Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of KKT (Chemistry)

The acronym KKT(Chemistry) means : Kramers-Kronig Transformation

What is the acronym meaning/definition of KKT ?

The abbreviation KKT stands for: (Chemistry) Kramers-Kronig Transformation

Acronym meaning of KKT (Chemistry)

KKT (Chemistry) means: Kramers-Kronig Transformation

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Astrological/numerological analysis and explanation of KKT acronym

Astrological/horoscope meaning of KKT. KKT means:

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What is the meaning/definition of the letters in the abbreviation KKT?

Meaning of KKT acronym by its letters in astronumerology

KKT abbreviation means:

K: Meaning of K in the acronym KKT means: K like N is another letter that also stands on two stable pillars with right arms slanting upwards and downwards. It looks like a character standing for a pose. It shows an alluring personality, its openess indicates tolerance, its is ready to lend a hand. K is also passionate and culture oriented.

T: Meaning of T in the acronym KKT means: T is a vertical strand crossed at the top by a horizontal strand. With the top strand balanced in the middle by the vertical strand, T shows balance and stability in its ways. It is also forgoing and spiritual. With the top strand projected up by the bottom strand, T is highly ambitious, but also kind to others as it can let others rest on its horizontal top. This makes T selfless, cooperative, womanly and dutiful. It also displays a high degree of generosity and liberalism.

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to KKT

Popular questions of KKT people search before coming here

Q: What does KKT stand for? A: KKT stands for "Kramers-Kronig Transformation".

Q: How to abbreviate "Kramers-Kronig Transformation"? A: "Kramers-Kronig Transformation" can be abbreviated as KKT.

Q: What is the meaning of KKT acronym? A: The meaning of KKT acronym is "Kramers-Kronig Transformation".

Q: What is KKT abbreviation? A: One of the definitions of KKT is "Kramers-Kronig Transformation".

Q: What does KKT mean? A: KKT as abbreviation means "Kramers-Kronig Transformation".

Q: What is shorthand of Kramers-Kronig Transformation? A: A common acronym of "Kramers-Kronig Transformation" is KKT.

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