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Meaning of STIKSCAT

STIKSCAT means: Stick Scatterometer

Meaning of NADO

NADO means: New Airport Development Office

Meaning of NEPA

NEPA means: National Environmental Policy Act

Meaning of OSS

OSS means: Observation System Simulation

Meaning of SPACE

SPACE means: Satellite Precipitaion And Cloud Experiment

Meaning of BEIR

BEIR means: Advisors Committee On The Biological Effects Of Ionizing Radiation

Meaning of CDWA

CDWA means: Continuum Distorted-wave Approxn. (for Scattering Calcns.)

Meaning of CPVC

CPVC means: Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride

Meaning of CTOF

CTOF means: Charge Time-of-Flight Spectrometer

Meaning of ECI

ECI means: Size-extensive CI

Meaning of EDFA

EDFA means: Er-doped Fiber Amplifier

Meaning of EIA

EIA means: Enzyme Immunoassay

Meaning of EMAS

EMAS means: European Microbeam Analysis Society

Meaning of I-TEF

I-TEF means: International Toxicity Equvalency Factor

Meaning of PFGE

PFGE means: Pulsed-field Gel Electrophoresis

Meaning of GS

GS means: Gas Servicer

Meaning of HL

HL means: Hardline

Meaning of IPS

IPS means: Infrared

Meaning of MY

MY means: MMY Man Year

Meaning of OIS

OIS means: Orbiter Instrumentation Systems

Meaning of ;-(

;-( means: Chin Up

Meaning of BITD

BITD means: Back In The Day

Meaning of C2V OR C?V

C2V OR C?V means: Command And Control Vehicle

Meaning of CAN

CAN means: Canada (ISO 3166 Trigram)

Meaning of HESV

HESV means: Heavy Engineering Support Vehicle

Meaning of LDS

LDS means: Latter Day Saint - Liberal Democracy Of Slovenia

Meaning of NAFO

NAFO means: Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization

Meaning of PMID

PMID means: PubMed Identifier

Meaning of SPA

SPA means: Spanish Language (ISO 639-2 Code)

Meaning of TECCB

TECCB means: Training Equipment Change Control Board

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