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Meaning of dU

dU means: Death University

Meaning of TASMAC

TASMAC means: Tiwi And Sylvatech Management Advisory Committee

Meaning of UVO

UVO means: Usu Volcano Observatory

Meaning of UW

UW means: Unofficial Withdraw

Meaning of WC

WC means: Waldwick Crossover

Meaning of OPSR

OPSR means: Sargodha Rafiqui Air Base

Meaning of HRLU

HRLU means: : Hudson Railway Equipment Company

Meaning of HIO

HIO means: : Hillsboro

Meaning of CAU

CAU means: Caucasian (Other)

Meaning of WCBN

WCBN means: : WCBN

Meaning of VIBE

VIBE means: Visionary Individual Behind Energy

Meaning of TFTS

TFTS means: Tropical Flowering Tree Society

Meaning of TCIT

TCIT means: Texas City International Terminal

Meaning of SUDA

SUDA means: Spirit Unity Discipline And Attitude

Meaning of OLCC

OLCC means: On Line Chemistry Courses

Meaning of KIH

KIH means: : Keep In Heap

Meaning of HSOP

HSOP means: : Housing Services Operational Plan

Meaning of FTED

FTED means: Faculdade de Tecnologia Equipe Darwin

Meaning of EFY

EFY means: Especially For You

Meaning of DAJ

DAJ means: : De Auxilio Judicial

Meaning of DAIP

DAIP means: Disaster Assistance Improvement Plan

Meaning of CPSO

CPSO means: Counseling Psychology Student Organization

Meaning of CDTV

CDTV means: : Commodore Dynamic Total Vision

Meaning of SCSI

SCSI means: Small Computerized System Interface

Meaning of GUI

GUI means: Girls Unite Inside

Meaning of SRP

SRP means: Service Release Premium

Meaning of MHR

MHR means: Mgmt Human Relations

Meaning of MMC

MMC means: Coastal Minelayer (Minecraft

Meaning of CIBIS

CIBIS means: : Cardiac Insufficiency BISoprolol Study

Meaning of IR

IR means: Inferior Rectus

Meaning of BPL

BPL means: blood products laboratory

Meaning of WUM?

WUM? means: : What do You Mean?

Meaning of YMV

YMV means: : Mammoth Vault

Meaning of WEFA

WEFA means: : Wharton Econometric Forecasting Association

Meaning of VTI

VTI means: : Variable Transmission Intelligence

Meaning of WAV

WAV means: : Water Authority of Volusia

Meaning of MDBA

MDBA means: : Midland Downtown Business Association

Meaning of KEY

KEY means: : Kerry

Meaning of VOV

VOV means: Voices of Victory

Meaning of Prime

Prime means: : BEEF Prime Base Engineer Emergency Force

Meaning of CCF

CCF means: : Cadet Combat Field

Meaning of BAMP

BAMP means: : Battlefield Automation Management Program

Meaning of PAD

PAD means: Pre Advisory Data

Meaning of CTS

CTS means: Common Targeting System

Meaning of FPC

FPC means: : Fingerprint Classification

Meaning of GLOW

GLOW means: Goddard Lidar Observatory For Wind

Meaning of YARD

YARD means: : Yet Another Rescue Disc

Meaning of MJC

MJC means: : Modular Jack Cable, Motion Jitter Cancellation

Meaning of WBKA

WBKA means: : West Boggs Karting Association

Meaning of GCCS

GCCS means: Gila Crossing Community School

Meaning of WRHU

WRHU means: : FM-887

Meaning of WLDE

WLDE means: : FM-1017

Meaning of WFXK

WFXK means: : FM-1043

Meaning of WAYE

WAYE means: AM-1220

Meaning of TDY

TDY means: : Today Dads Yonder

Meaning of SNIE

SNIE means: : Sun News In Education

Meaning of LCV

LCV means: : Local Content Vehicle

Meaning of UIC

UIC means: Union Internationale des Chemin

Meaning of DMTC

DMTC means: Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

Meaning of SATEC

SATEC means: : Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference

Meaning of WRATH

WRATH means: : Wellington Residents Against Toxic Hazards

Meaning of SVC

SVC means: service

Meaning of SURGE

SURGE means: Serving Under A Real God Everyday

Meaning of SOAR

SOAR means: Sisters Organization For Activities And Recreation

Meaning of GN

GN means: Grand National

Meaning of IDXX

IDXX means: : IDEXX Labs

Meaning of CPLXE

CPLXE means: : Cerplex Group

Meaning of VDD

VDD means: : Vendor Due Diligence

Meaning of GBZ

GBZ means: : GBM Resources Ltd

Meaning of MFK

MFK means: Myles F Kelly

Meaning of APPrO

APPrO means: : Association of Power Producers of Ontario

Meaning of NOW

NOW means: : M A I Systems Corporation

Meaning of IACS

IACS means: International Association Of Classification Societies

Meaning of MVD

MVD means: : MicroVision Development

Meaning of PRW

PRW means: Petrowest Energy Services Trust

Meaning of PBT

PBT means: Profit Before Tax

Meaning of ADS

ADS means: Average Dollar Sale

Meaning of TIP

TIP means: Trade Industry or Profession

Meaning of 4635

4635 means: Makes Sells Software for Crime

Meaning of 5Cs

5Cs means: Cash, Car, Condominium, Credit Card & Country Club Membership

Meaning of AAV/IM

AAV/IM means: Amphibious Assault Vehicle/Intelligent Munitions

Meaning of ABWRP

ABWRP means: American Boiling Water Reactor Program

Meaning of MLA

MLA means: mouse lethality assay

Meaning of MLRS

MLRS means: Multi Launcher Rocket System

Meaning of MMC

MMC means: Beckman Metabolic Cart

Meaning of AGIDAE

AGIDAE means: Associazione Gestori Istituti Dipendenti Dall’autorità Ecclesiastica

Meaning of MMG

MMG means: Medipharm Manufacturing Group

Meaning of CASC

CASC means: Contemporary Art Space Canberra

Meaning of AMPLG

AMPLG means: Amplidyne Generator

Meaning of ASALPE

ASALPE means: Association Sportive des Alpines de l'Est

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