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Meaning of ICWF

ICWF means: Interactive Computer Worded Forecast

Meaning of M-UCSD

M-UCSD means: University Of California At San Diego

Meaning of PASE

PASE means: Polar Air-Show Experiment

Meaning of SIE

SIE means: Scale Interation Equipment

Meaning of SSA

SSA means: Standard Spending Assessment

Meaning of BEA

BEA means: Binary Encounter Approximation

Meaning of CVT

CVT means: Canonical Variational Transition-state (theory)

Meaning of DLD

DLD means: Decoupled L-dominant Method (in Inelastic-scattering Calcns.

Meaning of EIP

EIP means: Electric Induced Polarization (for Subsurface Characterization)

Meaning of FAST

FAST means: Fugitive Assessment Sampling Train

Meaning of ICRU

ICRU means: International Commission On Radiation Units And Measurements

Meaning of LDA

LDA means: Linear Discriminant Analysis

Meaning of QAPW

QAPW means: Quadratic Augmented Plane Wave (in Band-structure Calcn.)

Meaning of AMF

AMF means: Astronaut Memorial Foundation

Meaning of CPC

CPC means: ComputerProgramComponent

Meaning of KNO

KNO means: KSC Notice

Meaning of R

R means: IMPMinimum Range To Avoid Plum Impingement

Meaning of RISKAC

RISKAC means: Risk Acceptance

Meaning of SCI

SCI means: Switch Closure In

Meaning of :-X

:-X means: Kid Smiley

Meaning of FAI

FAI means: F?d?ration A?ronautique Internationale (French

Meaning of FIFE

FIFE means: F?d?ration Internationale F?line (French International Feline Federation)

Meaning of HO

HO means: Honduras (FIPS 10-4 Country Code)

Meaning of ITEMS

ITEMS means: Interactive Tactical Environment Management System

Meaning of LADW

LADW means: Local Air Defence Warning

Meaning of MGS

MGS means: Mobile Gun System

Meaning of POGO

POGO means: Project On Government Oversight

Meaning of SMA

SMA means: Scan Mirror Assembly

Meaning of NDG

NDG means: No Damn Good

Meaning of FAB

FAB means: Forward Avionics Bay

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