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Meaning of ERB

ERB means: Earth Radiation Budget

Meaning of OTB

OTB means: Operations Training Branch

Meaning of BMA

BMA means: Butyl Methacrylate

Meaning of CARM

CARM means: Cyclotron Autoresonance Maser

Meaning of CDP

CDP means: Contracted Density Product (in Simplification Of MO Calcns.)

Meaning of ESD

ESD means: Environmental Services Division (US EPA)

Meaning of LIFR

LIFR means: Leukemia Inhibitory Factor Receptor

Meaning of NTRM

NTRM means: NIST Traceable Ref. Materials

Meaning of SLMO

SLMO means: Strictly Localized Molecular Orbital

Meaning of TGDDM

TGDDM means: Tetraglycidyl-4,4'-diaminodiphenyl Methane Epoxy

Meaning of ZEKE

ZEKE means: Zero Electron Kinetic Energy

Meaning of IDSL

IDSL means: ISDN Digital Subscriber Line

Meaning of ASBMB

ASBMB means: American Society For Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Meaning of RM

RM means: Respiratory Movement

Meaning of FCD

FCD means: Flight Control Division (JSC)

Meaning of ITA

ITA means: Integrated Test Area

Meaning of MSS

MSS means: Maintenance Status System

Meaning of ORS

ORS means: Orroval Valley

Meaning of SMR

SMR means: Source, Maintenance, And Recoverability

Meaning of SMS

SMS means: Solar Maximum Satellite

Meaning of TSS

TSS means: Tug Structural Support

Meaning of ILA

ILA means: I Love Acronyms

Meaning of AFS&A OR AFSA

AFS&A OR AFSA means: U.S. Air Force Studies And Analysis

Meaning of LRD

LRD means: Liberian Dollar (ISO 4217 Currency Code)

Meaning of MWR

MWR means: Morale

Meaning of TRIGAT

TRIGAT means: Third Generation Antitank (missile)

Meaning of TTZ

TTZ means: Tetrazolium

Meaning of WWII

WWII means: World War II

Meaning of ASB

ASB means: Airborne Software Bulletin (tdc 94)

Meaning of HERP

HERP means: Hazards Of Electromagnetic Radiation To Personnel

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