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Meaning of APS

APS means: Axial Power Shape

Meaning of MUD

MUD means: Multi User Dungeon

Meaning of ADGIXA

ADGIXA means: Angular-dependent Glancing-incidence X-ray Analysis

Meaning of ASE

ASE means: Aromatic Stabilization Energy

Meaning of FAEC

FAEC means: Factor Analysis With Equilibrium Constraints

Meaning of GLORIA

GLORIA means: Gold-labeled, Optically Read, Rapid Immunoassay

Meaning of HEGL

HEGL means: High-energy Gas Laser

Meaning of RAPIDS

RAPIDS means: Regional Air Pollutant Inventory Development System

Meaning of TALMS

TALMS means: Tunable Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy

Meaning of THAA

THAA means: Total Hydrolyzable Amino Acids

Meaning of WASP4

WASP4 means: Water Analysis Simulation Program

Meaning of PC

PC means: After Meals

Meaning of DATE

DATE means: Dynamics

Meaning of IDC

IDC means: InterfaceDocumentControl

Meaning of SL

SL means: SPacelab

Meaning of SLD

SLD means: Stiff-Leg Derrick

Meaning of SM

SM means: ESShuttle Mission Evaluation Simulation (Simulator)

Meaning of TP

TP means: Test Pressure

Meaning of :[email protected]

:[email protected] means: Screaming

Meaning of CRS

CRS means: Can't Remember Sh*t

Meaning of JM2C

JM2C means: Just My 2 Cents

Meaning of TBE

TBE means: Thick Between Ears

Meaning of ADA

ADA means: Air Defence Artillery - American Dental Association - Assistant District Attorney - Americans With Disabilities Act (see Also The Similar But Non-acronymic Ada Programming Language)

Meaning of GJ

GJ means: Gigajoule - Grenada (FIPS 10-4 Country Code)

Meaning of MN

MN means: Millinewton

Meaning of NTV

NTV means: Non-Tactical Vehicle

Meaning of PDN

PDN means: Pull-Down Network

Meaning of QVC

QVC means: Quality

Meaning of ZH

ZH means: Zettahenry

Meaning of NALC

NALC means: Naval Aviation Logistics Command

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