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Meaning of SNG

SNG means: Sodruzhestva Nezabisimikh Gosudarst

Meaning of TCS

TCS means: Thermal Control System

Meaning of ARCSYM

ARCSYM means: Arctic Regional Climate Simulation

Meaning of NAE

NAE means: National Aeronautical Establishment

Meaning of BAK

BAK means: Back At Keyboard

Meaning of BICMOS

BICMOS means: Bipolar Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor

Meaning of CCPA

CCPA means: Constant Centrifugal Potential Approximation

Meaning of HARMS

HARMS means: High Aspect Ratio Microstructure

Meaning of HFS

HFS means: Hartree Fock Slater

Meaning of IPSC

IPSC means: Inhibitory Postsynaptic Current

Meaning of LST

LST means: Local Solar Time

Meaning of MCHF

MCHF means: Multiconfiguration Hartree-Fock

Meaning of ONBI

ONBI means: Oligonucleotide Bridge Intercalator

Meaning of RS-LMTO-ASA

RS-LMTO-ASA means: Real Space-linear Combination Of Muffin-tin Orbitals-atomic Sphere Approxn.

Meaning of SPIE

SPIE means: Society Of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers

Meaning of CDPD

CDPD means: Cellular Digital Packet Data

Meaning of POSIX

POSIX means: Portable Operating System Interface For UNIX

Meaning of HI5

HI5 means: HIV Positive ("V" Being The Roman Numeral For 5)

Meaning of RACU

RACU means: Remote Acquisition And Command Unit

Meaning of RTD

RTD means: Rate Damping

Meaning of SF

SF means: Directorate)

Meaning of TE

TE means: Timing Electronics

Meaning of NTM

NTM means: Not That Much

Meaning of ACL

ACL means: Access Control List - Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Meaning of CIWS

CIWS means: Close-In Weapon System

Meaning of OMD

OMD means: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (1980s Pop Group)

Meaning of WC

WC means: Water Closet - Winston Churchill - World Cup (sports)

Meaning of VETS

VETS means: Veterans' Employment And Training Service

Meaning of RMP

RMP means: Risk Management Plan

Meaning of SDRD

SDRD means: Supportability Design Requirements Document

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