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Meaning of COOP

COOP means: Coastal Ocean Observations Panel

Meaning of FTL

FTL means: Faster Than Light

Meaning of FUTA

FUTA means: Federal University of Technology

Meaning of HD

HD means: High Desert

Meaning of ILM

ILM means: Integrated Laser Modulator

Meaning of LACBED

LACBED means: Large-Angle Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction

Meaning of SBPN

SBPN means: : Porto Nacional

Meaning of LFFQ

LFFQ means: : La Ferte-Alais

Meaning of HLF

HLF means: : Hultsfred

Meaning of SSVA

SSVA means: Strategic Shareholder Value Analysis

Meaning of QLK

QLK means: : Quick Leonard Kieffer

Meaning of PLW

PLW means: Pro Life Wisconsin

Meaning of OBTAIN

OBTAIN means: : obtained

Meaning of MVLF

MVLF means: : Mill Valley Library Foundation

Meaning of HEHE

HEHE means: : Human Erudite High Elf

Meaning of HEART

HEART means: : Happily Enjoying Akane And Ranma Together

Meaning of ESAP

ESAP means: Economic Structural Adjustment Programs

Meaning of EIRG

EIRG means: Extended Impulse Response Gramians

Meaning of COCP

COCP means: Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill

Meaning of LCL

LCL means: Link Connect Liquid

Meaning of ICSC

ICSC means: International Chemical Safety Cards

Meaning of PPV

PPV means: Poly Phenylene Vinylene

Meaning of PBA

PBA means: Pygora Breeders Association

Meaning of WM

WM means: Window Multi

Meaning of PBG

PBG means: Punk Bunny Girl

Meaning of BRAC

BRAC means: Bronx River Art Center

Meaning of IPO

IPO means: Its Probably Overpriced

Meaning of PSB

PSB means: Perth Street Bikes

Meaning of IB

IB means: Infrared Bar

Meaning of DG

DG means: Deborah Gibson

Meaning of FS

FS means: Farm Service

Meaning of RDA

RDA means: Recommended Daily Amounts

Meaning of HKR

HKR means: : Hong Kong Record

Meaning of CAT

CAT means: Committee against Torture

Meaning of WBD

WBD means: : Winter- Baraitser Dysmorphology

Meaning of EPA

EPA means: Evaluation Potency and Activity

Meaning of CPSC

CPSC means: : Clinical Problem Solving Cases

Meaning of ACIS

ACIS means: : Automated Cellular Imaging System

Meaning of SPT

SPT means: Start Puppy Training

Meaning of CHMS

CHMS means: Child Health Management Services

Meaning of AT

AT means: adenomatoid tumour

Meaning of EVCON

EVCON means: : EVents CONtrol system

Meaning of UN-DMT

UN-DMT means: : United Nations Disaster Management Team

Meaning of LRB

LRB means: Long Range Budget

Meaning of FACC

FACC means: : Feature Attribute Coding Catalog

Meaning of EZLN

EZLN means: : Ejercito Zapatista De Liberacion Nacional

Meaning of MOGE

MOGE means: : Myanmar Oil & gas Enterprise

Meaning of MEPE

MEPE means: : Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise

Meaning of ACS

ACS means: Army Community Service

Meaning of LS

LS means: Limit Switch

Meaning of TN

TN means: Tuned Air

Meaning of UFST

UFST means: : Universal Font Scaling Technology

Meaning of NQR

NQR means: : Network Quality Report

Meaning of LLRS

LLRS means: : Low Level Requirements Statement

Meaning of GRAM

GRAM means: : Grid Resource Allocation Manager

Meaning of DWF

DWF means: : Drawing Web Format, Drawing Web Format, Vector graphics (CAD programs)

Meaning of XGW

XGW means: Xtreme Generation Wrestling

Meaning of VBD

VBD means: Vero Beach Dodgers

Meaning of TTDY

TTDY means: : Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear

Meaning of NCMEC

NCMEC means: : National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Meaning of FPT

FPT means: : Foundation for Physical Therapy

Meaning of OFL

OFL means: Off-season Football League

Meaning of RDO

RDO means: : Ron D Offutt

Meaning of PSD

PSD means: : Personal And Social Development

Meaning of LOIS

LOIS means: Law Office Information Systems

Meaning of ASFA

ASFA means: : Avondale Student and Faculty Association

Meaning of RBC

RBC means: Royal Bank Cup

Meaning of TTC

TTC means: Technology Training Center

Meaning of RAT

RAT means: Really Active Teacher

Meaning of CB

CB means: Chat Box

Meaning of SYNM

SYNM means: : Syntroleum Corporation

Meaning of LPTHA

LPTHA means: : Lightpath Technology

Meaning of KCLI

KCLI means: : Kansas City Life Insurance Company

Meaning of IDYN

IDYN means: : Innerdyne

Meaning of BENKOS

BENKOS means: : Bendigo And Adelaide Bank Limited

Meaning of GSD

GSD means: Gypsum Specialty Dealer

Meaning of VNI

VNI means: Vietnam Inf

Meaning of COL

COL means: : Cost Of Living

Meaning of NACS

NACS means: Nordic Association for China Studies

Meaning of BDT

BDT means: Bird Construction Income Fund

Meaning of TR

TR means: Telstra Research

Meaning of USPI

USPI means: : Unione Stampa Periodica Italiana

Meaning of PEN

PEN means: Pennant Int

Meaning of CTPA

CTPA means: Control Technology Professional Association

Meaning of TMP

TMP means: Tensai Manga Project

Meaning of NAS

NAS means: Not A Stock

Meaning of CFA

CFA means: Clearing and Forwarding Agent

Meaning of TM

TM means: Time Missed

Meaning of MMP

MMP means: Mixed Model Plan

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