Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of HCMM (Astronomy)

The acronym HCMM(Astronomy) means : Heat Capacity Mapping Mission

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: Mogadiscio-Petrella

Hexa-C Metamodel

Heat Capacity Map Mission

HCMM)/dysplastic naevus syndrome

Heat Capacity Mapping Mission

Health Care and Modern Medicine

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Human Capital Management Market

Honourable Company of Master Mariners

: Heat Capacity Mapping Mission

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Log in Sign up You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here Search Refresh Enter a topic, @name, or fullname W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 HCMM has been hired at Ole Miss per JMac. #HottyToddy View details · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Replying to @WynHere Together those total $10.725mm as a buyout (if I understand it correctly). #CUBuffs can realize mitigation of that number when HCMM finds a new coaching position relative to the language below (circled in red): View conversation · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Replying to @WynHere HCMM’d Supplemental Salary for (i) and (ii) are $1.5mm each. I believe he is owed $9mm total for those for the next 3 years. View conversation · Angry Mutha Tucker Andy @RealAngryAndy Dec 9 Replying to @WynHere Leaders stand up and show their team support no matter what. Curious how CU did HCMM wrong in any way. He got fired for being a shitty coach. View conversation · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Here’s HCMM’s full original contract and amendments (and #RollTads if you’re bored). …… Some thoughts on his buyout: View details · 🌙 @hcmm31 محمد رجب @HCmm3mrOjjKYzXV 李冰冰 @hcmm520 View more people W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Replying to @buffnik @BrianHowell33 @BrianHowell33 do assistant’s contracts have the same buyout info as HCMM’s? View conversation · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Replying to @WynHere E. 4 Base Salary (of amendment signed June 26, 2017): HCMM earned and was paid $500k in 2017. Was eligible for $75k raises each year thereafter if employed after Dec 31 of that season. View conversation · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 9 Replying to @WynHere HCMM’s reported salary at Ole Miss will be at least $1.5mm per year. If I’m arguing from CU’s side, to me that’s $4.5mm off the buyout bringing it down to $6.225mm minus any future increases he has over the next 3 years. View conversation · SnowBuffCU @SnowBuffCU Dec 14 Man, hiring Drake was a damn awesome thing for HCMM to have done! He basically worked for 100k last year!… View details · bryan rothrock @uglyrat Dec 12 Replying to @BrianHowell33 sounds like George learned some things on contracts after the last one to HCMM View conversation · W.Y.N. @WynHere Dec 7 It’s actually not because HCMM was 5 years $10mm to start (with “salary adjustments” not guaranteed raises). #TheMoreYouKnow… View details · Dia 20 vai ta lá, aprovado @PedroHCMM 1h "Quando tudo se encaminha para o fim, pode ser o fim ou um recomeço" -Paulo View details · Dia 20 vai ta lá, aprovado @PedroHCMM 3h Replying to @THEbluegirlBR Jaé ;- View conversation · Dia 20 vai ta lá, aprovado @PedroHCMM 4h Replying to @THEbluegirlBR Sai dai, negócio ruimzão View conversation · Dia 20 vai ta lá, aprovado @PedroHCMM 4h Replying to @THEbluegirlBR Tu e essa mania de pensar que Matte é bom, para View conversation · Dia 20 vai ta lá, aprovado @PedroHCMM 9h Eu vendo as pessoas saindo da minha vida lentamente e eu sem poder fazer nd View photo · Bintou Rassoul🧡🇸🇳 @timoush_timy Dec 15 Je ne lui ai pas assez dit je t’aime avant qu’elle ne parte ma HCMM❤️… View details · sn.Gizem @gizemhah Dec 15 Bugün havuza gittik arkadaşlarla o kadar mükemmel yüzdüm ki hoca bir daha gelme bence sen dedi. Fazla iyiydim bencede gerek yok bir daha gelmeme cnm hcmm View details · Cheryl Schreiner CMM CMP HCMM @cherylschreiner Dec 15 Replying to @HeatherAllenMMP Congratulations on your new venture. Wishing you a ton of success. View conversation · Stough🌟💜チャラい♂に見えると言われたw @mickstough Dec 15 ⇒RT 赤坂BLITZを思い出した。 20年と9ヶ月前。 うちわちゃうけどなww #hcmm View details · Load older Tweets Back to top · Turn images off

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Meaning of DH

DH means: Dortmund-Hoerder (German Vacuum Steel Refining)

Meaning of FCSA

FCSA means: Frequency-corrected Sudden Approxn. (in Mol. Collision Calcns.)

Meaning of NAPL

NAPL means: Nonaqueous Phase Liquid

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NMR means: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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PTP means: Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase

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