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Meaning of TES

TES means: Thermal Emission Spectrometer

Meaning of AMTS

AMTS means: Arctic Mesopause Temperture Study

Meaning of BMO

BMO means: Ballistic Missile Office

Meaning of BIOS

BIOS means: Biological Innovation For Open Society

Meaning of CARTS

CARTS means: Critical Actions Requirements Tracking System

Meaning of CSF

CSF means: Configuration Spin Function (a Wave Function)

Meaning of GEK

GEK means: Geomagnetic Electrokinetograph

Meaning of LFA

LFA means: Long-chain Fatty Acid(s)

Meaning of LFMO

LFMO means: Ligand Field Method Combined With Linear Combination Of Atomic Orbitals-molecular Orbital Method

Meaning of LTCC

LTCC means: Low-temperature Co-fired Ceramic

Meaning of OPPTS

OPPTS means: Office For Prevention

Meaning of PSP

PSP means: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Meaning of NETBEUI

NETBEUI means: Network BIOS Extended User Interface

Meaning of CR/DIR

CR/DIR means: Change Request Directive

Meaning of DA

DA means: Deployed Assembly

Meaning of EVA

EVA means: Earned Value Analysis

Meaning of HFS

HFS means: Horizontal Flight Simulator

Meaning of IB

IB means: Inert Building

Meaning of LL

LL means: Long Line

Meaning of PAM-D

PAM-D means: PAM

Meaning of RTHC

RTHC means: Rotation-Translation Hand Controller

Meaning of VM

VM means: Voice Mail

Meaning of ACTD

ACTD means: Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

Meaning of AGB

AGB means: Internal Nintendo Initialism (Advanced Game Boy) For Game Boy Advance

Meaning of KA

KA means: Kamov Design Bureau

Meaning of LA

LA means: Laos (FIPS 10-4 Country Code; ISO 3166 Digram) -Los Angeles -Louisiana (postal Symbol)

Meaning of OMP

OMP means: Order Of Mapungubwe In Platinum

Meaning of POGO

POGO means: Project On Government Oversight

Meaning of CNS

CNS means: Corporation For National Service

Meaning of EC

EC means: Electronic Combat

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