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Meaning of CMII

CMII means: Center for Media and Instructional Innovation (Yale)

Meaning of DWDM

DWDM means: Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Meaning of HBC

HBC means: High Blow Current

Meaning of LDP

LDP means: Low Density Plasma

Meaning of SECS

SECS means: Semiconductor Equipment Communications Standard

Meaning of SMELEC

SMELEC means: IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics

Meaning of YQR

YQR means: : Regina Municipal Airport

Meaning of YLH

YLH means: : Lansdowne House Airport

Meaning of RZL

RZL means: : Jasper County Airport

Meaning of LFR

LFR means: : La Fria

Meaning of KMCI

KMCI means: : Kansas City International Airp

Meaning of HSNA

HSNA means: : Nasir

Meaning of EIPT

EIPT means: : Powerscourt

Meaning of CLU

CLU means: : Columbus

Meaning of TLT

TLT means: Teaching and Learning

Meaning of STORY

STORY means: Strategy Training and Organizing Resources for Youth

Meaning of SMLA

SMLA means: Smith Mountain Lake Association

Meaning of HWTC

HWTC means: Health Workforce Tracking Collaborative

Meaning of FLAP

FLAP means: Federal Legal Appeal Project

Meaning of DAIP

DAIP means: Disaster Assistance Improvement Plan

Meaning of CIPS

CIPS means: Chartered Institute Of Purchasing Supply

Meaning of ASOG

ASOG means: Avenger Sebring Owners Group

Meaning of WRAP

WRAP means: Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production

Meaning of UPN

UPN means: University Park North

Meaning of SUBARU

SUBARU means: : Sometimes Useful But Always Really Underpowered

Meaning of BLS

BLS means: Blue Locker Society

Meaning of WWD

WWD means: Wrong Wheel Drive

Meaning of CII

CII means: Chidambarams India Inc

Meaning of Be

Be means: Back End

Meaning of CSDG

CSDG means: : California Small Denomination Gold

Meaning of PT

PT means: Poker Tracker

Meaning of POC

POC means: Point Of Creation

Meaning of CDS

CDS means: Cavitation Dispersion Solvent

Meaning of FIM

FIM means: Federation Internationale Motorcyclist

Meaning of WBQ

WBQ means: : Well- Being Questionnaire

Meaning of SRO

SRO means: shortest region of overlap

Meaning of MS

MS means: maintenance and servicing

Meaning of HAI

HAI means: hospital-acquired infection

Meaning of ADCU

ADCU means: : Anti-Drugs Co-ordination Unit

Meaning of ONE

ONE means: : One New E-mail

Meaning of GGEA

GGEA means: Goa Government Employees Association

Meaning of WIRC

WIRC means: Western Illinois Regional Council

Meaning of WIA

WIA means: Workforce Investment Act

Meaning of S/N

S/N means: Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Meaning of RCE

RCE means: : Regional Code Enhancement

Meaning of NFAR

NFAR means: No Further Action Request

Meaning of ILP

ILP means: : International Logistics Program

Meaning of QO

QO means: Qualifying Offer

Meaning of OPPB

OPPB means: Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board

Meaning of CHRA

CHRA means: Civilian Human Resources Agency

Meaning of WTRN

WTRN means: : Wireless Token Ring Network, Wireless Token Ring Network

Meaning of PD

PD means: : Printer Driver, Physical Device, Power Down, Power Driver, Projector Data, Parallel Decode, Path Difference, Pine Download, Platform Dependent, Protocol Discriminator, Public Domain, Pen Down, Pure Data, Phase Dual

Meaning of MCW

MCW means: : MacWrite II Text document

Meaning of IFSD

IFSD means: : Information Field Size Device

Meaning of HEP

HEP means: : Novell Help Librarian Data File (Novell NetWare)

Meaning of GBUDB

GBUDB means: : Good

Meaning of WLUC

WLUC means: : West London Ultimate Clubs

Meaning of UDS

UDS means: : Urban Death Squad

Meaning of BEF

BEF means: Biomass Energy Foundation

Meaning of RSRV

RSRV means: : Reserve Petroleum Company

Meaning of METG

METG means: : M E T A Group

Meaning of BLLS

BLLS means: : Billservcom

Meaning of BRGS

BRGS means: : Blackrock Gr Ss

Meaning of NAFCU

NAFCU means: : National Association of Federal Credit Unions

Meaning of GNIOA

GNIOA means: : Global Nickel Investments Limited

Meaning of AZCCA

AZCCA means: : Australian Zircon NL

Meaning of INFA

INFA means: : Infrastrata

Meaning of RLO

RLO means: : Restricted Life Option

Meaning of WEFC

WEFC means: : Wisconsin Expedite Freight Carriers

Meaning of WCMI

WCMI means: : Wilco Cabinet Makers

Meaning of TSRS

TSRS means: Training Session Registration System

Meaning of DGO

DGO means: Dragon Oil

Meaning of BLK

BLK means: BlackRock

Meaning of ASTA

ASTA means: American Spice Traders Association

Meaning of LAD

LAD means: Lithia Motors

Meaning of CALC

CALC means: Citrix Authorized Learning Center

Meaning of MMP

MMP means: Precious Metals and Mining Trust

Meaning of KT

KT means: Kohler Twin

Meaning of SCG

SCG means: Public Service Company of North Carolina

Meaning of FPO

FPO means: Fully Paid Ordinary (Shares)

Meaning of AFCU

AFCU means: Aurora Federal Credit Union

Meaning of MMC

MMC means: Multimedia Music Cable

Meaning of AGCVT

AGCVT means: Associated General Contractors of Vermont

Meaning of CAC

CAC means: Central Admissions Committee

Meaning of MLP

MLP means: Moscow Libertarium Project

Meaning of cAMP

cAMP means: Community Aquatic Monitoring Project

Meaning of AMKO

AMKO means: Atropine/Midazolam/Ketamine/Oxymorphone

Meaning of AMMOP

AMMOP means: Alaska Marine Mammal Observer Program

Meaning of MMP

MMP means: Medical Massage Practitioner

Meaning of ASFTA

ASFTA means: Australia-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

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