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Meaning of AFGWC

AFGWC means: Air Force Global Weather Central

Meaning of AIM

AIM means: Academic Improvement Methods

Meaning of CAP

CAP means: Campus Access Point

Meaning of H2O2

H2O2 means: Hydrogen Peroxide

Meaning of HRC

HRC means: Hypermedia Research Center

Meaning of PS

PS means: Payson Smith Hall

Meaning of PtPd

PtPd means: Platinum and Palladium

Meaning of WUH

WUH means: Wuhan

Meaning of VOT

VOT means: Votic

Meaning of UKT

UKT means: : Quakertown Airport

Meaning of TNCX

TNCX means: : General Electric Railcar Services Corporation

Meaning of LACITO

LACITO means: : Langues et Civilisations ÌÊ Tradition Orale

Meaning of VCA

VCA means: Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers

Meaning of SAMUEL

SAMUEL means: Super Absolute Mature Ultra Excellent And Large

Meaning of RLB

RLB means: : Rated Load Break

Meaning of RASB

RASB means: Raspberry

Meaning of PSTI

PSTI means: Plasma Science And Technology Institute

Meaning of PRVC

PRVC means: Princess Royals Volunteer Corps

Meaning of PLDC

PLDC means: Primary Leadership Development Course

Meaning of PERT

PERT means: Pplications Evaluation And Review Technique

Meaning of ORSA

ORSA means: oxacillin resistant Staphylococcus aurous

Meaning of ORC

ORC means: Oscillating Ravenous Carnivore

Meaning of MNB

MNB means: Metropolitan National Bank

Meaning of MCAT

MCAT means: : Markov Chain Automata Theory

Meaning of GRL

GRL means: Guided Reading Level

Meaning of DTS

DTS means: Dj Trix Studio

Meaning of CMED

CMED means: Central Monitoring And Evaluation Division

Meaning of CEES

CEES means: Computational Earth Environ

Meaning of CAIP

CAIP means: Community Autism Intervention Program

Meaning of ADIP

ADIP means: Another Day in Paradise

Meaning of DSD

DSD means: Development Support Documents

Meaning of SOB

SOB means: Silly Ol Bear

Meaning of CHF

CHF means: Community Habitat And Finance

Meaning of APF

APF means: American Psychological Foundation

Meaning of TV

TV means: Time Value shutter priority autoexposure

Meaning of CS

CS means: Control Station

Meaning of CP

CP means: Casino Program

Meaning of CIPP

CIPP means: : Certified Information Privacy Professional

Meaning of IVSD

IVSD means: : Interventricular Septal Defect

Meaning of DFU

DFU means: : Diabetic Foot Ulcer

Meaning of GFR

GFR means: : Glomerular Filtration Rate

Meaning of CPDB

CPDB means: The Carcinogenic Potency Database

Meaning of RxD

RxD means: : Receive Drugs

Meaning of CGG

CGG means: celiac axis

Meaning of CFH

CFH means: Connecting for Health (NHS Connecting for Health)

Meaning of APL

APL means: Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Meaning of BURP

BURP means: : Banner Url Rotation Program

Meaning of YDC

YDC means: Yahoo! Directory Cultures

Meaning of PSQIA

PSQIA means: : Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act (HHS)

Meaning of NIFA

NIFA means: : National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Meaning of BRITE

BRITE means: : Bright Radar Indicator Tower Equipment

Meaning of TNT

TNT means: Thomas Nationwide Transport

Meaning of SMCM

SMCM means: Surface Mine Countermeasures

Meaning of RAF

RAF means: Royal Air Force (UK)

Meaning of MLC

MLC means: More or Less Crap

Meaning of MCS

MCS means: Military Capabilities Study

Meaning of HATR

HATR means: : Hazardous Air Traffic Report

Meaning of DSI

DSI means: Defense Simulation Internet

Meaning of BESS

BESS means: Balloon-borne Experiment with a Superconducting Spectrometer

Meaning of APICM

APICM means: Anti- Personnel Improved Conventional Munitions

Meaning of ADEWS

ADEWS means: : Air Defense Electronic Warfare System

Meaning of NCB

NCB means: National Cooperative Bank

Meaning of HS

HS means: : Handling Statement

Meaning of AMF

AMF means: Adios My Friends

Meaning of PRI

PRI means: Priority

Meaning of MIT

MIT means: Murderous Intents and Tendencies

Meaning of CPC

CPC means: Communist Party of Canada

Meaning of TP

TP means: Telecommunications Processor

Meaning of HEP

HEP means: : Habitat Evaluation Procedures

Meaning of VACL

VACL means: : VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Access Control List, VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Access Control List

Meaning of SERA

SERA means: : Secure Enterprise Remote Access, System for Ethiopic Representation in ASCII

Meaning of BANC

BANC means: : Broadband Access Network Coordination

Meaning of MOPAR

MOPAR means: : Move Over

Meaning of CORT

CORT means: : Caribbean Ocean Racing Triangle

Meaning of FCFT

FCFT means: Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson

Meaning of RAN

RAN means: : Rainforest Action Network

Meaning of WTDS

WTDS means: Walton-on- Thames Directory of Sports

Meaning of OSS

OSS means: : Official Septic Service

Meaning of ADM

ADM means: : Ancestral Domain Monument

Meaning of WMDG

WMDG means: : Warren McKenna Design Group

Meaning of ORC

ORC means: Organization Resources Counselors

Meaning of GOAL

GOAL means: Group Opportunities And Leadership

Meaning of NASBA

NASBA means: : National Association of State Boards of Accountancy

Meaning of PRS

PRS means: Premchand Roychand Sons

Meaning of FI

FI means: Franz Incorporated

Meaning of 1120

1120 means: Attempted Murder

Meaning of ACSAS

ACSAS means: Advanced Conformal Submarine Acoustic Sensor

Meaning of MMA

MMA means: Moving Mechanical Assemblies

Meaning of MLEB

MLEB means: Mortgage Lender Education Board

Meaning of AMSAII

AMSAII means: Association of Medical Superintendents of American Institutions for the Insane

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