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Meaning of SO

SO means: significant other

Meaning of IGBT

IGBT means: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

Meaning of ISIP

ISIP means: International Student Interview Program

Meaning of IUGG-TC

IUGG-TC means: IUGG Tsunami Commission

Meaning of SRF

SRF means: Structural Reinforcement Field

Meaning of UFK

UFK means: Universit??ts FrauenKlinik

Meaning of SCST

SCST means: Seaboard Transportation Company

Meaning of OIYA

OIYA means: : Ardakan-E-Yazd

Meaning of LSA

LSA means: : Losuia

Meaning of KRS

KRS means: : Kristiansand

Meaning of ETUL

ETUL means: : Laarbruch RAF Air Station

Meaning of TKMG

TKMG means: : The Kiechler

Meaning of PPPOE

PPPOE means: : Page Pppoe Ppp Over Ethernet

Meaning of PORTEND

PORTEND means: : portended

Meaning of PBOT

PBOT means: Portland Bureau of

Meaning of PARL

PARL means: presenilin associated rhomboid like

Meaning of ODL

ODL means: Office of Distance Learning

Meaning of NIP

NIP means: National Information Packet

Meaning of MSAF

MSAF means: Master of Science in Aviation Finance

Meaning of KSA

KSA means: : Kagermeier Skaar Asleson

Meaning of FRRO

FRRO means: Foreigner Regional Registration Office

Meaning of ERCM

ERCM means: Estimated Red Cell Mass

Meaning of ENCLOSE

ENCLOSE means: : Enclosing

Meaning of CARF

CARF means: Children At Risk Foundation

Meaning of EVP

EVP means: Electronic Voice Phenomen

Meaning of DEBBIE

DEBBIE means: : Deborah

Meaning of SWR

SWR means: : Stimpys Wicked Rectum

Meaning of OME

OME means: Observatoire M̩diterran̩en de lEnergie

Meaning of HCP

HCP means: His Command Performance

Meaning of DODGE

DODGE means: Dead On Donner Going East

Meaning of BA

BA means: Behold! Asparagus

Meaning of BCNA

BCNA means: : Breast Cancer Network Australia

Meaning of PRL

PRL means: Prolactin

Meaning of LE

LE means: Left Eye

Meaning of GICD

GICD means: : Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease

Meaning of PEG

PEG means: Percutaneous Exterior Gastrostomy

Meaning of MGLU

MGLU means: : Metabotropic GLUtamate receptor

Meaning of BGD

BGD means: : Brassica Genome Database

Meaning of CCATT

CCATT means: : Critical Care Air Transport Team

Meaning of GAS

GAS means: Got A Second

Meaning of MAMA2B

MAMA2B means: : Maternal Anthropometry Measurement Apparatus Version 2B (pregnant crash test dummy)

Meaning of VFT

VFT means: Vision First Team

Meaning of NHQ

NHQ means: : Naval HeadQuarters

Meaning of MDN

MDN means: Mutual Defense Network

Meaning of ICT

ICT means: Wichita Mid-Continent Airport

Meaning of HAZOP

HAZOP means: : HAZard and OPerability analysis

Meaning of DMB

DMB means: Department of Management and Budget

Meaning of BWM

BWM means: British War Medal

Meaning of NR

NR means: No Requirement

Meaning of SOS

SOS means: Service Of Supply

Meaning of ESAF

ESAF means: Electronic State Access to Facts

Meaning of WQ1

WQ1 means: : Quattro Pro DOS Spreadsheet

Meaning of WCDMA

WCDMA means: : Wideband Code Division Multiple Access, Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

Meaning of UDD

UDD means: : Ultra DigiDrive, Ultrafast DigiDrive, User Data Disk, User Defined Device, Unified Data Descriptor, Unified Design Database, User- Defined Datatype, Universal Data Dictionary

Meaning of APME

APME means: : Applications Programming Models And Environments

Meaning of SCNM

SCNM means: : Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences (Tempe

Meaning of WSIR

WSIR means: : AM-1490

Meaning of NCL

NCL means: : National Charity League

Meaning of BCPC

BCPC means: : Boulder County Prevention Connection

Meaning of TUS

TUS means: : Tearing Up Society

Meaning of ALLG

ALLG means: : Australian Law Librarians Group

Meaning of SDD

SDD means: Significant Developmental Delay

Meaning of PASG

PASG means: : Parent Advisory And Support Group

Meaning of IF

IF means: Inside Film

Meaning of DRA

DRA means: Disability Resource Association

Meaning of IVIS

IVIS means: Interactive Volume Illustration System

Meaning of WTC

WTC means: We Trust Christ

Meaning of USTP

USTP means: : Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Meaning of SOS

SOS means: Save Our Schools

Meaning of ID

ID means: : I Do

Meaning of CPO

CPO means: Court Protective Order

Meaning of VUIA

VUIA means: : Vietnamese Unified Intercultural Association

Meaning of DELMO

DELMO means: : DelMarVA Power & Light Company

Meaning of CERB

CERB means: : Cerbco

Meaning of OAP1

OAP1 means: : Octopus App1

Meaning of GFRD

GFRD means: : Galliford Try

Meaning of SHLKRC

SHLKRC means: : Sonic Healthcare Limited

Meaning of SEHOC

SEHOC means: : Sino Gas & Energy Holdings Limited

Meaning of CBAKMQ

CBAKMQ means: : Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

Meaning of SUG

SUG means: Southern United Company

Meaning of CEL

CEL means: Caparo En

Meaning of HRN

HRN means: : Hotel Reservations Network

Meaning of LES

LES means: Louisiana Energy Services

Meaning of CDS

CDS means: Citrix Device Services

Meaning of AP

AP means: Astrodamus Productions

Meaning of MMI

MMI means: 1-methyl-2-mercapto-imidazole

Meaning of AFDC-FC

AFDC-FC means: Aid to Families with Dependent Children - Foster Care

Meaning of AMECC

AMECC means: Alternative Medicine Examiners Council of Canada

Meaning of ANZATS

ANZATS means: The Australian and New Zealand Association of Theological Schools

Meaning of CAMS

CAMS means: Control Applications in Marine Systems

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