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Meaning of 1

1 means: 1)

Meaning of Avg

Avg means: Average

Meaning of EAS

EAS means: Experimental And Applied Sciences

Meaning of QSW

QSW means: Q-switched laser

Meaning of URP

URP means: Urban And Regional Planning Department

Meaning of SHO

SHO means: : Sokcho

Meaning of SGQ

SGQ means: : Sanggata

Meaning of OIGU

OIGU means: : Roodbar

Meaning of EFSA

EFSA means: : Savonlinna

Meaning of ADQ

ADQ means: : Kodiak

Meaning of VSC

VSC means: Vendor Surveillance Corporation

Meaning of VERP

VERP means: : Variable Envelope Return Paths

Meaning of UTN

UTN means: Universidad TecnolÌ?gica Nacional

Meaning of TPW

TPW means: True Polar WanderåÊ

Meaning of TOY

TOY means: Tower Of Youth

Meaning of NORD

NORD means: : Not Only Rhythm Dance

Meaning of NLLC

NLLC means: New Look Laser College

Meaning of NCHRD

NCHRD means: Nigerian Center For Human Rights And Democracy

Meaning of MEES

MEES means: Meesmigrant Education Even Start

Meaning of LPDA

LPDA means: : Lafourche Parish District Attorney

Meaning of JTD

JTD means: Jet Turbo Diesel

Meaning of IQA

IQA means: Intelligent Query Architect

Meaning of GCM

GCM means: Grosvenor Capital Management

Meaning of EIN

EIN means: Employee Identification Number

Meaning of BANKRUPT

BANKRUPT means: : Bankruptcy

Meaning of CCG

CCG means: Conforms To Copyright Guidelines

Meaning of EV

EV means: Extended Validation

Meaning of ABS

ABS means: Another Buyer Surcharge

Meaning of BMW

BMW means: Bad Motor Welding

Meaning of MUDA

MUDA means: Ministry of Urban Development Affairs

Meaning of fl dr

fl dr means: :

Meaning of CBPS

CBPS means: : Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome

Meaning of SPEM

SPEM means: : Spasmolytic Polypeptide Expressing Metaplasia

Meaning of SMND

SMND means: : Sporadic Motor Neuron Disease

Meaning of gG

gG means: Guaifenesin

Meaning of BRD4

BRD4 means: : BRomoDomain-containing Protein 4

Meaning of T two star

T two star means: : T2*

Meaning of NEC

NEC means: neuroendocrine cell

Meaning of ECP

ECP means: Erythroid Committed Precursor

Meaning of OMO

OMO means: : On My Own

Meaning of HGTE

HGTE means: : Handling Gran Tourismo Evoluzione

Meaning of TEH

TEH means: : Tehachapi

Meaning of INHS

INHS means: : Illinois Natural History Survey

Meaning of GFA

GFA means: General Framework Agreement

Meaning of TAHQ

TAHQ means: : Theater Army Headquarters

Meaning of MMP

MMP means: Mars Millennium Project 2030

Meaning of JRIM

JRIM means: : Joint Requirements Integration Manager

Meaning of NLC

NLC means: National Liaison Committee

Meaning of MSA

MSA means: MSA-1

Meaning of WASH

WASH means: : Water Supply

Meaning of WNS

WNS means: : WADP Numbering System, Wideband Networked Sensor

Meaning of RVD

RVD means: : Rainbow Versatile Disc, Remote Virtual Disk, Raydon Virtual Driver, RealView Debugger

Meaning of CMPSD

CMPSD means: : Compare String Doubleword

Meaning of IFTU

IFTU means: : Indian Federation of Trade Unions

Meaning of TRP

TRP means: Telecasting Rare Performance

Meaning of ILJ

ILJ means: Institute for Law and Justice

Meaning of VCR

VCR means: Very Confusing Record

Meaning of HBL

HBL means: : Hypothesis-Based Learning

Meaning of DIE

DIE means: Death In Evil

Meaning of ISWC

ISWC means: : International Semantic Web Conference

Meaning of IODL

IODL means: : International Open and Distance Learning Symposium

Meaning of BWFA

BWFA means: Broadband World Forum Asia

Meaning of YMA

YMA means: Young Ministering Adults

Meaning of WOAA

WOAA means: Women Out and About in Albuquerque

Meaning of WHLC

WHLC means: : Weston Historic Landmarks Commission

Meaning of SASS

SASS means: Speak And Spell Simulator

Meaning of AERC

AERC means: Adult Education Research Conference

Meaning of RCSHSB

RCSHSB means: : Red Cedar Shingle & Handsplit Shake Bureau

Meaning of PL PP

PL PP means: : Protective Life Corporation Preferred P

Meaning of FASBT

FASBT means: : Financial Accounting Standards Board Technical Bulletins

Meaning of BHPKZC

BHPKZC means: : BHP Billiton Ltd

Meaning of WCMM

WCMM means: World Class MultiMedia

Meaning of RTFA

RTFA means: : Real Time Flower Auctions

Meaning of FTMN

FTMN means: : Fast Twitch Media Network

Meaning of PTY

PTY means: Parity

Meaning of HSA

HSA means: Home Security of America

Meaning of QMP

QMP means: Quality Management Project

Meaning of TMX

TMX means: : Terrain Minerals Ltd

Meaning of EMT

EMT means: Emergency Mojo Technician

Meaning of OI

OI means: Option Investment

Meaning of IF

IF means: International Fleet

Meaning of SSM

SSM means: Scottish Ship Management

Meaning of SEC

SEC means: Securities Exchange Commission

Meaning of A-VO2diff

A-VO2diff means: Arterial-Venous Oxygen Difference

Meaning of ABNLP

ABNLP means: American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Meaning of CAR

CAR means: Climate Action Report

Meaning of MLAS

MLAS means: Member of Legislative Assembly See

Meaning of CAM

CAM means: Control Analysis Model

Meaning of ANBDC

ANBDC means: American National Bank of DeKalb County

Meaning of APPPB

APPPB means: Asia-Pacific Peoples' Partnership on Burma

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