of WPU

WPU means: William Penn University

Meaning of WMO

WMO means: World Meteorological

Meaning of TIDDLED

TIDDLED means: : Tiddling

Meaning of TARA

TARA means: Tiger Analytical Research Assistant

Meaning of SILS

SILS means: School of International Liberal Studies


PEPSIPEPSI means: : Pepsi / Pepsi

Meaning of LARC

LARC means: Legal Advocacy and Resource Center

Meaning of IMAGE

IMAGE means: Iterative Mapping and Assembly for Gap Elimination

Meaning of CPVD

CPVD means: Congenital Poly Valvular Disease

Meaning of CDMU

CDMU means: Congressional Document Management Unit

Meaning of BOAC

BOAC means: Battery Operated Alarm with Charger

Meaning of PSO

PSO means: Portland Symphony Orchestra

Meaning of GWL

GWL means: Great West Life

Meaning of OCT

OCT means: Overseas countries and territories

Meaning of UCI

UCI means: Univeristy Of Civics And Integras

Meaning of REM

REM means: Radishes Entering Marsrem

Meaning of PST

PST means: Pressure Sensitive Transducer

Meaning of IEN

IEN means: Idaho Education Network

Meaning of GTC

GTC means: Good Til Canceled

Meaning of FIAT

FIAT means: Fix It All the Time

Meaning of GOP

GOP means: Generations Of Perfidy

Meaning of PCE

PCE means: Personal Computing Environment

Meaning of EPA

EPA means: Enviromental Protection Agency

Meaning of SCO

SCO means: : Skin Care Options

Meaning of ISL

ISL means: : InterScapular Line

Meaning of PTB

PTB means: Physical Therapy Board

Meaning of DBCI

DBCI means: : Disseminated Bacterial or Candidal Infection

Meaning of PVC

PVC means: Pigment Volume Concentration

Meaning of LDCT

LDCT means: : low-dose computed tomography

Meaning of NPC

NPC means: non-protein calories

Meaning of CCT

CCT means: : cardiac CT‰ÛÒcardiac computed tomography

Meaning of AMS

AMS means: Advanced Modeling Syndrome

Meaning of HNK

HNK means: : Hugs N Kisses

Meaning of RHED

RHED means: : Rural Housing and Economic Development

Meaning of MTSS

MTSS means: Monitor Transport Strapping System

Meaning of LIFO

LIFO means: : Last In/First Out

Meaning of DSCA

DSCA means: Defense Security Cooperation Agency

Meaning of DAC

DAC means: Designated Acquisition Commanders

Meaning of CCF

CCF means: Critical Combat Function

Meaning of AFS

AFS means: Agency Fleet or Subfleet

Meaning of MIT

MIT means: Module Integration Test

Meaning of HO

HO means: Hydrogen-Oxygen

Meaning of CF

CF means: Confer For

Meaning of TIV

TIV means: : Tivoli

Meaning of QNM

QNM means: : Quake Name Maker Help File

Meaning of TOSQ

TOSQ means: : Twisted Oak Saxophone Quartet

Meaning of CHP

CHP means: California Horse Patrol

Meaning of SOAR

SOAR means: Students Organized Active And Resourceful

Meaning of AICP

AICP means: : American Institute of Certified Planners

Meaning of ARCP

ARCP means: : Association Of Residential Cleaning Professionals

Meaning of PSMT

PSMT means: : PriceSmart

Meaning of JRCC

JRCC means: : James River Coal Company

Meaning of BWFC

BWFC means: : Bank West Financial Corporation

Meaning of AAJ

AAJ means: : Aruma Resources

Meaning of SCSS

SCSS means: Select Comfort Sleep System

Meaning of ZDM

ZDM means: : Zeidon Distribution - Metals

Meaning of IBEA

IBEA means: Illinois Business Education Association

Meaning of RAB

RAB means: Rab Cap

Meaning of PDR

PDR means: Purchase Of Development Rights

Meaning of ALTA

ALTA means: Academic Language Therapy Association

Meaning of WMC

WMC means: : West Maricopa Combine

Meaning of FTO

FTO means: Foreign Trade Organization

Meaning of GV

GV means: Gear Vendors

Meaning of AR

AR means: : Account Review

Meaning of TPS

TPS means: Toyota Production System

Meaning of A/S/L

A/S/L means: Age/Sex/Location

Meaning of A&TP

A&TP means: Assembly and Test Pit


ACDIFOTCREW means: Active Duty Under Instruction in a Flying Status, Operational and Training Flights, as a Crewmember

Meaning of CAGS

CAGS means: Certification of Advanced Graduate Study

Meaning of CaAP

CaAP means: Collegiate Assessment of Academic Performance

Meaning of AHAEC

AHAEC means: Arabian Horse Association of Eastern Canada

Meaning of MMAC

MMAC means: Mississippi Mills Arts Council

Meaning of MMP

MMP means: Movement of Priests

Meaning of MOA

MOA means: Mortgage Office of America

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