Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of SPROG ()

The acronym SPROG() means : : Sproget

Acronyms, abbreviations and meanings similar to SPROG

: Sproget

Institut for Sprog

Sprog Og Kommunikation

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Log in Sign up You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here Search Refresh Enter a topic, @name, or fullname 🐊T҉o҉c҉k҉🐊 @60SecsToDeath 20h Replying to @rwbyredhuntress "Then go play wit' whatever sprog lass stuff ye 'ave." View conversation · 🐊T҉o҉c҉k҉🐊 @60SecsToDeath 20h "Did ye jus' call me a sprog? I be nigh-on 70 years ole, ye idiot."… View details · Stormgrad Games @StormgradGames 7h Replying to @Lydiifyr No you did this to yourself..but seriously that's a good sprog View conversation · HRH Countess of Whaledesia 🏉🇳🇿🇿🇦🐋 @thatbigfattart Dec 7 Julie's long lost sprog... #jeremykyle View details · Raphael Dogg @raphaeldogg Dec 3 When I was a sprog, I was told on my 'A' level Politics that we didn't need a written constitution because our constitution, comprising laws, Erskine May and, most of all, precedent did the job. In the last eight years our government has halved the precedents by the simple View details · Jo Broad @Sprog78s David Kimberley @SprogSwamp Loki @JeremiahSprog View more people Ron @_ronniegee Dec 3 Kenya got a fucking spag bowl pizza 😭😭😭 rotten sprog View details · Ferrisina Bueller @BackOf_Beyond Dec 9 Have just been asked by Sprog for a book 'How Not to Kill my Houseplants' for Christmas, any suggestions @Joon123 @janeperrone View details · Imperial Sister @Lydiifyr 3h Replying to @StormgradGames She is the best sprog View conversation · Rocksmas Bells @Joe_Rocksmore Dec 2 Me: What you get in your advent calendar today? Sprog: A frobin Me: A what? Sprog: A frobin! Me: What's a 'frobin' ? Sprog: A farty robin! 😂 View details · Epoch Rose | @EpochRose 1h Sorting at home with sprog whose only self appointed job is finding stamps with Santa on. All whilst watching A Very British Country House #averybritishcountryhouse #stamp #Collect #collectibles View photo · ☾✧ᴀᴢᴜᴜᴍɪ ♃ ᴀsʀᴀ's ᴡɪғᴇ✧☽ @fiofierce Dec 5 me: hmm this house i just finished in sims is cute but It's a bit cramped?? me: *builds smaller house on smallest lot* I NEED A BEDROOM FOR MY SPROG BUT THERES NO ROOM. WHAT DO View details · Future Sprog, DipTheria, CSS3 @futuresprog 9h Replying to @JulieAnneGenter @_chloeswarbrick and 3 others I would like to hear this. My difficulty when explaining, to the older ZB-listening generation, the benefits of more cycles is they immediately leap to a phony /reducto ad absurdum/ model where pensioners are forced to bike to hospital. They also complain there are too many cars View conversation · 🦁⚔️Anna Hawkins⚔️🦁 @mad_moggyuk Dec 4 I hate being female. Not only do I have a sprog Baker that I don’t want and can’t donate to someone who actually needs it (a rant in itself) but I have to go for a smear test every 3 years (today) which is horribly painful thanks to dodgy hips and knees. Why don’t men have View details · Lorraine S @Peak_Childcare Dec 1 Arse, it’s the 1st and I forgot to get the sprog an advent calendar 🤦🏼‍♀️ View details · Courtney @courtneynoh Dec 5 Sprog’s got a wicked ass cough so we’ve spent the evening at the walk in clinic. I am trying to remind myself that I am lucky to have access to the healthcare we need so that Sprog can get checked out, even though he’s likely fine View details · The Wych Vs The Doomday Clock Podcast @TheWych Dec 9 Wych Vs. The Doomsday Clock: Week #62, 8 Hours 45 Minutes to Doomsday - In space, no-one can hear you birthing This week: Space, Sprog & Alien rip offs Is out now!… #podcast #podernfamily #podcastlife #followme View photo · Future Sprog, DipTheria, CSS3 @futuresprog Dec 5 Replying to @futuresprog > from a PR perspective but it appears that the growth team will charge ahead and do it.'… Nice work Facebook, you dirty invasive ghouls. How about your improve the coefficient calculation of deez nuts? View conversation · Doyle @DloppyFick 23h Replying to @belly80085 Was you dropped on your fucking head as a sprog 😂 View conversation · Brian @BeepeeNZ 20h Replying to @MichaJohansen @himoverthere4 @jacindaardern What a load of garbage. They're using "Seeking further advice" as another deflection tactic. Next Cindy will wheel out the sprog to deflect also. #WhenWillGovtListenToPeople View conversation · Catherine Crichton @ccrichton 8h Replying to @tanyasweeney @cathbrodigan Lock yourself in the bathroom once the sprog gets mobile #TopMotherhoodTips View conversation · Load older Tweets Back to top · Turn images off

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