Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of CCRIS (Chemistry)

The acronym CCRIS(Chemistry) means : Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

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Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

Canadian Criminal Records Information Services

Central Credit Reference Information System

Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System

Cross Cultural Research in Information Systems

Countries Cross Cultural Research in Information Systems

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Log in Sign up You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here Search Refresh Enter a topic, @name, or fullname Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid 17m Replying to @literallybri Oh shit 😂 it’s what my boss got me but I’ve been drinking the jager so I’m a lil bit (highkey) 🥴🍾 View conversation · Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid 14m Replying to @literallybri Yeah I didn’t mean it like that View conversation · Ammar Sukiman @vat_03 Dec 6 What if PAS propose bagi bayangan mekanisme untuk waive semua hutang PTPTN, from another perspective. That's going to be great with such timing. We have PH with positive action with mandatory deduction & BN with negative approach on CCRIS & travel ban. View details · Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid 13m Replying to @_tayyyyyyyyyyy @literallybri Thanks Taylor ❤️🦄 View conversation · Greg ↗️ @EddSkater Dec 4 I actually liked BN approach in handling PTPTN. You dont pay, we fuck up your CCRIS and ban you from traveling overseas. Mandatory, automatic salary deduction proposed by PH feels like living in a communist state where everything has to be forced and dictated by the gov. View details · Pat @CcrisLerma Cristian Castillo ツ @_ccris_ Cris Maldonado @CcrisM23 View more people Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid 24m A bottle of jager, Starbucks cup, gummies,favorite chips,beer glass,donuts, and a beer glass… View details · Amirul Fitry CA @amierulfitry Dec 7 Isu PTPTN ni ak rasa mcm too much laa nak bayar ikut salary. Idk wtf they are thinking of! Better bt blacklist and CCRIS je mcm dulu to those who are refusing to pay back. View location · Kumar @rkumar40 Dec 6 Replying to @Khairykj Kalau ambil loan kat commercial bank dah bankrupt nie.Have the balls to make the hard decisions. Others are being deprived. If all fails then might as well cancel this PTPTN program and ask them to take bank loans la. Selfish bloody borrowers. Put them back on the blacklist CCRIS View conversation · Firafahmi @feerafahmi Dec 6 Replying to @ibnu_M77 @Khairykj Ccris is still on. Cuma blacklist je x View conversation · Malaysia Baru @MalaysiaBaru8 Dec 6 Replying to @MalaysianAlways I am talking about those good paying borrower now you cannot simply change the installment amount. However for those who default in payment why not follow the agreement sign on the repayment term n penalty that spell out. Eg ccris black list and bar from going oversea. View conversation · Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid 16h I really broke my seatbelt 😂 View details · Aaron Leo @libraex Dec 7 PTPTN records should be included in CCRIS and CTOS. #payup View details · Feyyaz @FeyyazAshaari Dec 7 Replying to @EddSkater Well to be fair, I don’t see how does banning the debtors from traveling to overseas and their CCRIS is an effecient way to solve the issues. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t support PH PTPTN policies either but for me this is the best way to make sure everyone pay the money up. View conversation · syawal™ シ @syawal Dec 7 Replying to @baltan1 @eddydaud and 3 others No. At very he should stick to spirit of manifesto. #Ptptn 2in1 - blacklist name from #ccris - (lift travel ban only partial) & repayment rate. Fix both. Let's people move on with their life. He need to understand what is at stake. What has he done so far? 6month mkn gaji...? View conversation · Keem @Myrulakim Dec 6 Replying to @reese190582 @00000q7 @malaysiakini 10% applies at min RM6k salary and it's not impossible for a 2-4 years' experience graduate to gain that money! Don't forget PTPTN has been locked as one of your monthly commitments in CCRIS (definitely will kacau your risk rating for future - if; housing loan) View conversation · Cozy CCris 👑🦈 @cris4hunnid Dec 10 I love my job View details · Lingeshwaran @Lingesh31043335 11h @guanenglim @rafiziramli @anwaribrahim PTPTN did not change the status, Still in blacklist and ccris. We hope Pakatan Harapan will take immediate action. View details · Adam Fairuz @AdmFairuz Dec 5 Still, better than fucked up CCRIS. It’s a win-win situation.… View details · Sharina @LekFourteen Dec 9 Replying to @nursurayazainal If you have a lot of debts and you’re a good at taking care of your CCRIS then okay. Walk in je bank, bring your ic, epf and 3-6 months payslip View conversation · MengkuduMasam @mengkudu_masam Dec 7 Replying to @esshankar1 @wansaiful Those defaulter from day 1... Put their names in CCRIS. Black list from any loan.. From 97? Already 21years still cant afford to pay event single cent? Yet they benefited from knowledge they gain from Uni in which funded by ptptn. Shame on you. View conversation · Load older Tweets Back to top · Turn images off

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