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Meaning of ERG

ERG means: External Review Group

Meaning of GEM

GEM means: Global Environmental Multiscale Model

Meaning of BAL

BAL means: Blood Alcohol Level

Meaning of BATNEEC

BATNEEC means: Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost

Meaning of CARES

CARES means: Ceramic Analysis And Reliability Evaluation Of Structures

Meaning of ECBM

ECBM means: Extended Classical Over-barrier Model (in Calcns. On Inelastic Ion-atom Colisions)

Meaning of HABR

HABR means: Hybrid Anaerobic Baffled Reactor (for Wastewater Treatment)

Meaning of IOC

IOC means: Inorganic Chemical

Meaning of MOEMS

MOEMS means: Micro-opto-electromechanical System

Meaning of MS-RHFR

MS-RHFR means: Momentum-space Restricted Hartree-Fock-Roothaan

Meaning of MWP

MWP means: Moving Wave Packet (model For Mol. Scattering)

Meaning of OR

OR means: Odds Ratio

Meaning of UGLCC

UGLCC means: Upper Great Lakes Connecting Channels

Meaning of PHP

PHP means: Hypertext Preprocessor

Meaning of IX

IX means: Internet Exchange

Meaning of DN

DN means: Discrepancy Notice

Meaning of FMECA

FMECA means: Failure Mode

Meaning of GOPG

GOPG means: GrGOPGGround Operations Planning Group

Meaning of HG

HG means: High Gain

Meaning of ILS

ILS means: IntegratedLogistics Support

Meaning of MSL

MSL means: Missile

Meaning of PM

PM means: Power Management And Distribution

Meaning of RS&H

RS&H means: Reynolds

Meaning of W8AM

W8AM means: Wait A Minute

Meaning of ASM

ASM means: Assamese Language (ISO 639-2 Code)

Meaning of IEW

IEW means: Intelligence And Electronic Warfare

Meaning of RV

RV means: Reconnaissance Vehicle - Recreational Vehicle - Re-entry Vehicle

Meaning of VACIS

VACIS means: Vehicle And Container Inspection System

Meaning of 4D

4D means: Four-dimensional (usually Three Spatial Plus One Temporal Dimension

Meaning of MOAB

MOAB means: Officially

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