Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of FIRE ()

The acronym FIRE() means : First ISCCP Regional Experiment

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to FIRE

New FIRE/smoke DETection and fire EXtinguishing systems for aircraft applications

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Advisory Fire Commission

Forest Fire Management and Fire Prevention System

Remove Those in Danger, Ensure Door Is Closed, Activate Alarm, Call Fire Dept, Try to Extinguish Fire

Fire Planning - Compute a Fire Plan

Fire Mission: Request For Additional Fire

Fire Planning - Reserve Fire Unit

Fire Planning - Fire Plan Executive Orders

Fire Planning - Fire Plan Target List

Balls Fire Fire Agate Mine

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Meaning of RATS

RATS means: Real-time Aircraft Tracking System

Meaning of SPTD

SPTD means: Supplemental Provisioning Technical Documentation

Meaning of SSM

SSM means: Subsystem Manager

Meaning of RSTC

RSTC means: Recreational Scuba Training Council. Organization That Sets Basic Guidelines For Scuba Diving Agencies.

Meaning of NSABB

NSABB means: National Science Advisory Board For Biosecurity

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