Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of FORD (picture) ()

The acronym FORD (picture)() means : : FORD (picture) found on road dead

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: FORD (picture) found on road dead

Rocky Ford Public Library (Rocky Ford, CO)

: Motion Picture Experts Group, Motion Picture Experts Group, Motion Picture Experts Group, Movie - Motion Pictures Experts Group format, MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) File Allocation Table

Picture in Picture

: Picture ELement (a PIXEL), Protocol Engineering Laboratory, Picture Element (a PIXEL)

: Power-Aware Computer System, Protection Availability Continuity Scalability, Picture Archiving And Communication Software, Personal Access Communications System, Philadelphia Area Computer Society, Picture Archiving and Communications System

: Personal Coherent Source, Plastic-Clad Silica, Permanent Control Security, Picture Coding Scheme, Personal Communications Service, Please Contribute Some ...., Personal Communications Service, Personal Computer Service, Portable Character Set, Macintosh Animated PICTs, MicroSoft ClipArt Gallery Picture package

: Peripheral Interchange Program, Plug In Panel, Presence Information Panel, Programmable Input Processor, Postels Internet Protocol, Programmable Interconnection Point, Partner Interface Process, Picture In a Picture, Pre-Impulsing Pulse, Programmable Input Processor, Programmable In Put

Picture Comment for Picture Comment

NPOYM literally stands for 'Naked Picture of your Mother'. When used as a tool to 'cut someone down', it can be very effective.
Jim: "Hey Larry, your mamma so fat she has her own zip code!"
Larry: "Yo momma so ugly they had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the dog to play with her!"
Jim: "Hey Larry, wanna buy an NPOYM? They're going fast. Almost sold out right here in school!"
Larry: "What's an NPOYM?"
Jim: "An NPOYM is a Naked Picture of your Mom!? They're only $5 each!"
Larry: "That's fucked up Jim. You got me good that time!"
Jim: "Well, do you want one? I've got an assortment actually! Check out all the NPOYM's I've got!"

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Meaning of GRID

GRID means: Global Resource Information Database

Meaning of ST

ST means: Self Test

Meaning of GEWEX

GEWEX means: Global Energy And Water Cycle EXperiment (WCRP)

Meaning of MSG

MSG means: Meteosat Second Generation

Meaning of IFB

IFB means: Invitation For Bids

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