Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of What is the full meaning of y.e.s? (2)

The acronym What is the full meaning of y.e.s?(2) means : N.d.e

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to What is the full meaning of y.e.s?


Full Utilization Local Loop Request Contention Multiple Access

Full-Population Full-Load Link-Correlation

Full-Year Full-Time Equivalents

Full Screen Full Motion Video

Full-Screen Full-Motion

Full-Rate Full-Diversity

Full Height Full Pressure

Full Light Full Steam

Full Page Full Colour

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of BTAG

BTAG means: Biological Technical Assistance Group

Meaning of MFEM

MFEM means: Magnetic Field Explorer Mission

Meaning of DFTG

DFTG means: Density Functional Theory (with) Gradient (corrections)

Meaning of MFD

MFD means: Malfunction Detection

Meaning of NH

NH means: NNH Nominal Heig4t (Adjust Maneuver)

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