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Meaning of XMM

The acronym/abbreviation XMM means / stands for: X-ray Multi Mirror

Meaning of XUV

The acronym/abbreviation XUV means / stands for: Extreme Ultraviolet

Meaning of XANADU

The acronym/abbreviation XANADU means / stands for: Software Name

Meaning of XMDSL

The acronym/abbreviation XMDSL means / stands for: X Window Interface Distributed Software Library

Meaning of X-SAR

The acronym/abbreviation X-SAR means / stands for: X-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar

Meaning of XAES

The acronym/abbreviation XAES means / stands for: X-ray Excited Auger Electron Spectroscopy

Meaning of XAFS

The acronym/abbreviation XAFS means / stands for: X-ray Absorption Fine Structure

Meaning of XANES

The acronym/abbreviation XANES means / stands for: X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure

Meaning of XAPS

The acronym/abbreviation XAPS means / stands for: X-ray Appearance Potential Spectroscopy

Meaning of XAS

The acronym/abbreviation XAS means / stands for: X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy

Acronyms meanings, abbreviations definition, acronym stands for, acronym means, abbreviation means

Meaning of Uipflngngmkcghdthdfhdtzhdghrtshzdfgfhuidzfbfrrthhbnsryfghgfjjrhdhdsrrtrhstrsfghgsfhgfsgsfhfghfxgh

The acronym/abbreviation Uipflngngmkcghdthdfhdtzhdghrtshzdfgfhuidzfbfrrthhbnsryfghgfjjrhdhdsrrtrhstrsfghgsfhgfsgsfhfghfxgh means / stands for: XbXcvSfghdfbjththjjjbzvxcgdfbgffghfgdtgfxgfdhgdhtrhdthjebvbgfhjdfbfdhfdhngnrghfghfgnjdfbvcbfgbgndgbcvbcvbvcbdfzbdzfbsGsFgXFgdfhtfhtfhgfhfghtdhgdhgbgfhjrysbbgdsdgwrgdstjfnnvcgfhgfhgfdbvcbvnhhfgbgfhcfbcgbdgbgfhtrfgmm

Meaning of CMS

The acronym/abbreviation CMS means / stands for: Cognoscenti Merchant Solutions

Meaning of defendant

The acronym/abbreviation defendant means / stands for: defendant

Meaning of zmzmzzmmzmzmzmzkzk

The acronym/abbreviation zmzmzzmmzmzmzmzkzk means / stands for:
k zzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkzkkzkzkzkskksksksksksk,z,z,
lsls ls,z,

Meaning of zzjzjssjjzjzmzm

The acronym/abbreviation zzjzjssjjzjzmzm means / stands for: zmzmzmzmzmzmzmz kkzkzkkzkkzkkzm


Meaning of GOPQB

The acronym/abbreviation GOPQB means / stands for: GOPQB

Meaning of

The acronym/abbreviation means / stands for:

Meaning of a

The acronym/abbreviation a means / stands for: b

Meaning of COBECODIC

The acronym/abbreviation COBECODIC means / stands for: Community-Based on Environmental Conservation and Disease Control/ Prevation

Meaning of Wamhe

The acronym/abbreviation Wamhe means / stands for: Way a mid hare ear

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