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Meaning of AGT

AGT means: Anomalous Gauge Theory

Meaning of HIFI

HIFI means: Hierarchical Interactive Flowgraph Integration

Meaning of IMD

IMD means: Inter-Modulation Distortion

Meaning of MACTIS

MACTIS means: Marine and Coastal Technology Information Service

Meaning of NERL

NERL means: New England Regional Laboratory

Meaning of SWRO

SWRO means: Seawater Reverse Osmosis

Meaning of TKB

TKB means: Tappa Kegga Brew

Meaning of SLRA

SLRA means: : San Ramon

Meaning of SATC

SATC means: : South Africa Truth Commission

Meaning of ENKR

ENKR means: : Kirkenes-Hoybuktmoen

Meaning of REPO

REPO means: : Re Earnable Point Opportunity

Meaning of PTB

PTB means: Photochemical Tissue Bonding

Meaning of NCEP

NCEP means: : National Centre For Environmental Prediction

Meaning of MMCS

MMCS means: Manchester Medical Careers Society

Meaning of MIL

MIL means: Media Integration Layer

Meaning of LUS

LUS means: : Lavender Unicorn Syndrome

Meaning of IRQ

IRQ means: Interaction Region Quadrupole

Meaning of IAAI

IAAI means: Insurance Auto Auctions Inc

Meaning of BB-60

BB-60 means: : USS Alabama

Meaning of UED

UED means: Underwoods Electrical Distributors

Meaning of TIFF

TIFF means: The Investment Fund For Foundations

Meaning of Lemon

Lemon means: : A bad car or one that its no good I purchased this new Chinese import car

Meaning of CSM

CSM means: College of Southern Maryland

Meaning of BDS

BDS means: Brooklyn Defender Services

Meaning of VCR

VCR means: Virginia Coast Reserve

Meaning of BTA

BTA means: Bus Ticketing Applicationmore

Meaning of VA

VA means: Variety And

Meaning of SFD

SFD means: semi fixed dune

Meaning of GSP

GSP means: : German Shorthaired Pointer

Meaning of DO

DO means: Diffraction Optics

Meaning of NTC

NTC means: Net Transfer Capacity

Meaning of TG

TG means: Tax Geek

Meaning of POY

POY means: : POlyester Yarn

Meaning of GS

GS means: Gepruefte Sicherheit

Meaning of GC

GC means: Garbage Can

Meaning of AS

AS means: Applicability Statements

Meaning of WILD

WILD means: : Wake Induced Lucid Dream

Meaning of VRSE

VRSE means: : Vancomycin Resistant Staphylococcus Epidermidis

Meaning of VAX-D

VAX-D means: : Vertebral Axial Decompression

Meaning of CMS

CMS means: : Content Management System

Meaning of KTM

KTM means: : Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen

Meaning of NDDC

NDDC means: Northfield Downtown Development Corporation

Meaning of TSC

TSC means: Training Support Center

Meaning of SMEB

SMEB means: : Significant Military Exercise Brief

Meaning of QFH

QFH means: May I descend below the clouds?

Meaning of NDL

NDL means: : National Desired Ground Zero List

Meaning of FAA

FAA means: Functional Area Assessment

Meaning of DTTN

DTTN means: : Distributed Tactical Test Network

Meaning of PERT

PERT means: Political Exercise Review Team

Meaning of SS

SS means: Silent Service

Meaning of NA

NA means: Next Action

Meaning of ELMS

ELMS means: : Environmental Land Management Scheme

Meaning of STSN

STSN means: : Set and Test Sequence Numbers

Meaning of MEF

MEF means: : Mask Error Factor

Meaning of LiMP

LiMP means: : Linux Multi-media Player

Meaning of DO IT

DO IT means: : Definition of internet technology

Meaning of RNM

RNM means: : Relief Network Ministries

Meaning of PROPER

PROPER means: : Preachers Reaching Oppressed People Expecting Restoration

Meaning of OSJ

OSJ means: : Old Saint Josephs Church

Meaning of SMCA

SMCA means: : Syro Malabar Cultural Association

Meaning of DREF

DREF means: : Delta Research and Educational Foundation

Meaning of MA

MA means: Media Access

Meaning of TITAN

TITAN means: : Teaching Integrity

Meaning of YCV

YCV means: Young Citizen Volunteers

Meaning of WOLP

WOLP means: LPTV-27

Meaning of SHM

SHM means: Sean Hyland Motorsport

Meaning of RSRD

RSRD means: : Radhabinod Society for Rural Development

Meaning of CCCB

CCCB means: Centre de Cultura ContemporÌÊnia de Barcelona

Meaning of LQF

LQF means: : Loebach Quarter Folder

Meaning of SSYS

SSYS means: : StrataSys

Meaning of PETC

PETC means: : Petco Animal Supplies

Meaning of HOWWY

HOWWY means: : Hopewell Holdings

Meaning of DAIO

DAIO means: : Data I O Corporation

Meaning of AAUK

AAUK means: : Anglo American

Meaning of STEM

STEM means: : Systems And Techniques Effective Management

Meaning of NCMQRP

NCMQRP means: : Newcrest Mining Limited

Meaning of ICSS

ICSS means: Intelligent Customer Support System

Meaning of AAFI

AAFI means: Air Assisted Fuel Injector

Meaning of BEL

BEL means: Bell Atlantic Corporation

Meaning of ZSD

ZSD means: Zomerlust Systems Design

Meaning of RMP

RMP means: Rocky Mountain Photographers

Meaning of IOC

IOC means: : Insist On Cash

Meaning of FIT

FIT means: Funds in Transit

Meaning of DCM

DCM means: Direct Clearing Member

Meaning of CIA

CIA means: Course Instruction Assistant

Meaning of 12CM

12CM means: 12 Centimeter Multimedia Corporation

Meaning of AFIHR

AFIHR means: American Friends of the Institute of Historical Research

Meaning of AFWIN

AFWIN means: Air Force Weather Information Network

Meaning of AIGOR

AIGOR means: Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register

Meaning of MLSB

MLSB means: Mastika Lagenda Sdn Bhd

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