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Meaning of ADEPT

ADEPT means: Alexandria Digital Earth Prototype

Meaning of ASHRAE

ASHRAE means: American Society Of Heating

Meaning of NRLSI

NRLSI means: National Reference Library Of Science And Invention

Meaning of PELTI

PELTI means: Passing Efficiency For The Low Turbulence Inlet

Meaning of ACPAR

ACPAR means: Angular Correlation Of Positron Annihilation Radiation

Meaning of CCOM

CCOM means: Coupled Channel Optical Method

Meaning of ETF

ETF means: Exponential-type Function (an Ao)

Meaning of GVBD

GVBD means: Germinal Vesicle Breakdown

Meaning of HFCVD

HFCVD means: Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition

Meaning of HMPAM

HMPAM means: Hydrophobically Modified Polyacrylamide

Meaning of PAO

PAO means: Pseudo-atomic Orbital

Meaning of TMJ

TMJ means: Temporomandibular Joint

Meaning of WAS

WAS means: Waste Activated Sludge

Meaning of ZCLV

ZCLV means: Zoned Constant Linear Velocity

Meaning of ACES

ACES means: Asia Cellular Satellite System

Meaning of DDR

DDR means: Design Development Record

Meaning of MZFW

MZFW means: MMZFWMaximum Zero Fuel Weight

Meaning of OSTP

OSTP means: Orbiting System Test Plan

Meaning of PLRV

PLRV means: Payload Launch Readiness Verification

Meaning of RAF

RAF means: Requirements Analysis Form

Meaning of ALAP

ALAP means: As Late As Possible

Meaning of BAC

BAC means: Bad Ass Chick

Meaning of BNDN

BNDN means: Been Nowhere Done Nothing

Meaning of IIRC

IIRC means: If I Recall Correctly

Meaning of BPHC

BPHC means: Bureau Of Primary Health Care

Meaning of ASN

ASN means: Assistant Secretary Of The Navy

Meaning of ATSS

ATSS means: Aviation Training Support System

Meaning of BF/WS

BF/WS means: Blade Fold/wing Stow

Meaning of CFO

CFO means: Cognizant Field Office

Meaning of SMD

SMD means: Ship Manpower Document

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