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Meaning of IMU

IMU means: Inertial Measurement Unit

Meaning of JPL

JPL means: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Meaning of FTP

FTP means: File Transfer Protocol

Meaning of KB/S

KB/S means: Kbits/s

Meaning of AMA

AMA means: American Medical Association

Meaning of AVNIR

AVNIR means: Advanced Visible And Near-Infrared Radiometer

Meaning of BOSS

BOSS means: Brigham Young University Organic Sampling System

Meaning of CAMD

CAMD means: Computer-aided Molecular Design

Meaning of DNA

DNA means: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Meaning of EPT

EPT means: Exponential Perturbation Theory

Meaning of HFFT

HFFT means: Hot Filament Fouling Test

Meaning of HMPAM

HMPAM means: Hydrophobically Modified Polyacrylamide

Meaning of LCO

LCO means: Light Cycle Oil

Meaning of NMN

NMN means: Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Meaning of USATHAMA

USATHAMA means: US Army Toxic And Hazardous Materials Agency

Meaning of EMG

EMG means: Electromyogram

Meaning of DOP

DOP means: Diver Operated Plug

Meaning of FLW

FLW means: Fellows (TACAN Station)

Meaning of FSCP

FSCP means: Fire Sensor Control Panel

Meaning of IOB

IOB means: InPut/Output Buffer (if Bus

Meaning of RESP

RESP means: Responsibility

Meaning of TCS

TCS means: Test Control Supervisor

Meaning of JSEAD

JSEAD means: Joint Suppression Of Enemy Air Defence (see SEAD)

Meaning of RD

RD means: Radio Disney

Meaning of ORHP

ORHP means: Office Of Rural Health Policy

Meaning of FTP

FTP means: Functional Test Procedure

Meaning of HFIP

HFIP means: High Frequency Improvement Program

Meaning of ISPW

ISPW means: International Software Process Working Group

Meaning of METS

METS means: Mobile Electronic Test Set

Meaning of TR

TR means: Transformer Rectifier

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