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Meaning of CCR

CCR means: California Code Of Regulations

Meaning of FWS

FWS means: Fish And Wildlife Service

Meaning of NIES

NIES means: National Institute Of Environmental Science

Meaning of AMPS

AMPS means: Airborne Multisensor Pod System

Meaning of CELS

CELS means: Characteristic Energy Loss Spectroscopy

Meaning of DPT

DPT means: Degenerate Perturbation Theory

Meaning of GIAO

GIAO means: Gage Invariant Atomic Orbital

Meaning of IRAK

IRAK means: Interleukin 1 Receptor-associated Kinase

Meaning of PCILO

PCILO means: Perturbative Configuration Interaction Using Localized Orbitals

Meaning of PKR

PKR means: Protein Kinase R

Meaning of PRTR

PRTR means: Pollutant Release And Transfer Register

Meaning of TRXPS

TRXPS means: Total Reflection X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Meaning of UCID

UCID means: Unrestricted CI (with) Single (and) Double (excitations)

Meaning of OSI

OSI means: Open System Interconnection

Meaning of NCSL

NCSL means: National Conference Of State Legislatures

Meaning of DRTTTT

DRTTTT means: Dead Right There, There, There And There (patient Dead And In Multiple Parts At Scene Of Accident)

Meaning of MECA

MECA means: Main Engine Controller Assembly

Meaning of MPTA

MPTA means: Main Propulsion Test Article

Meaning of OL

OL means: Operational Left DSC Or MDM

Meaning of U2

U2 means: You Too

Meaning of DUR?

DUR? means: Do You Remember?

Meaning of WAD

WAD means: Without A Doubt

Meaning of BUR

BUR means: Burma (ISO 3166 Trigram; Obsolete Since 1989)

Meaning of DIVAD

DIVAD means: Division Air Defence

Meaning of DLSC

DLSC means: Diploma In Library Science

Meaning of IO

IO means: Ido Language (ISO 639-1 Code)

Meaning of OSE

OSE means: Own Separate Entrance

Meaning of SPEED

SPEED means: Subsistence Preparation By Electronic Energy Diffusion (early Military Microwave Oven)

Meaning of FORM

FORM means: Formation

Meaning of HYD

HYD means: Hydraulic

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