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The acronym GFLOPS() means : Giga(Billions) of Floating Point Operations Per Second

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Giga(Billions) of Floating Point Operations Per Second

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Log in Sign up You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here Search Refresh Enter a topic, @name, or fullname Luka Gerzic @gerzic 45m [email protected] update comparing #amd #epyc vs #intel in #hpc environment: Intel pros: - bigger vector size (512bit) better for compute intensive loads that fit on cpu-cache - Intel software stack - HPL on 6130 (16c/2.1G) ~1660 Gflops - typically better for chemistry, astronomy etc View details · 아리 🐣 @byeongahri_ Dec 10 haters: gFLops caN'T siNG, thEY'RE nOt hUmBLE, bLAh BlaH bLah gfriend: View photo · a🕯️ #Miracle1stWin #RBB @nyeongnight Dec 8 stan twt really thinks they have done something when they call gfriend 'gflops' 💀💀💀💀 View details · Luka Gerzic @gerzic 41m Replying to @gerzic and regarding #AMD #Epyc: - Higher memory bandwidth (8 mem channels vs 6 at #Intel) - HPL on epyc 7351 (16c/2.4G) is ~595 Gflops - typically better for industrial codes that require large amounts of memory like fluid dynamics, FEM, mechanical simulations, etc. View conversation · Mad GFRND @GFRNDMads Dec 10 Replying to @byeongahri_ GFlops sounds like GFRIEND flip flop brand. I'd buy it. 👀 View conversation · HongJangWoon @gflops G Flops @gflops14 m4gflops @m4gflops View more people Sonicpulsar @sonicpulsar Dec 4 Replying to @Sharito742 I say a Lite and Pro model. More battery life, and the pro will double the number of activated GPU cores and ram. 500 gflops vs 1Tflop. 4k not needed in my opinion. View conversation · eunha is my queen @Okan52830477 Dec 5 Replying to @blinkiesoo @yujuandtheboooy Why do blinks keep comparing??? Just gtfo! We are saying that stuff because yall keep calling them gflops when thats not true. Bp is from yg so 2ne1, bigbang stans will automatically see and support them, ofc there gonnq be known more. Focus on ur faves sis, its getting annoying View conversation · Meg Gray @2MegGray Dec 12 Replying to @BullsLab @VideoCardz The Anandtech article included a mention that Gen11 graphics doubled FP16 performance over Gen9.5. WikiChip gives around 880 GFLOPS for FP16 performance on Gen9.5 GT2. Gen11 GT2 performance is likely 1 TFLOPS for FP32. View conversation · Byron Collins @GeosTalk Dec 9 Replying to @GeosTalk Size LDA Align. Time(s) GFlops Residual Residual(norm) Check 1000 1000 4 0.192 3.4768 9.419757e-13 3.212379e-02 pass 2000 2000 4 1.567 3.4089 4.657913e-12 4.051814e-02 pass 😀😎🎉🎈 View conversation · 🥳 @sonoknj Dec 10 Replying to @sonoknj 7) Harrassed SinB over the collab with Chungha, Seulgi, and Soyeon. (Said she didn’t belong in it basically). 8) Constantly calling Gfriend “gflops”. 9) Says all their songs sound the same. 10) Accused of plagiarism. 11) Made fun of for not wearing designer clothes. View conversation · Satoshis Charity @satoshischarity Dec 10 Replying to @kenshirriff @ComputerHistory how many Gflops on this beastly demon? View conversation · slayedbyblackpink ☝🏻 @blackblinkies Dec 9 Replying to @_popofficial Buddies should not talking about failing when u stan gflops View conversation · HPCテクノロジーズ @HPCTechnologies Dec 12 GeForce RTX 2080Tiのデータを追加しました。 GPUの倍精度、単精度、半精度の浮動小数点演算性能(GFlops)及び整数演算性能(GIOPS) をmixbenchプログラムを利用して性能を実測。 #hpc #MachineLearning #DeepLearning View photo · ファリオス @farioss_komi Dec 12 つまり3Dゲームができる言うても 内蔵では単体GPUのローエンド止まりってことやぁね 現状で言えばGeforce1030を超えるのは難しいって所なんだが 1030は942.3 GFLOPSでintelは内蔵で1TFLOPS超える言うてるから 結構頑張ったんだとは思う View details · Pope of Otterdom (also open to minks) @Phredreeke Dec 9 Replying to @LowSpec_Gamer For comparison The Athlon 220GE is currently $59 on newegg, the Pentium G5500 (hyperthreaded dual core like the Athlon, 3.8GHz clock, slightly faster iGPU at 422 GFLOPs vs 384) is $94 View conversation · 𝕝𝕦𝕝𝕦♡ @lululshine Dec 8 Replying to @infntz Yes some of your fandom called Gfriend gflops they even said Gfriend copies Lovelyz and stole their popularity from Ah yoo. View conversation · Phoronix @phoronix Dec 5 The #Libre #RISCV @VulkanAPI Accelerator Will Be Targeting 25 FPS @ 720p, 5~6 GFLOPs… View photo · もuそuさnでsu! @Sukablyat_Mouso Dec 5 Replying to @bpict_ 1350-1770Mhz Die size : 754mm제곱 TDP : 240W 텍스처 맵핑 유닛 : 288개 Pixel fill Rate : 129.6-169.92GP/s Texture Fill Rate : 388.8-509.76GT/s GDDR6 1750Mhz (14000Mhz) 메모리Bus : 384bits 대역폭 : 672GB/s FP16 : 24883-32625Gflops FP32 : 12442-16312Gflops FP64 : 388.8-509.8Gflops View conversation · Load older Tweets Back to top · Turn images off

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