Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of MODE (Astronomy)

The acronym MODE(Astronomy) means : Middeck Zero-Gravity Dynamics Experiment

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to MODE

: Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Telephone Manager, Asynchronous Transfer Mode, Automated Transmissions Machine, At The Moment, Automatic Teller Machine, Adobe Type Manager related file, Adobe Type Manager, Aschronous Transfer Mode, Automated Transactional Management

: Business Rule Management, Big Real Mode, Buffered Read Mode

: Musical Object Development Environment, set device Mode

Altitude Reporting Mode of Secondary Radar

: Altitude Reporting Mode of Secondary Radar

: Realaudio Audio File, Remote Manageability, Raden Mas, Resource Management, remove, Raster Manager, Read Mode, Reserve Memory, Run Mode

: Functional Programming Machine, Fast Paged Mode, Fast Page Mode, Fast Page-Mode

MODE In Cospar Papers

: Multiple Protocols Over Atm, Multiple Protocol over ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Mode), MultiProtocol Over Asynchronous transfer mode

Idle Mode

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of ABG

ABG means: Arterial Blood Gas

Meaning of APH

APH means: Adiabatically Adjusting

Meaning of IRGL

IRGL means: Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group

Meaning of S/C

S/C means: Stabilization And Control

Meaning of SMAIM

SMAIM means: Send Me An Instant Message

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