Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of PISCES (Chemistry)

The acronym PISCES(Chemistry) means : Power Plant Integrated Systems: Chem. Emission Studies

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to PISCES

Pisces Mar

Pisces Marine Inflatables

Pisces-Perseus Supercluster

Pisces Aquarius Capricorn Jones

Planets in Stellar Clusters Extensive Search

Parallel Implementation of Scientific Computing Environments

Passive In-Situ Concn. Extn. Sampler

Psychological Intelligence Schemes for Expediting Surrender

Passive In-Situ Chemical Extraction Sampler

Partnership of Irish Sea Coast and Estuary Strategies

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of ORFEUS

ORFEUS means: Orbiting And Retrievable Far And Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrometer

Meaning of CRF

CRF means: Chronic Renal Failure

Meaning of QSS

QSS means: Quindar Scanning System

Meaning of SSA

SSA means: S-Band Single Access

Meaning of NIMY

NIMY means: Never In A Million Years

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