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Meaning of CLIW

CLIW means: Customized Long Instruction Word

Meaning of GERO

GERO means: Gerontology courses

Meaning of ITD

ITD means: Interior Technical Design

Meaning of MMC

MMC means: Modern Methods of Construction

Meaning of TP

TP means: Time Polygon

Meaning of VHE

VHE means: Visible Human Explorer

Meaning of VZ

VZ means: Variable Impedance

Meaning of WNPL

WNPL means: Warren Newport Public Library

Meaning of WSUP

WSUP means: Wyoming School- University Partnership

Meaning of VOI

VOI means: : Voinjama

Meaning of SADR

SADR means: : Merlo

Meaning of NZD

NZD means: : New Zealand Dollar

Meaning of SPLAT

SPLAT means: Springfield Park Learning All Together

Meaning of SEI

SEI means: Self Enhancement Inc

Meaning of SEEI

SEEI means: Space Environment Effects And Interactions

Meaning of SABO

SABO means: : Standard Animal Behaviour Ontology

Meaning of ONAF

ONAF means: Onafhankelijk

Meaning of NITM

NITM means: National Institute of Traditional Medicine

Meaning of LUMP

LUMP means: : Land Use Management Plan

Meaning of LCDP

LCDP means: Leadership Competencies Development Program

Meaning of IPWC

IPWC means: intraoperative peritoneal washing cytology

Meaning of IFLP

IFLP means: Islamic Finance Leadership Programme

Meaning of FIX

FIX means: Fixes

Meaning of EUE

EUE means: Expected Unserved Energy

Meaning of BFT

BFT means: Bald Faced Truth

Meaning of BCO

BCO means: Biological Collections Ontology

Meaning of AVRG

AVRG means: : Acoustics And Vibration Research Group

Meaning of ARCW

ARCW means: Aids Resource Center Of Wisconsin

Meaning of AICD

AICD means: : Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic

Meaning of LPA

LPA means: Local Public Agency

Meaning of Rev

Rev means: : Reverend

Meaning of CPOC

CPOC means: : Chrysler Product Owners Club

Meaning of GWS

GWS means: : Girls With Sticks

Meaning of FAG

FAG means: : FOBulous Asian Gangster

Meaning of DUNG

DUNG means: : Dare to Unleash the Neverending Gasses

Meaning of BMG

BMG means: Big Millionaire Guys

Meaning of SDI

SDI means: Squirrel Defense Initiative

Meaning of MCAA

MCAA means: : Mechanical Contractors Association of America

Meaning of AOP

AOP means: Advanced Observing Program

Meaning of PGA

PGA means: Professional Golfers Assn

Meaning of EAA

EAA means: : Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis

Meaning of VSV

VSV means: : vesicular stomatitis virus

Meaning of MIMI

MIMI means: : Mobile Integrated Medical Instruments

Meaning of ICR

ICR means: Introduction to Clinical Reasoning

Meaning of SWAG

SWAG means: stupid wild-ass guess

Meaning of DAT

DAT means: direct antibody testing

Meaning of WCAM

WCAM means: : Web Camera

Meaning of WYLK

WYLK means: : Wouldnt You Like to Know

Meaning of ITA

ITA means: : I Totally Agree

Meaning of CRUD

CRUD means: : Chalk River Unidentified Deposits

Meaning of XFO-1

XFO-1 means: : Lockheed Experimental fighter

Meaning of WHW

WHW means: : Winter- Hilfe - Westfalen Nord

Meaning of USARC

USARC means: : United States Army Reserve Command

Meaning of IMPACT

IMPACT means: Insensitive Munitions Packaging Technology

Meaning of EDL

EDL means: Ethernet Data Link

Meaning of ACW

ACW means: American Civil War

Meaning of MCA

MCA means: Monitoring and Control Assembly

Meaning of ECT

ECT means: Elite Counter Terrorist

Meaning of TSP

TSP means: Test Support Package

Meaning of CBMT

CBMT means: : TV-6

Meaning of OJV

OJV means: : ÌÐsterreichischer Judo Verband ( Austrian Judo Association)

Meaning of NKI

NKI means: : National Karate Institute

Meaning of ZMT

ZMT means: : Zen Mind Temple

Meaning of MRAC

MRAC means: : Metropolitan Regional Arts Council

Meaning of MHAUS

MHAUS means: : Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States

Meaning of FAHA

FAHA means: First Australian Haiku Anthology

Meaning of 4IBUMF-B

4IBUMF-B means: : B Company 4th Infantry Battalion USMCR (United States Marine Corps Reserve) Memorial Fund

Meaning of BMS

BMS means: Blacksburg Middle School

Meaning of AWN

AWN means: : Animation World Network

Meaning of PDA

PDA means: Preemptive Defensive Assault

Meaning of WC

WC means: : Wall Calendar

Meaning of SD

SD means: Singles and Doubles

Meaning of TMSF

TMSF means: : TMSF Holdings

Meaning of MEDY

MEDY means: : Medical Dynamics

Meaning of LSBI

LSBI means: : L S B Financial Corporation

Meaning of IACQU

IACQU means: : Initial Acquisition Corporation

Meaning of ZVC

ZVC means: : Zidell Valve Corporation

Meaning of WOWMMI

WOWMMI means: : Woolworths Ltd

Meaning of DJXKRA

DJXKRA means: : Djia Mini E-cbot

Meaning of PSXT

PSXT means: : Lehman Brothers Holdings

Meaning of EIED

EIED means: : Energy Industries

Meaning of NCV

NCV means: No Costing Value

Meaning of VWT

VWT means: Virtual Wireless Technologies

Meaning of FI

FI means: Forced Induction

Meaning of ADLIMS

ADLIMS means: Adelaide Diagnostic Learning Inventory for Medical Students

Meaning of AF/MP

AF/MP means: US Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Manpower and Personnel

Meaning of MMIP

MMIP means: Mathematical Modelling of Industrial Processes

Meaning of APOBAB

APOBAB means: Automaticka Pohadkova Babicka

Meaning of MNDO

MNDO means: Mon National Defence Organisation

Meaning of ARICNS

ARICNS means: Astronomisches Rechen-Institut Catalog of Nearby Stars

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