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Meaning of ADS

ADS means: Aircraft Data Systems

Meaning of CAC

CAC means: Climate Analysis Center

Meaning of GSF

GSF means: Gross Square Feet

Meaning of NWS

NWS means: National Weather Service

Meaning of TID

TID means: Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance

Meaning of SW

SW means: Shareware

Meaning of TLA

TLA means: Three Letter Acronym

Meaning of ATOC

ATOC means: Acoustic Thermometry Of Ocean Climate

Meaning of EO

EO means: Equivalent Orbital

Meaning of ETV

ETV means: Electrothermal Vaporization

Meaning of RBF

RBF means: Radial Basis Function

Meaning of TFW

TFW means: Thomas-Fermi-Weizsaecker (electron-d. Theory)

Meaning of ZQS

ZQS means: Zero-quantum Spectroscopy

Meaning of ZRL

ZRL means: Zero Risk Level

Meaning of AODM

AODM means: Adult Onset Diabetes Mellitus

Meaning of BTR

BTR means: Bus Transfer

Meaning of CUIL

CUIL means: COmmon Usage Item List

Meaning of DC

DC means: DCARDesign Corrective Action Report

Meaning of EDU

EDU means: Engineering DeveloPment Unit

Meaning of EEE

EEE means: Electronic

Meaning of GAC

GAC means: Ground Attitude Control

Meaning of LV

LV means: Launch Vehicle

Meaning of RTCC

RTCC means: Real-Time Computer Command (UPlink)

Meaning of TASPR

TASPR means: Total Air Temperature

Meaning of DBR

DBR means: De Bellis Renationis (miniature Wargaming Rules)

Meaning of MSE

MSE means: Multiple Subscriber Element

Meaning of TIBS

TIBS means: Tactical Information Broadcast System

Meaning of C<E

C<E means: Cost And Lead Time Estimate

Meaning of RFT

RFT means: Ready For Training (operational Milestone)

Meaning of SECNAV

SECNAV means: Secretary Of The Navy

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