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Meaning of IRAF

IRAF means: Image Reduction And Analysis Facility

Meaning of JGR

JGR means: Journal Of Geophysical Research

Meaning of PSF

PSF means: Point Spread Function

Meaning of SWF

SWF means: ShortWave Fading

Meaning of AP

AP means: Administrative Procedure

Meaning of LIDAR

LIDAR means: Light Detection And Ranging Instrument

Meaning of TDLAS

TDLAS means: Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy

Meaning of WOCE

WOCE means: World Ocean Circulation (or Climate) Experiment

Meaning of AAGP

AAGP means: Aerobic Attached Growth Process

Meaning of ACCR

ACCR means: Activated Carbon Catalytic Reduction

Meaning of CAB

CAB means: Core And Bond (molecular Partitioning Method)

Meaning of HPDSC

HPDSC means: High-pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry

Meaning of NAMS

NAMS means: Neutron Activation Mass Spectrometry

Meaning of PTP

PTP means: Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase

Meaning of REOS

REOS means: Remote Electro-Optical Sensor

Meaning of SCTD

SCTD means: Superconducting Current Transfer Device

Meaning of TEOM

TEOM means: Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance

Meaning of TLP

TLP means: Tension Leg Platform

Meaning of BRRS

BRRS means: Banana River Repeater Station

Meaning of DDM

DDM means: Discrete Data Management

Meaning of RDTR

RDTR means: Radiator

Meaning of SOL

SOL means: Squelch

Meaning of @:-}

@:-} means: Just Back From Hairdresser

Meaning of AJ

AJ means: Attojoule

Meaning of BMDO

BMDO means: (U.S.) Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (bim-do)

Meaning of N/K/A

N/K/A means: Now Known As

Meaning of NAPS

NAPS means: Navy Acquisition Procedures Supplement

Meaning of NOAA

NOAA means: U.S. National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

Meaning of MEDPAC

MEDPAC means: Medicare Payment Advisory Commission

Meaning of QDMAL

QDMAL means: Qdma Left

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