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Meaning of S/C

S/C means: SpaceCraft

Meaning of MARD

MARD means: Modernization Associated Restructuring Demonstration

Meaning of CFS

CFS means: Cubic Feet Per Second

Meaning of HOMO

HOMO means: Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital

Meaning of NETA

NETA means: National Environmental Training Association

Meaning of TSDC

TSDC means: Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents

Meaning of DPS

DPS means: Dumb Parent Syndrome

Meaning of F

F means: Farad (SI Unit Of Capacitance)

Meaning of ITMG

ITMG means: Integrated Thermal/Micrometeoroid Garment

Meaning of JP

JP means: Jet Propulsion

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