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Meaning of WIP

WIP means: Work In Progress (process)

Meaning of DQMOT

DQMOT means: don’t quote me on this

Meaning of ABCC

ABCC means: Administrative and Bioinformatics Coordinating Center

Meaning of ESD

ESD means: electrostatic discharge

Meaning of OC

OC means: Optimal Classification

Meaning of SETI

SETI means: Scientific Engineering And Technological Institutions

Meaning of UC

UC means: University Center

Meaning of UHV-SPM

UHV-SPM means: Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscopy

Meaning of VDU

VDU means: Vytauto Did?iojo Universitetas

Meaning of VV

VV means: Vibo Valentia

Meaning of YN

YN means: : Yakama Nation

Meaning of YHC

YHC means: : Hakai Pass

Meaning of UVF

UVF means: : Hewanorra Airport

Meaning of UHBA

UHBA means: : Arkhara

Meaning of SQO

SQO means: : Storuman

Meaning of PNB

PNB means: : Porto Nacional

Meaning of OTM

OTM means: : Organiza̤̣o dos Trabalhadores de Mo̤ambique

Meaning of NWWU

NWWU means: : Touho

Meaning of HMO

HMO means: : Herosillo

Meaning of TPOX

TPOX means: : Transaction Processing over XML

Meaning of TIBS

TIBS means: : Technical Information Backstopping Service

Meaning of RADR

RADR means: : Ractsrenal Allograft Disease Registry

Meaning of LGTG

LGTG means: : Lipooligosaccharide Glycosyl Transferase G

Meaning of IGIT

IGIT means: : In God I Trust

Meaning of FHST

FHST means: : Fixed Head Star Tracker

Meaning of CMSRN

CMSRN means: : Certified Medical Surgical Registered Nurse

Meaning of CFPS

CFPS means: : Cash Flow Per Share

Meaning of CBBD

CBBD means: : Center For Biopharmaceutical And Biodevice Development

Meaning of ACAR

ACAR means: Angular Correlation of Annihilation Radiation

Meaning of WCPS

WCPS means: : World Champion of Public Speaking

Meaning of PSO

PSO means: Piano Shaped Object

Meaning of IVCA

IVCA means: : Instant Visible Coins Across

Meaning of IMD

IMD means: Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Meaning of SBM

SBM means: Single Black Male

Meaning of TEP

TEP means: Tonnellate Equivalenti di Petrolio

Meaning of NTID

NTID means: : Nutty Team Investage For Deaf

Meaning of MBD

MBD means: my bad dog

Meaning of IDM

IDM means: Intelligent Death Metal

Meaning of VA

VA means: Veterans Administrations

Meaning of UCB

UCB means: Upper Confidence Bounds

Meaning of SWPCP

SWPCP means: : StormWater Pollution Control Plan

Meaning of CCMC

CCMC means: Compliance And Certification Managers Committee

Meaning of WC

WC means: World Champion

Meaning of WD

WD means: We Did

Meaning of ATA

ATA means: : anterior tibial artery

Meaning of CV

CV means: Conception Vessel

Meaning of VIAN

VIAN means: : Voices for Improvement Action Network

Meaning of CSM

CSM means: Consolidated Standards Manual

Meaning of FOUC

FOUC means: : Flash Of Unstyled Content

Meaning of CVFP

CVFP means: : Charted Visual Flight Procedure Approach

Meaning of A&TA

A&TA means: : Assembly and Test Area

Meaning of SOCS

SOCS means: Subsystem Operation and Checkout System

Meaning of LACA

LACA means: : Linear Actuating Cylinder Assembly

Meaning of IMA

IMA means: Integrated Motor Assist

Meaning of FFA

FFA means: First Free Ascent

Meaning of ERINT

ERINT means: Extended Range Interceptor

Meaning of ATV

ATV means: Armored Transport Vehicle

Meaning of HMIE

HMIE means: : Her Majestys Inspectorate of Education

Meaning of ISIS

ISIS means: Integrated Systems for Installation Support

Meaning of TSP

TSP means: Threat Support Package

Meaning of NC

NC means: Nefarious Conspiracy

Meaning of FTM

FTM means: Flight Test Manual

Meaning of EB

EB means: : Environmental Burden

Meaning of CSP

CSP means: : Clean Ship Program

Meaning of EX3

EX3 means: : Harvard Graphics 3.0 Device driver

Meaning of ITRO

ITRO means: : Ice Training Review Organization

Meaning of WTNF

WTNF means: : What The Night is For

Meaning of WHF

WHF means: World Heart Federation

Meaning of SLN

SLN means: Samples

Meaning of WAP

WAP means: Whale Adoption Project

Meaning of ARF

ARF means: AIDS Research Foundation

Meaning of EXTRA POINT

EXTRA POINT means: : Exchange Traded Automatic Pricing Order Improvement

Meaning of JIRA

JIRA means: : Japan Industrial Robot Association

Meaning of DGNSS

DGNSS means: : Differential Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Meaning of TEXP

TEXP means: : Titan Exploration

Meaning of RWDE

RWDE means: : Reward Enterprises

Meaning of LOLC

LOLC means: : Lanka Orix Leasing Comapny

Meaning of MII

MII means: : MII

Meaning of CCSA

CCSA means: : Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator

Meaning of AIDA

AIDA means: Australian Indigenous Doctors Association

Meaning of DCI

DCI means: Dolphin Capital Investors

Meaning of WC

WC means: : Wicked Clownz

Meaning of 2SGT

2SGT means: Second Sergeant

Meaning of ACNFS

ACNFS means: Advisory Committee on Nuclear Facility Safety

Meaning of MLA

MLA means: MANET Local Addresses

Meaning of MM

MM means: Mayborn Museum

Meaning of MLD

MLD means: Medical Libraries Discussion

Meaning of CAP

CAP means: calcium-dependent action potential

Meaning of ALLICE

ALLICE means: Association of Law Librarians in Central England

Meaning of AKOL

AKOL means: Aanekosken Kauppaoppilaitos

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