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Meaning of FOS

FOS means: Faint Object Spectrograph

Meaning of AIS

AIS means: Affiliate Information System

Meaning of EOSIS

EOSIS means: EOS Information System

Meaning of FIPS

FIPS means: Federal Information Processing Standard

Meaning of MODE

MODE means: Mid-Oceanic Dynamics Experiment

Meaning of COPE

COPE means: Cytokines Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia

Meaning of ESDN

ESDN means: Electron Stimulated Desorption Of Neutrals

Meaning of IAP

IAP means: Ion Activity Products

Meaning of IT

IT means: Integral Transform

Meaning of OMO

OMO means: Orthogonalized Magnetic Orbital

Meaning of PPM

PPM means: Path Probability Method

Meaning of THEES

THEES means: Total Human Environmental Exposure Study

Meaning of TLA

TLA means: Thin Layer Activation

Meaning of TOXNET

TOXNET means: Toxicology Network Of The National Library Of Medicine

Meaning of TPW

TPW means: Transformed Plane Wave Method

Meaning of GDB/OMIM

GDB/OMIM means: Genome Database/Online Mendelian Inheritance In Man

Meaning of MGI

MGI means: Microbial Genome Initiative

Meaning of PFGE

PFGE means: Pulsed-field Gel Electrophresis

Meaning of DOA

DOA means: Dead On Arrival

Meaning of DIPEC

DIPEC means: Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center

Meaning of FCRA

FCRA means: Fecal Collection Receptacle Assembly

Meaning of PCTR

PCTR means: Pad Connection Terminal Room

Meaning of SLSA

SLSA means: Shuttle Logistics Support Aircraft

Meaning of HIRES

HIRES means: HIgh RESolution

Meaning of :-9

:-9 means: Licking Lips

Meaning of TFH

TFH means: Thread From Hell (internet Forums)

Meaning of UCR

UCR means: University Of Costa Rica

Meaning of NRPC

NRPC means: National Railroad Passenger Corporation (AMTRAK)

Meaning of ATIS

ATIS means: Advanced Technical Information System (navsea)

Meaning of CDIR

CDIR means: Cumulative Damage Index Right Engine

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