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Meaning of ER

ER means: Extinction Ratio

Meaning of FM

FM means: Frequency Modulation

Meaning of IST

IST means: International Study Tour

Meaning of ITSP

ITSP means: International Trauma Studies Program

Meaning of MMRC

MMRC means: Mensuration and Modelling Research Consortium

Meaning of OCP

OCP means: Open Circuit Potential

Meaning of VEQ

VEQ means: Voltage EQualizer

Meaning of Z11T

Z11T means: : Lamia

Meaning of Z11F

Z11F means: : Alavus Highway Strip

Meaning of TIH

TIH means: Tin Hau

Meaning of SBAR

SBAR means: : Aracaju

Meaning of RUY

RUY means: : Copan

Meaning of PEN

PEN means: : Penang

Meaning of O41

O41 means: : Watts- Woodland Airport

Meaning of NWT

NWT means: NorthWest Territories

Meaning of MCC

MCC means: : Melbourne Convention Centre

Meaning of MAR

MAR means: Marathi

Meaning of ETSM

ETSM means: : Memmingen Air Base

Meaning of VPAM

VPAM means: Virtual Partitioned Access Method

Meaning of SPHENOID

SPHENOID means: : Sphenoidal

Meaning of SICS

SICS means: Swedish Institute Of Computer Science

Meaning of PWDR

PWDR means: Preliminary Weapon Development Report

Meaning of ORM

ORM means: Object Relation Mapping

Meaning of NTL

NTL means: National Transportation Librarys

Meaning of MYSTERY

MYSTERY means: : Mysteries

Meaning of HMI

HMI means: Hoist Manufacturers Institute

Meaning of EPW

EPW means: Enemy Prisoners Of Www

Meaning of DITE


Meaning of CUB

CUB means: Contrast Unity and Balance

Meaning of EAS

EAS means: Elementary Active Supplementation

Meaning of FCM

FCM means: Fuzzy C means

Meaning of MTTR

MTTR means: Mttrmean Time To Repair

Meaning of HPC

HPC means: Healing Place Church

Meaning of HCA

HCA means: Health Care Assistant

Meaning of IHC

IHC means: Im Hard Core

Meaning of UBPA

UBPA means: Usuale Buona Pratica Agricola

Meaning of SK

SK means: Sangguniang Kabataan

Meaning of RSM

RSM means: Robert S McNamara

Meaning of MR

MR means: Mature Ripening

Meaning of GSA

GSA means: Granny Smith Apple

Meaning of RIG

RIG means: Radiologically Inserted Gastrostomy

Meaning of FED

FED means: Figure Eight Distribution

Meaning of UGRC

UGRC means: : User Groups Resource Channel

Meaning of SIC

SIC means: Said In Context

Meaning of ANB

ANB means: : Aids To Navigation Boat

Meaning of MPTP

MPTP means: : Main Propulsion Test Program

Meaning of UHV

UHV means: : Upper Huallaga Valley

Meaning of RAG

RAG means: Remember And Give

Meaning of ORSA

ORSA means: : Operations Research and Systems Analysis

Meaning of NU

NU means: : New Uniform

Meaning of AIRES

AIRES means: : Advanced Imagery Requirements Exploitation System

Meaning of PCS

PCS means: Procedure Completion Sheet

Meaning of ONC

ONC means: : Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology

Meaning of IA

IA means: Implementing Arrangement

Meaning of ROB

ROB means: : Revisions Of Operative Branching

Meaning of RFT

RFT means: : Repeat Formation Tester, Revisable Format Text file ( IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1)

Meaning of OVM

OVM means: : Open Verification Methodology, Open-source Virtual Machine

Meaning of BIR

BIR means: : Before Insert Row, Bad Information Retrieval

Meaning of WJOF

WJOF means: Womens Journey of Faith

Meaning of IBLC

IBLC means: : International B-24 Liberator Club

Meaning of CNA

CNA means: : Child Nutrition Act

Meaning of WCC

WCC means: Wesley Community Center

Meaning of UWP

UWP means: United Way of Pennsylvania

Meaning of PIP

PIP means: : Parent Incentive Program

Meaning of GOAL

GOAL means: Giving Opportunities For Athletes To Learn

Meaning of GGA

GGA means: Good Game All

Meaning of HLCV

HLCV means: : High/Low/Close Volatility

Meaning of PUFFW

PUFFW means: : Grand Havana Enterprises

Meaning of BNHNA

BNHNA means: : Benihana

Meaning of WMGF

WMGF means: : W M Group of Funds

Meaning of ROCG

ROCG means: : RAN ONE Consulting Group

Meaning of RBY

RBY means: : Resort Bone Yard

Meaning of XJOQRX


Meaning of PEF

PEF means: : Public Enterprise Fund

Meaning of MRD

MRD means: Melcor Developments Ltd

Meaning of VEF

VEF means: : Valsts Elektrotechniska Fabrika

Meaning of MWI

MWI means: Mellor Watts International Group of Companies

Meaning of IAI

IAI means: Israeli Aircraft Industries

Meaning of FMS

FMS means: Fresenius Medical Care

Meaning of WWT

WWT means: : Western Well Tool

Meaning of CAM

CAM means: Camellia

Meaning of PM

PM means: Preserve Manufacturer

Meaning of AAORS

AAORS means: Amphibious Assault Oceanographic Reconnaissance System

Meaning of AFW2

AFW2 means: Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

Meaning of AFWAL/PO

AFWAL/PO means: Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories/Propulsion Directorate

Meaning of CAPL

CAPL means: Coleman Area Public Library (Coleman, MI)

Meaning of ALLLE

ALLLE means: Acting Locally for Lifelong Learning

Meaning of AMCAS

AMCAS means: American Medical College Application Service

Meaning of MMK

MMK means: Marshall-Marchetti-Kranz

Meaning of AQUV

AQUV means: Answering Queries Using Views

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