Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of P-A TEST (Chemistry)

The acronym P-A TEST(Chemistry) means : Presence-absence Test

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to P-A TEST

Meaning of POST

POST means: : Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power-On Self Test, Power On Self Test, Printer Online Standard Test, Positive Operating System Test

Meaning of TESTLIB

TESTLIB means: Use of object oriented Test Libraries for genericre-use of test code in type approval computer controlled test systems

Meaning of MOTA-IC

MOTA-IC means: Materials Open Test Assembly Integrated Circuit alloy test

Meaning of ACTFAST

ACTFAST means: Air Traffic Control Communications Test Facility and Avionics System Test

Meaning of CPTS/STD

CPTS/STD means: Computer Program Test Specification/Software Test Description

Meaning of TEAM

TEAM means: Test Execution and Test Management for Numerical Control Software

Meaning of ACPS

ACPS means: Ada Compiler Performance Test Suite and Test Evaluation Capability

Meaning of TMDE/PST

TMDE/PST means: Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment/Production Surveillance Test

Meaning of LCOV

LCOV means: LTP (Linux Test Project) GCOV (Test Coverage Program)

Meaning of AUT

AUT means: : Application Under Test, Avalon Utility Toolkit, Array Under Test, IPIX Automation file

Acronyms, abbreviations meanings/definitions and descriptions

Meaning of VIMOS

VIMOS means: VIsible MultiObject Spectrograph

Meaning of FEBA

FEBA means: Forward Edge Of The Battle Area

Meaning of RAP

RAP means: Radio Access Point - Radiological Assistance Program (U.S. Department Of Energy) - Rear Area Protection - Recognised [Operating/Operational] Air Picture - Recurring Advance Payment - Relational Associative Processor - Reliable Acoustic Path - Rocket-Assis

Meaning of NACLANG

NACLANG means: Nacelle Angle

Meaning of TBA

TBA means: To Be Assigned

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