Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of CDIF (US Military)

The acronym CDIF(US Military) means : Case Date Interchange Format (eia Effort)

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to CDIF

Cumulative Difference

Cooperative Development Incentive Fee

CAD Data Interchange Format

CA Diversion Intervention Foundation

Current Development Is Funded

County Durham Ice Foundation

Crystal Data Identification File

Case Data Interchange Format

County District Information Form

Corpus Document Interchange Format

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of IMOMM

IMOMM means: Integrated Molecular Orbital Molecular Mechanics [MO Modeling]

Meaning of SCI

SCI means: Stabilized Criegee Intermediate(s)

Meaning of CSTS

CSTS means: Cryogenic Storage And Transfer System

Meaning of FP

FP means: Fuel Pressure

Meaning of USSC

USSC means: United States Sentencing Commission

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