Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of WIPO (Chemistry)

The acronym WIPO(Chemistry) means : World Intellectual Property Organization

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to WIPO

WIPO Medical Unit

Committee on WIPO Standards

WIPO Worldwide Academy

WIPO Copyright Treaty

WIPO Copyright Treaties

: Were Imposing Property Ownership

Write in Poll Option

Genealogists Against the WIPO Treaties

World Intellectual Property Organization

World Intellecthreeal Property Organization

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of NCLAN

NCLAN means: National Crop Loss Assessment Network

Meaning of PGOR

PGOR means: Payload Ground Operation Requirements

Meaning of NCTR

NCTR means: Non-Co-operative Target Recognition

Meaning of RSPB

RSPB means: (UK) Royal Society For The Protection Of Birds

Meaning of VZW

VZW means: Vereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk (Dutch Non-profit Organisation)

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