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Meaning of TTRR

TTRR means: Trainer Test Results Report

Meaning of FBTW

FBTW means: fine, be that way

Meaning of BET

BET means: Basic Element Template

Meaning of DGT

DGT means: Diffusional Gradient Thin

Meaning of GL

GL means: General Linear

Meaning of IDSC

IDSC means: Information and Decision Sciences Degree

Meaning of PFC

PFC means: Power Factor Correction

Meaning of SUPER

SUPER means: Service Unique President Executive And Relationship

Meaning of TCCCS

TCCCS means: Tactical Command

Meaning of UPA

UPA means: : Punta Alegre

Meaning of FABD

FABD means: : Burgersdorp

Meaning of CVE

CVE means: Cape Verde Escudo

Meaning of CCF

CCF means: Canadian Commonwealth Federation

Meaning of VSC

VSC means: Vermont Studio Center

Meaning of VNR

VNR means: : A Video Newsreel Release

Meaning of TONI

TONI means: : Technician Optimized For Nocturnal Infiltration

Meaning of SIEN

SIEN means: : Stockholmsregionens Internationella Entrepren̦res NÌ?tverk

Meaning of MWT

MWT means: Metal Wrap Through

Meaning of MGRS

MGRS means: monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance

Meaning of LWOB

LWOB means: : Lawyers w o Borders

Meaning of FTS

FTS means: Funds Transfer System

Meaning of FLUID

FLUID means: Foundation Language For User Interface Development

Meaning of ENN

ENN means: Exceptional Needs Network

Meaning of DRG

DRG means: : A Diagnostic Related Grade

Meaning of CWZ

CWZ means: Clear Water Zone

Meaning of CITES

CITES means: : Campus Informational Technologies And Educational Services

Meaning of BAMS

BAMS means: Berkley Accelerated Middle School

Meaning of GPO

GPO means: Gradual Progressive Overload

Meaning of PMA

PMA means: Penanaman Model Asing

Meaning of DLL

DLL means: Division of Lifelong Learning

Meaning of DASH

DASH means: : Dietary Approach to Stopping Hypertension

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Mean Square For Groups

Meaning of E101

E101 means: : Riboflavins

Meaning of DPC

DPC means: Digital Preservation Coalition

Meaning of RD

RD means: Red

Meaning of TAH

TAH means: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy

Meaning of POCA

POCA means: : plan of corrective action

Meaning of BT

BT means: bluetongue

Meaning of ACA

ACA means: acquired child aphasia

Meaning of FOAF

FOAF means: : Friend Of A friend

Meaning of OPJ

OPJ means: Office of Peace and Justice

Meaning of OMV

OMV means: : Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle

Meaning of UR(s)

UR(s) means: : Utilization Rate(s)

Meaning of TR

TR means: Total Reserves

Meaning of SLMA

SLMA means: : Single Line Missile Assembly

Meaning of JTC3TC

JTC3TC means: : Joint Tactical Command

Meaning of Gy

Gy means: Greater Yellowstone

Meaning of PCB

PCB means: Power Circuit Breaker

Meaning of PACE

PACE means: Program Acquisition Cost Estimate

Meaning of INRM

INRM means: INdia Resident Mission

Meaning of VRAM

VRAM means: : Video Random Access Memory, Virtual Reality Aided Modeler, Video Random Access Memory

Meaning of CDI

CDI means: : Conditioned Diphase Interface, Compact Disc Interactive, Compact Disk Interactive (Phillips CD-I IFF file), Compact Disk Interactive

Meaning of AEO

AEO means: : Avid Enhanced Object, Avid Enhanced Object

Meaning of XBBL

XBBL means: : Xperimental Blood Bowl League

Meaning of NORCECA

NORCECA means: : North

Meaning of LAL

LAL means: : Los Angeles Lakers

Meaning of GNE

GNE means: : Game Neverending

Meaning of WTZQ

WTZQ means: : AM-1600

Meaning of WAIC

WAIC means: : FM-919

Meaning of WCCH

WCCH means: FM-1035

Meaning of DREDFI

DREDFI means: : Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund

Meaning of MUT

MUT means: Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running

Meaning of SWAK

SWAK means: : Sustained Writing And Kids

Meaning of WRCB

WRCB means: TV-3

Meaning of WFB

WFB means: Warhammer Fantasy Battle

Meaning of VIL

VIL means: : Village

Meaning of SOL

SOL means: The Servants Of Light

Meaning of RSCPA

RSCPA means: : Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Meaning of CASA

CASA means: Court Appointed Special Advocates

Meaning of BBC

BBC means: British Broadcasting Corporation

Meaning of AHS

AHS means: Arroyo High School

Meaning of NRWT

NRWT means: : Non-Resident Withholding Tax

Meaning of ZARAF

ZARAF means: : Zarara Oil & Gas

Meaning of ZAPP

ZAPP means: : ZapworldCom

Meaning of MARPS

MARPS means: : Marine Petroleum Trust

Meaning of CLCX

CLCX means: : Computer Learning Centers

Meaning of PX

PX means: : Price

Meaning of WGA

WGA means: : Wells Gardner Electronics Corporation

Meaning of WTH

WTH means: Water Hall Group

Meaning of MSCI

MSCI means: : Management Solutions Consulting

Meaning of OP

OP means: Office Products

Meaning of FA

FA means: Field Agent

Meaning of DL

DL means: Draine And Lee

Meaning of A/GVSS

A/GVSS means: Air to Ground Voice Subsystem

Meaning of ACFTCAM

ACFTCAM means: Advanced Communication Function, Telecommunications Access Method

Meaning of ABPLA

ABPLA means: American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys

Meaning of ADMATT

ADMATT means: Advanced Mobile Acoustic Torpedo Target

Meaning of AFTRF

AFTRF means: Axial Flow Turbine Research Facility

Meaning of CARS

CARS means: Computer Aided Radiology and Surgery

Meaning of MMDA

MMDA means: Metro Manila Development Authorities

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