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Meaning of BDL

BDL means: Boundary Layer

Meaning of GLOMAC


Meaning of AFGF

AFGF means: Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor

Meaning of ARSPIPES

ARSPIPES means: Angle Resolved Spin Polarised Inverse Photo Emission Spectroscopy

Meaning of CC-EH

CC-EH means: Coupled-cluster Effective Hamiltonian

Meaning of EMSA

EMSA means: Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay

Meaning of HIID

HIID means: Heavy Ion Induced Desorption

Meaning of LRTBAP

LRTBAP means: Long-range Trans-boundary Air Pollution

Meaning of MIES

MIES means: Maximum Ionicity Excited State (model In Energy Calcn. Of Mols.)

Meaning of MITI

MITI means: Ministry Of International Trade And Industry (Japan)

Meaning of PGAA

PGAA means: Prompt Gamma-ray Activation Analysis

Meaning of RQCISD

RQCISD means: (spin) Restricted QCISD

Meaning of SBSR

SBSR means: Single Bead String Reactor

Meaning of SEREX

SEREX means: Serological Identification Of Antigens By Recombinant Expre

Meaning of SWIRLS

SWIRLS means: Stratospheric Wind IR Limb Sounder

Meaning of NCI

NCI means: Natl. Cancer Institute

Meaning of COM

COM means: Common

Meaning of JB

JB means: Junction Box

Meaning of RAM

RAM means: Research And Applications Module

Meaning of CAPES

CAPES means: CAPability Evaluation System -Combined Arms Planning And Execution System

Meaning of HIN

HIN means: Hindi Language (ISO 639-2 Code)

Meaning of ONS

ONS means: Operational Needs Statement

Meaning of UWTG

UWTG means: Under Water Tug

Meaning of WEU

WEU means: Western European Union

Meaning of PIH

PIH means: Office Of Public And Indian Housing

Meaning of TDA

TDA means: Trade And Development Agency

Meaning of ATTCH

ATTCH means: Attach/attachment

Meaning of DAIR

DAIR means: Direct Altitude And Identity Readout

Meaning of SRD

SRD means: System Readiness Test

Meaning of YFD

YFD means: Yard Floating Dry Dock (non Self-propelled)

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