Acronym/Abbreviation meaning of FBR (Chemistry)

The acronym FBR(Chemistry) means : Fast Breeder Reactor

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Log in Sign up You are on Twitter Mobile because you are using an old version of Firefox. Learn more here Search Refresh Enter a topic, @name, or fullname Greta @riotgrrrlonline Dec 10 Hello everyone! I live in a red state and I'm sick of all the bigotry, hatred, and the lies. This is my #FBRParty Do any of these👇 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply #FBR #ResistanceRises #RESIST #ResistanceRises #resisters #BlueWave #FollowBackResistance View details · Nadia Akhtar @nadia_agha Dec 13 Individual 1 and the GOP use social media to spread hate and fear, but we can use it to organize and inspire. We are stronger together! Following #resisters #FBRParty I WILL follow you. Do any of these ⤵️ 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Follow 4. Reply #FBR #Resist View details · Mommaonthemove @alimlang Dec 12 I’m just one mom speaking out against the violation of children’s/women’s/human rights. Not on my watch! #Resistance First time posting this. Power in numbers. Please 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Comment 4. Follow (I'll follow back!) #FBRParty #NeverTrump #FBR View details · Mother Resister @jenrmurphy Dec 13 Its the 12 days of Xmas! Let’s have a resistance party. (10days left) 12 - #ButinaHearing 11- #Pelosi 10- #NRARussia 9 - #CohenSentencing 8- #Pecker Let’s be friends ❤️ Following #resisters #FBRParty 1 Like 2 Retweet 3 Follow 4 Copy and tweet #FBR #Resist #TheResistance View details · XTigerHyperX @XTigerHyperX 27m Replying to @FBR_Fortnitee is That Omega @FBR_Fortnitee View conversation · The FBR Webstore @FBRWebstore FBR @FBR Lee #FBPE #FBR @TheSaczak View more people Cyndi James @Bitterscorn1 Dec 15 Hey #Resisters I’m looking for people to follow and to follow me. Following #FBRParty I WILL follow you Do any of these 1 Like 2 Retweet 3 Follow 4 Reply 5 Copy this tweet to your own #FBR #Resist #TheResistance View details · SeasonFinaleIsComing @TrumpsEndIsNear 3h If you can read this, you’ve helped me reach 10 followers. My old account with about 4,000 followers was suddenly shut last week down by Twitter without any explanation. If you’re in the #fbr movement I’d appreciate a retweet! Thank you!! View details · Jaime Garcia @Jaime0lz 17h Replying to @FBR_Fortnitee Could we be seeing weapon skins? View conversation · 🎄 Merry 🎄 @N00bCaptinzRBLX 5h So, I got this notification. I thought this was legit, but turns out it's not. @FBR_Fortnitee @HappyPower #FortniteBattleRoyale #FortniteBR View photo · harry banks @harryba11651806 Dec 13 Well we all have to start somewhere on twitter , ill follow you back , radical democrat hoping for change ! Following resisters #FBRParty I WILL follow you. Do any of these 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Follow 4. Reply #FBR #Resist View details · TrustMe @ImaDoctor10 Dec 13 Just a #Parkland dad fed up with the administration and current gun laws that had his old account terminated. I’d like to build back up to where I was before. I will follow back all #resisters that: 1) retweet this 2) like this 3) follow me* #FBRParty #FBR #Resist 🌊 🌊 View details · Renee Hoagenson 🌊 @ReneeHoagenson Dec 14 Attention #resistance We need to stick together & support each other. Please retweet! I'm an entrepreneur & small business owner. #FBRParty #FBR 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 I will follow back #FridayFeeling #MuellerFriday View details · TheDailyLiberal @DailyLiberal1 16m If only ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ had something to occupy his time, like say being the President. Instead #TrumpleThinSkin is busy worrying about how ⁦@nbcsnl⁩ is accurately & warmly portraying him. #OrangeBaby #Resist #FBR #Impeach45… View summary · MiniCM @MinierCM Dec 13 My VERY VERY 1ST #FBRParty as We're Stronger Together! #resisters #FBRParty I'LL Follow you, Fam., if You: 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Follow 4. Reply #FBR #Resist View details · Dark❄️ @DarkGamingLife 21h Replying to @dax0r @FBR_Fortnitee im 🇩🇴 but if your really Dominican u should know about this View conversation · Gorman Melody @GormanMelody1 Dec 13 I did this #FBRParty once before, but I'm hoping for more more #Resisters this time.#Resistance. Plus fuck that guy, am I right? #FBR #RESIST Please: 1. Follow 2. Retweet 3. Like 4. Reply #FBR #TheResistance #BlueWave2018 View details · Misty☮💙😊 @MistyPrasad7 Dec 14 Excellent ReTweeter. Want to use my Twitter voice as part of the Resistance & bring awareness to the Domestic Violence Following #resisters #FBRParty #coercivecontrol I WILL follow you. Do any of these 1. Like 2. Retweet 3. Follow 4. Reply #FBR #Resist #coercivecontrol View details · The Rattfink @political_putz Dec 13 Fellow #Resisters: This is my first #FBRParty Let’s make the #Resistance stronger & fight for democracy. I will follow back those who #Resist I WILL follow you Do any of these👇 1 Follow 2 Retweet 3 Like 4 Reply #FBR #Resist #TheResistance #NotMyPresident #FBRParty View details · Wendi @wendow Dec 14 Thank you. I would love to continue connecting with as many #Resisters as possible! I will follow back anyone who 1. Likes 2. Comments 3. Retweets 4. Follows 5. Copy this to your own. #FBR #FBRParty #Resist #StrongerTogether #TrumpShutdown View details · 🍺HereHoldMyBeer🍺THENBACKUPBITCHES @K1Flyaway Dec 13 Hey 🍺HHMB🍺 fans/followers! Twitter suspended my main account for a week for calling a certain FOX flunky a “bland bottle blonde bimbo”, which is ironically the nicest thing I’ve ever called her. Anyways, I’ll be ranting & raving here until I’m freed. Follow me I #FBR. 🍻 View details · Load older Tweets Back to top · Turn images off

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