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Meaning of ACS

ACS means: American Chemical Society

Meaning of EARN

EARN means: European Academic Research Network

Meaning of ICC

ICC means: Instrument Control Center

Meaning of MACCM3

MACCM3 means: Middle Atmosphere Community Climate Model

Meaning of MISR

MISR means: Multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer

Meaning of BATHEN

BATHEN means: Burnable Fuel Abatement Through Efficient Improvement And Nonfossil Fraction Increase

Meaning of CCWP-J

CCWP-J means: Close Coupling Wave Packet [in Total Angular Momentum] J [representation] (for Collision Calcns.)

Meaning of GFMC

GFMC means: Green Function Monte Carlo (quantum Method)

Meaning of MOA

MOA means: Maximum Overlap Approximation

Meaning of PDDO

PDDO means: Projection Of Diatomic Differential Overlap

Meaning of PHEMT

PHEMT means: Pseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor

Meaning of SRBC

SRBC means: Sheep Red Blood Cell

Meaning of SWAN

SWAN means: Solar Wind Anisotropies

Meaning of UF

UF means: Ultrafiltration (water Treatment)

Meaning of VDSL

VDSL means: Very High Bit Rate DSL

Meaning of CPA

CPA means: Critical Path Analysis

Meaning of FV

FV means: FlighL Version

Meaning of IIS

IIS means: Joint Integrated Simulation

Meaning of PREP

PREP means: Prepare

Meaning of ROLL

ROLL means: Roll Angle

Meaning of SMOC

SMOC means: Simulation Mission Operation Computer

Meaning of SPL

SPL means: Serialized Parts List

Meaning of SPS

SPS means: Samples Per Second

Meaning of AFAHMASP

AFAHMASP means: A Fool And His Money Are Soon Parted

Meaning of KSM

KSM means: Korean Service Medal

Meaning of RHU

RHU means: Replacement Holding Unit

Meaning of UCS

UCS means: Union Of Concerned Scientists

Meaning of PHN

PHN means: Center For Population

Meaning of MMH/FHDC

MMH/FHDC means: Design Controllable Mean Man Hours Per Flight Hour

Meaning of TUE

TUE means: Trainer Unique Equipment

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