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Meaning of 1

1 means: 1"'`--

Meaning of CP

CP means: Construction Permit

Meaning of DCJ

DCJ means: Documentation Center on Contemporary Japan

Meaning of FPCB

FPCB means: Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Meaning of HERO

HERO means: Higher Education and Research Opportunities

Meaning of LRW

LRW means: Limited Resource Water

Meaning of MFL

MFL means: Micro-Fabrication Laboratory

Meaning of RMU

RMU means: Ring Main Unit

Meaning of SKW

SKW means: Super Kamehame Wave

Meaning of YZV

YZV means: : Sept Iles Municipal Airport

Meaning of QZWE

QZWE means: : Chesaning Public Library

Meaning of ICA

ICA means: : Icabaru

Meaning of EDFI

EDFI means: : Hirzenhain

Meaning of CYGA

CYGA means: : Gagnon

Meaning of BBG

BBG means: : Butaritari

Meaning of ARW

ARW means: : Arad

Meaning of XMU

XMU means: : Sirius

Meaning of TURAPI

TURAPI means: : tur‰Û API

Meaning of SMERF

SMERF means: Social Military Educational Religious And Fraternal

Meaning of REACH

REACH means: Reaching The Elderly And Challenged Households

Meaning of PCAS

PCAS means: : Presenter Command Argument And Selector

Meaning of NCERD

NCERD means: National Centre for Energy Research and Development

Meaning of NADDS



MISERABLEST means: : Mis̩rables T

Meaning of LFB

LFB means: Ligue FÌ©minine de Basket

Meaning of HSU

HSU means: : Henderson State Unversity

Meaning of GNS

GNS means: Gelfand Neumark Segal

Meaning of FENTO

FENTO means: Further Educational National Training Organisation

Meaning of EDK

EDK means: : Evil Death Klownz

Meaning of COCG

COCG means: Committee On Campus Governance

Meaning of BYX

BYX means: : by X

Meaning of BRCC

BRCC means: Blue Ridge Community College

Meaning of ATSC

ATSC means: Autism Treatment Services Of Canada

Meaning of PJE

PJE means: : Peabody Journal of Education

Meaning of TBH

TBH means: Texas Beyond History

Meaning of LL

LL means: Loquacious Leaders Toastmasters

Meaning of YMCA

YMCA means: : Yahoo! Mail Connects Aliens

Meaning of RSVP

RSVP means: Remember Sza Vedding Presents

Meaning of ILA

ILA means: Institutional Locksmiths Association

Meaning of LTD

LTD means: Long

Meaning of GWA

GWA means: Garden Writers Association

Meaning of PB

PB means: Photon Blast

Meaning of FD

FD means: Fire Door

Meaning of IIVS

IIVS means: : Institute for In Vitro Science

Meaning of VRL

VRL means: : Ventral Root

Meaning of RM

RM means: reduction mammaplasty

Meaning of PMR

PMR means: psychomotor retardation

Meaning of AL

AL means: atherosclerotic lesion

Meaning of AAMS

AAMS means: : Association of Air Medical Services (US)

Meaning of SSG

SSG means: : Super Study Girl

Meaning of BFL

BFL means: Bolt Face Logo

Meaning of PTCS

PTCS means: Payload Module Thermal Control Subsystem

Meaning of FTOH

FTOH means: Flight Test Operations Handbook

Meaning of SAFER

SAFER means: Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue

Meaning of PNID

PNID means: : Precedence Network In Dialing

Meaning of JMMC

JMMC means: : Joint Material Management Center

Meaning of G3 PLANS

G3 PLANS means: : Plans Element of the G3 Section

Meaning of DOCEX

DOCEX means: : Document Exploitation

Meaning of PPS

PPS means: Printer/Plotter System

Meaning of SV

SV means: Safety Valve

Meaning of ITSP

ITSP means: Inter-regional Transportation Strategic Plan

Meaning of PAS

PAS means: Primary Ascent System

Meaning of CCR

CCR means: Central Contractor Registry

Meaning of ENISA

ENISA means: : European Network and Information Security Agency

Meaning of CSWE

CSWE means: : Council of Social Work Education

Meaning of AAUWEF

AAUWEF means: : American Association of University Women Education Fund

Meaning of PODS

PODS means: : Publication Ordering And Distribution System

Meaning of OCR

OCR means: Open Court Reading

Meaning of VIP

VIP means: Victory In Partnership

Meaning of SJ

SJ means: Stonewall Jackson

Meaning of FARGO

FARGO means: : Foxwoods Annual Recreational Gambling Outing

Meaning of VIPIS

VIPIS means: : Vinings Investment Properties Trust

Meaning of NOGAF

NOGAF means: : Noga Electro Mechanical Industries 86

Meaning of DLIF

DLIF means: : Dreamlife

Meaning of CALGZ

CALGZ means: : California Federal Bank

Meaning of IEV2

IEV2 means: : Ingenious 2

Meaning of RSD

RSD means: : Retail Systems Devices

Meaning of AZL

AZL means: : Arizona Land Income Corporation

Meaning of VRH

VRH means: Value Recovery Holding

Meaning of MBD

MBD means: Malhotra Book Depot

Meaning of APRA

APRA means: Australasian Perfoming Rights Association

Meaning of IWE

IWE means: Inter-Continental Wood Exchange

Meaning of TWD

TWD means: Tiger Web Design

Meaning of SP

SP means: Sole Proprietor

Meaning of ACE

ACE means: Access Competition And Etiquette

Meaning of MMI

MMI means: Movimento Monarchico Italiano

Meaning of cAMP

cAMP means: Computer Aided Modeling Program

Meaning of APPROACH

APPROACH means: Alberta Provincial Project for Outcomes Assessment in Coronary Heart Disease

Meaning of APPSO

APPSO means: Army Acquisition Pollution Prevention Support Office

Meaning of AROSS

AROSS means: Airborne Remote Optical Spotlight System

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