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Meaning of Jmgtg

Jmgtg means: Tmwjtwt

Meaning of 1

1 means: 1)

Meaning of MBEcon

MBEcon means: Master of Business Economics

Meaning of PTP

PTP means: Phase Transition Phenomena

Meaning of RFA

RFA means: Request For Application

Meaning of VEKU

VEKU means: : Silchar-Kumbhirgram

Meaning of PMD

PMD means: : Air Force Plant 42

Meaning of LSMG

LSMG means: : Saanen

Meaning of KOE

KOE means: : Kupand

Meaning of IM

IM means: : IM Industry

Meaning of GANG

GANG means: : Georgia Association of Narrow Gaugers

Meaning of FZDY

FZDY means: : Misay

Meaning of FMMT

FMMT means: : Toamasina

Meaning of FLIS

FLIS means: : Ikaros

Meaning of EAI

EAI means: : Electronic Artificial Intelligence

Meaning of DJJX

DJJX means: : David J Joseph Company

Meaning of VAPP

VAPP means: Volunteers For Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention

Meaning of SOAC

SOAC means: : Safe Operating Area Check

Meaning of SHED

SHED means: : Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination

Meaning of QPR

QPR means: Quality Pavement Repair

Meaning of NUSJ

NUSJ means: : Netbsd Users Society Japan

Meaning of NSM

NSM means: The Network And System Monitor

Meaning of NELR

NELR means: : Narrow Emission Line Region

Meaning of MOML

MOML means: Media Objects Markup Language

Meaning of LUP

LUP means: Lesbian Until Parole

Meaning of LBIR

LBIR means: Low Background Infrared Radiometry

Meaning of ITFA

ITFA means: : In The Final Analysis

Meaning of DRSA

DRSA means: Disaster Recovery South Africa

Meaning of BRDF

BRDF means: Binomial Reflectance Distribution Function

Meaning of BBAA

BBAA means: : Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

Meaning of DISC

DISC means: Dominant Influence Steadiness Compliance

Meaning of AO

AO means: Ancient One

Meaning of NATO

NATO means: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Meaning of CRC

CRC means: Calandra Racing Concepts

Meaning of CDMA

CDMA means: Code Division Multiple Access‰ÛÓin

Meaning of BDSM

BDSM means: Bondage Domination Submission And Masochism

Meaning of E912

E912 means: : Montan acid esters

Meaning of WPD

WPD means: World Plone Day

Meaning of DI

DI means: Desktop Instructions

Meaning of WNS

WNS means: : Washington Numismatic Society

Meaning of HB

HB means: Henry Beckett

Meaning of SSC

SSC means: : Scientific and Standardization Committee

Meaning of SC

SC means: social care

Meaning of PTE

PTE means: proximal tubular epithelium

Meaning of IPA

IPA means: Internal Pudendal Artery

Meaning of FRY

FRY means: : First Read Yesterday

Meaning of CL

CL means: Craigs List

Meaning of PSPU

PSPU means: : Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine

Meaning of STK

STK means: : Sent To Kill

Meaning of MT/D

MT/D means: : Measurement Tons Per Day

Meaning of DCAS

DCAS means: Data Collection and Analysis System

Meaning of APRB

APRB means: : Acquisition Plan Review Board

Meaning of AMOPS

AMOPS means: : Army Mobilization and Operations Planning System

Meaning of DORA

DORA means: : Defence Of the Realm Act

Meaning of MMA

MMA means: Mullah Military Alliance

Meaning of SU

SU means: Search Unit

Meaning of STLR

STLR means: : Software Testing LoadRunner classes

Meaning of OTH

OTH means: : Over The Hill

Meaning of FACET

FACET means: : File And Commentary Exchange Tool

Meaning of QNG

QNG means: : Quate National Glossary

Meaning of WDKF

WDKF means: : FM-945

Meaning of AVAR

AVAR means: : Anti Virus Asia Researchers

Meaning of WHLA

WHLA means: TV-31

Meaning of TARDIS

TARDIS means: Time And Relative Dimension In Space

Meaning of IDEB

IDEB means: : I Demonstrate Educated Beauty

Meaning of MMS

MMS means: Membership Management System

Meaning of SE

SE means: Simple Edition

Meaning of ROC

ROC means: Reaching Others for Christ

Meaning of PLP

PLP means: Present Level of Performance

Meaning of OTS

OTS means: Open Theme Standard

Meaning of HNI

HNI means: : High Net worth Individual

Meaning of GTR

GTR means: Game Time Rant

Meaning of CCCP

CCCP means: California Community Colocation Project

Meaning of CA

CA means: Court of Appeals

Meaning of CMSI

CMSI means: : Cryomedical Sciences

Meaning of GAL

GAL means: : Galantas Gold

Meaning of CPRA

CPRA means: : Constant Proportional Risk Aversion

Meaning of WVHR

WVHR means: : West Virginia Health Right

Meaning of TDTI

TDTI means: : Tye Dye Tattoo

Meaning of RIOKOH

RIOKOH means: : Rio Tinto Limited

Meaning of RIE

RIE means: : Riedel Resources Limited

Meaning of MFPI

MFPI means: Metropolitan Family Planning Institute

Meaning of VWB

VWB means: : Video Without Boundaries

Meaning of NSS

NSS means: Nuclear Safety Solutions

Meaning of TEL

TEL means: Tokyo Electron Limited

Meaning of BPI

BPI means: Business Points of Interest

Meaning of ACMICA

ACMICA means: Australian Catholic Movement for Intellectual & Cultural Affairs

Meaning of CAH

CAH means: Chiropractic Academy of Homeopathy

Meaning of AGNPS

AGNPS means: Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution Model

Meaning of ANOH

ANOH means: Anglo-Norman Online Hub

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