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Meaning of LSR

LSR means: Local Standard Of Rest

Meaning of CARSS

CARSS means: Center For Atmospheric And Remote Sounding Studies

Meaning of DNS

DNS means: Domestic Name System

Meaning of EXPASY

EXPASY means: Expert Protein Analysis System

Meaning of MDCK

MDCK means: Madin-Darby Canine Kidney

Meaning of INERTIAL

INERTIAL means: GuInertial Guidance

Meaning of PSG

PSG means: Power Subsystem Group

Meaning of ;)

;) means: Cheeky Wink

Meaning of EDC

EDC means: DAAC -EROS Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center

Meaning of RSVP

RSVP means: Répondez S'il Vous Plaît. A French Phrase That Translates To "please Respond" And Word For Word Translation Is "respond If You Please." It Is Standard Practice To Reply To An RSVP Request Whether Confirming Attendance Or Declining.

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