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Meaning of DRM

DRM means: Design Reference Mission

Meaning of DTM

DTM means: Digital Terrain Map

Meaning of FLP

FLP means: Relocating Floating Point Interpreter

Meaning of AGNPS

AGNPS means: Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution

Meaning of BRCA1

BRCA1 means: Breast Cancer Gene 1

Meaning of DRF

DRF means: Dose Reduction Factor

Meaning of EBHT

EBHT means: Electron Beam Hardening Treatment

Meaning of ESG

ESG means: Electronic Specialty Gases

Meaning of HHH

HHH means: Henon-Heiles Hamiltonian

Meaning of HIC

HIC means: Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography

Meaning of NDT

NDT means: Nil Ductility Temperature

Meaning of OMHCE

OMHCE means: Organic Material Hydrocarbon Equivalent

Meaning of OPCW

OPCW means: Organization For Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons

Meaning of TRC

TRC means: Total Residual Chlorine

Meaning of TWB

TWB means: Touch Weight Bear

Meaning of CMRB

CMRB means: Contractor Material Review Board

Meaning of DIS

DIS means: Disagree

Meaning of HFO

HFO means: High Frequency Oscillator

Meaning of LAGEOS

LAGEOS means: Laser Geodynamic Satellite

Meaning of MSC

MSC means: Master Sequence Controller

Meaning of PD

PD means: Preliminary Design

Meaning of TRB

TRB means: Test Review Board

Meaning of AVIRIS

AVIRIS means: Airborne Visible InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer (JPL)

Meaning of SYT

SYT means: See You Tomorrow

Meaning of ESOL

ESOL means: English For Speakers Of Other Languages

Meaning of G5

G5 means: Generation Five PowerPC Microprocessor -Assistant Chief-of-Staff

Meaning of KW

KW means: Cornish Language (ISO 639-1 Code)

Meaning of PIR

PIR means: Parachute Infantry Regiment

Meaning of NOE

NOE means: Nape Of The Earth

Meaning of PDES

PDES means: Product Data Evolvement System

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